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Which MMO do I want to play?



  • DesirsarDesirsar Lincoln, NEPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Cowboy Bebop MMO?  Jumpgate has the space flight, if that's what part you want.  Being able to get out of your ship to finish off hunting criminals would perfect that, but I haven't seen a good space game where you aren't a ship all the time.

    Clearing space now to reinstall Darkfall, I suppose I'll spend the first while looking at clan forums.


  • DesirsarDesirsar Lincoln, NEPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Did Darkfall, joined one of the most powerful guilds on the server.  They were very helpful, defending our holdings was interesting, and my FPS and artillery game experience helped tremendously at archery.  Forced onto a bad wifi connection, Darkfall doesn't handle latency at all (not just "poorly", if you drop packets ever, you might as well not even try to play), and I stopped to save the money and until I could get my proper connection back.

    Gave Asheron's Call a try, but it's dead at the low levels and starting town.  If I wanted to have to solo to catch the high level population just to find people who are grouping at a given level range, I'd go bore myself with WoW.

    Looking for a new game (or not new) again, decided it wasn't quite what I was looking for, so here I am back at this thread, bumping for great justice.

    Emphasis this time :  People always on.  Lots of people.  Not just the top-heavy hardcore population.  Always someone to group with at all levels.  Game design allows for soloing, but people will actually WANT to group at all levels (either because the game is hard or because they give bonus XP or soemthing else mechanical.)  Large world.  Questy bits that actually take some thought from the player.  Randomish monster spawns and dungeons (procedurally generated games are awesome - see roguelikes or Spelunky.)  Player crafted items are very functional, yet rare (scarce?  To use an economics term), and crafting does not have a painful interface.  Classless and levelless a plus.  Experience should be based on how much time is spent actively playing the game, and a "busy" and effective new player *will* make significant strides on a complacent veteran.  (Does it sound like that that one explicitly excludes EVE?  It is meant to.)  Genre is unimportant, but can't be outright silly.

    Most of all, the game must look like it was published by a competent company with a decent sized staff, preferably who knows how to test their own game for bugs without basically beta testing on the end user.  Graphics aren't a big deal (my Atari 2600 is still hooked up to my TV right now), but they are one sign that the game is well designed.

    Yes, I know I ask too much, but I am really getting sick of making new characters or parties in Neverwinter Nights 2, or having to always fall back to roguelikes (Incursion and ADoM, mostly.)


  • DesirsarDesirsar Lincoln, NEPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Let's try two years later...  out of college, have a job.  Only things that hold my attention or interest for long are World of Tanks and Football Superstars.  I maintain my Station Pass or All Access or whatever they call it this week, but I rarely use it.  I have an active EVE account and account as well.  I still play Neverwinter Nights 2 weekly, trying random character classes and races and trying to do anything with the storyline I haven't (there really isn't anything left, I have every bit of voice acting from the first act of the first campaign memorized.)

    Does my game exist yet?  Sandbox, procedurally generated inside a persistant world (instancing at a minimum), deep crafting, player economy, skills instead of levels is a plus, PvP can exist but PvE should be the focus.  The theme and genre largely do not matter (since my preference is Dragonlance or Forgotten Realms, and I know I'm not getting that.)

    Edit - Yes, I have Minecraft.  That's a single player Rogue-like, not an MMO.


  • ThorqemadaThorqemada BerlinPosts: 1,282Member Uncommon

    Have you looked into FF14?
    Its getting a huge revamp very soon.

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  • BoneserinoBoneserino London, ONPosts: 1,733Member Uncommon

    Have you looked at Fallen Earth?  I have just recently picked it up but it seems to have most of the qualities stated in you original post.   Worth a look.  It seems to have a crafting system that matters, anyway. 

    Good luck in your search.

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  • DzoneDzone bowling green, KYPosts: 371Member Uncommon

    FFXI has changed alot over the years, but the core stuff is still there. BCNM Fights every 10 levels starting at lvl 20. Escort missions through dungeons which require a full-allience at lvl 20, which is 18 ppl. BTW a full group in FFXI is 6 ppl, full alience is where you group up 2 or 3 groups of ppl together. Back when i played ffxi had a really strong community, and i've heard it still like that today.


    Although FFXI has changed, there are some ppl who would like to play the old-school way. Grouping up together leveling, doing low level BCNM fights, (those are a boss fight instance) and there leveld caped and challenging. On the FFXI forumns here on i saw a post that started a linkshell, aka guild, for likeminded ppl who want to level the old fation way and to group up to do missions, quest's, ect. Should check that out.


    Crafting in FFXI is deffinitly hardcore. Its basically goes from 0.1 - 1.0. EX craft an item, you may get .1 or .2 from it, but not always. Sometimes youll craft like 6 times or more before a .1, depends on luck. Crafts go up to 100, well alittle higher now since recent update. So basically you could craft like 20 items just to go up 1 level with a craft. But on the flipside since they raised the level cap, i dont see why crafting matters anymore, ecept maybe cooking and alchemy.  


    I tried getting into mmo's again recently with GW 2, but only played it for 2 months. On the other hand back in 2003 when FFXI first launched i played that for over 2 years non-stop before taking a break. IMO FFXI is the last great group based MMORPG, even with the changes you can avoid some of that and play the old way.


    The thing that changed FFXI was Abysea which is an alternate zone you go to beginning at lvl 30. But you can avoid that place completly since its a seprete instance from the rest of the game.

  • DesirsarDesirsar Lincoln, NEPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Path of Exile is not my type.  Final Fantasy anything is not my type (as an MMO.  I like the single player RPGs.)  Had GW1, never played it after the first week.  Tried to get back into AO, EQ, EQ2, DDO, Vanguard, or Planetside in the past couple days, but none of them are really "sticking", and I think it's for the same reason.

    Let's make it simpler, then : None of the games above.  No WoW, no SWTOR.  People grouping in pick up groups AROUND THE CLOCK, players using the LFG tools available to them rather than spamming chat, and a preference toward groups that form first and decide what to try to do after.  Hell, if it even exists, a game that is impossible to progress solo would be fine.

    Edit - Small groups.  Not raids.  Waiting on account support to try Fallen Earth.


  • DraronDraron A town in, KYPosts: 993Member

    Mabinogi. Great for groups - when doing a dungeon run or one of the main storylines. Crafting is important - a player can make better quality ones than NPC's sell. Fully dyable gear. Tons of hair/face options. A weight/age system that includes hunger and such. The best pet system I know of (pet's can have there custom AI set by you, you can play as your pets even to level them up). Fully skill-based character development. There's levels, but they're only used to gain AP to rank your skills higher (tons of skills from melee abilities to crafting). Tons of RP elements (players can make there own music in game, you can do part time jobs for NPC's, weddings and such). And best of all, an action combat system that rewards player skill over zerging. If a mob is walking slow at you with an agressive stance, they're defending. If they stand still, they have counter loaded. Smash > defending, windmill > counter, etc. And that's just melee skills.

    It's a very different game though. It's not really gear oriented - all cloth armor has the same stats, all medium has the same stats, etc. There's enchants an enchanter can put on your gear, but it makes a marginal difference most of the time. People play to rank there skills and complete the storylines.

  • Bakkoda24Bakkoda24 Albany, NYPosts: 257Member Uncommon

    Ha, I saw the first post in the thread and wondered what would bring this now five-year old thread back from the dead :D

    I would recommend Torchlight 2 but the low population might turn you off. I enjoy TL2 because it offers a single-player experience which you can take into multiplayer and LAN groups. Plus, it's got various difficulty presets, hardcore, and game mode difficulty progression (NG, NG+, etc).

    Also, try giving Rift a go if you haven't already. The RIFT Lite version lets you play content up to level 20 with no restrictions. Plus, they just released a major expansion pack that tripled world size, added end game content, and changed the 1-50 leveling. The soul system received a bit of fixing as well and I believed they introduced a new soul as well. Of course, the Rift dynamic does get a bit tedious but I find them exciting, as well as the scripted invasions from planes.

    Also, keep an eye on Age of Wushu/Age of Wulin in the near future. It's a martial arts MMO that resembles 9Dragons. Age of Wushu is set to release in February '13 but Wulin is releasing before that if I'm not mistaken.


  • Allacore69Allacore69 Casselberry, FLPosts: 839Member
    Duh hands down Neverwinter Online and The Elder Scrolls Online. I mean action mmorpg's are the new wave of mmo's. i.e. Guild Wars 2, RaiderZ, Vindictus, DC Universe etc.....  Point and click tab targeting is just so boring. I mean you either click on the target and let it auto attack (some games like LOTRO) or you click on the target and mash 1 - = for like 5 minutes on a normal enemy (Aion, WOW, Runes of Magic, etc.). WTF? The times are changing people. NO MORE BORING MMO'S.


  • CeppanaCeppana JalasjPosts: 23Member

    I dont know if someone already suggested but you should give Continent of Ninth a try. Its pretty much a dungeon crawler though, crafting system isnt the best, however it isnt too tedious to do (plenty of resources from running dungeons + daily quests giving crafting materials). 


    About grouping, well I think the C9 fits almsot perfectly on what you are looking. You can solo dungeons if you want, you can form groups through party searcher, also I havent noticed anything about monsters becoming harder when more people are in party, its jsut that if you cant handle the higher difficulties. So whats the point of partying? Well couple of reasons:

    1. Intrusion, adds PvP into dungeons (there is also arena). Intrusion is basically extra thrill for dungeons. Dont worry it can be turned off. You can party up with people and try to steal someones dungeon by force without spending any stamina. There is also extra exp from allowing intrusion. Also defending against intrusion has rewards if you kill the intruders. Nothing is more fun that battling against dungeon mobs and 3 intruders solo on master difficulty :P Bad side is dungeon can prolong for hour long if the intruders are any good :P

    2. Stamina, you spend less stamina when doing dungeons with party. However its not big difference (there is some calculations how party affects on stamina consumption)


    Cant say about lore, all I know is there is 9 continents lol. So cant comment on the roleplay part. People say though that C9 is PvP oriented, but the PvE part has kept me entertained along with crafting. Havent done any PvP in arena, plenty of defending against intrusion and doing intrusion though. Also I must say, its pretty easy to level up, so it is not too grindy game, hence people call it PvP oriented game. There is some truth though, intrusion system is interesting system which is basically PvP, but as I said you dont have to allow intrusion if you dont want to.

  • DesirsarDesirsar Lincoln, NEPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Fallen Earth wasn't it.  (In no small part due to their breaking of their own, mostly working crafting system.)  Hawken and MWO aren't really MMOs in the sense that I'm looking for, but I'm also still playing both of those.

    I'm still very put off of Neverwinter for not using 3.5 rules, but I'll probably try it anyway.  Is there anything left worth trying?  I found a site showing the subscription numbers for many games, and I'm surprised at which ones are large at all, and how small everything else really is.  I think my problem will always be that companies have found a way to make a profit in the diluted market, games aren't driven out of the market nearly fast enough if they aren't hugely successful, and so they don't aim for being the next WoW anymore, and the lack of effort and resources shows.

    Is it too much to ask for a game where fights are hard, and dying matters?  Where there is a good crafting system, or none at all and the game is so good you don't even notice?  Where the world is dynamic enough that people can't quote to you from memory the quest progression from start to cap?


  • SilmapelikoneSilmapelikone Posts: 179Member Uncommon
    Tell me when you find that game :)
  • DesirsarDesirsar Lincoln, NEPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Presently spamming alts at Champions Online.  I get annoyed when the low level content is sparse and linear, because I like to try every type of character, and would prefer doing something different each time.  Now that I have six characters between 15 and 20, they're each doing totally different content, purely out of coincidence.  I'll be playing that until I run out of new things to shoot with lasers, punch, cast spells on, claw, blast, slice with swords...  yeah.

    Finding "that game" would still pull me away from it, of course.


  • KobaoKobao KausalaPosts: 27Member Uncommon

    Heh, you're pretty determined huh. I forgot my account's name on this site so had to create new one. This is pretty off the wall suggestion, but as your taste is similar and I also haven't been satisfied with any MMORPG, or any game in general for a good while, may I suggest trying out Dota 2. At first it seemed like poor mans RTS game, but once it opened up a bit to me, it clicked right away, and I haven't felt so in long time. It's the cooperative gameplay with comfortable level of strategical depth, it gives me the WoW 5 man vanilla and TBC dungeon and small scale PvP feel. Countless of characters (heroes) to choose from, and that is perfect for me as ex-altoholist, as I can re-roll after every game. People seem to be social, at least if you start socializing. Not MMORPG by any means, but it can substitute some of the fundamental elements of MMORPG's, or at least today's MMORPG's.


    Other than that, IMO Wurm is potentially quite cool, but takes too much time for me. Would get deeper into that otherwise, I'm sure the community is great. For you this might be very interesting game, I feel.


    I'm checking out Asheron's Call 2 now that it is possible. Sounds fun. Maybe of interest for you?

  • MarirranyaMarirranya Ortario, OHPosts: 154Member
    play mists of pandaria with me :3

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  • KenFisherKenFisher Northwest, INPosts: 5,035Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by adeptuz
    Tell me when you find that game :)


    It was 5 years ago.  The OP has probably been through a dozen since, and is still looking.


    Ken Fisher - Semi retired old fart Network Administrator, now working in Network Security.  I don't Forum PVP.  If you feel I've attacked you, it was probably by accident.  When I don't understand, I ask.  Such is not intended as criticism.
  • DesirsarDesirsar Lincoln, NEPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    It's been six months, so I'll dig it back up and pretend I missed a game launch that suits me.

    Picked up Skyrim, played a billion characters, each to about two levels higher than the previous, but kept starting over.  I imagine I'll always have that problem with single player games that are not procedurally generated.  Rather than trying to take my favorite character through what the game throws at me, I try to take different character concepts through the same game.  (NWN2 problem all over again.)

    I love The Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy, for obvious reasons.  Shadowrun Returns is an awesome premise, but not my type of game.  Been spending most of my time in Planetside 2 and Football Superstars, because I just can't make myself play any RPGs.

    Maybe my ideal game has changed, though the sound of these things running through my head are probably pretty close to my posts so far in the thread.  The game need not include the entire list (that's asking too much), but as many as possible and not a game I've played before...

    Procedurally generated content deeper than "loot tables".

    Crafting system that matters.

    Skill based advancement rather than level based.

    Skill based character development rather than restrictive classes.

    Open world that gives a reason to explore, bigger the better.  Fast travel not required.

    PvP is undesirable, but when entirely optional (no character advancement from it), its presence is okay.  Exceptions to this for full time PvP games that are done well, but this is rare, and I still don't prefer it.

    Lots of players grouping frequently and in all level ranges.  Ideally, twinking would be prevented or minimized, or it should at least be possible to find people actually playing through the game as a character instead of trying to "beat" the game, especially when they consider their previous characters having done so as their reason to make alts.

    Neuromancer?  Tolkien?  Forgotten Realms?  Star Trek?  Theme really doesn't matter if its done well for what it is.

    Multiple ways to complete the same content.  I should be able to choose any style from Sam Fisher to Incredible Hulk and succeed if I use my skills correctly and have trained and equipped sufficiently.

    Edit - Tried Neverwinter Online.  Might as well have named it Champions Faerun, because Cryptic can't make any other game.  Good for super hero games, utter crap for fantasy.

    Also edit - I have an active SOE All Access subscription that only gets used for Planetside 2, and an active Champions Online subscription that rarely gets used.  I also subscribe to, on principle.  Even if I never log in, it should not cease to exist.


  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,560Member Rare

    How about Guild Wars 1?

    Even if there are no living players around, you still have Heroes/henchmen. I know that they are not the substitute, but you seem to have the exact same problem as I do:

    Games. Cater. To. DPS. Crybabies.

    Ie solo overload. You seem like a Support player that is looking for a group actually. And I share your pain. These modern games are just...ARGH! Stop with the solo garbage ok? Let the DPS 15/16 year loss grow up and learn that they are not "t3h savi0yurz" just because the entire game is constructed around them...

    edit: I'd suggest Vanguard as well. It's...troubled, but one of the best MMOs still standing imo. And I agree with all you said. These recent(Heh recent! What a joke!) MMOs are turning into WoW 1.001, WoW 1.002 etc. And not one of them pegged down what made WoW famous: polish and combat without delays. Tho I would kill for a good LoTR/Warhammer Fantasy mmorpg myself. They are just so...rare.

    You could also wait for EQNext/AA/EC/... Seeing how, hm, ancient this thread is, it can't hurt. Can it?

  • DesirsarDesirsar Lincoln, NEPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Support?  I play rangers.  Range DPS and melee DPS and support and stealth.  Not always the best at each, plus a few toys unique to them.  That said, it's still all about the animal companions and the bows.  :)

    I own GW1, not seeing a reason to go back to that over Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights.  Hell, I'd rather try to find a decent, well populated MUD.

    Part of the problem with most games is not the fact that most or all classes can solo, it's what particular enemies they are able to solo.  A cleric should handle undead and demons, and not much else.  Magic users for other magic users or things not resistant to magic, fighters for fighters or things specifically resistant to magic.  Maybe a little more complexity to the rock-paper-scissors metaphor, but most types of enemies should be out of reach of most classes, and grouping would allow you to tackle some of the others.

    I definitely plan to try Everquest Next.  Most of my problem may go away within the next year anyway, as Ubisoft is poised to kick all genres squarely in the balls.  The Crew, The Division, and Rocksmith 2014?  I may actually not have time for Planetside 2, even.

    I will probably bump this thread forever, waiting patiently for games to go back to playing for the sake of playing, instead of playing to gain levels.  "Progress" should be a side effect of everything else in the game, not the reason for it.


  • NagelRitterNagelRitter fewefw, CTPosts: 607Member

    Have you looked at FF XIV? It seems to have lots of group oriented content on earlier levels, and it has an interesting crafting system. I am not sure if it'd be able to keep all the lower areas active, but I think that'd depend more on expansions, if any.

    FF XIV's Archer class actually builds into a Bard.

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  • KaniverKaniver OREGONPosts: 108Member Uncommon

    Kinda in the same boat as you having tried oodles of titles and finding the pickins pretty slim.

    MMO's are my favored gaming pastime and I like some depth to my virtual adventuring.


    I will also add to a few others that have suggested giving Final Fantasy XIV : ARR a look see. It's about ready to launch and there is a fair amount of information floating around about it.

    I've never even tried a FF MMO but this one has captured my attention. the crafting sounds delicious.

    Without investing anything but your curiosity I suggest at least reading some about it you may be surprised at what is portends to offer.

    Beings I read this entire thread I am left wondering if you ever tried any of the more successful MUDS?

    Gemstones maybe or Dragonrealms?


    adding a website that has some very good forums

  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Boca Raton, FLPosts: 1,850Member Rare
    Originally posted by Desirsar
    Games I've played before...  *runs electric current into the brain to remember them all from so long ago*  ...Everquest, DAoC, AO, AC, GW, LOTRO, WoW, AA, Jumpgate, SWG, EQ2, Planetside, Puzzle Pirates, CoH, DDO, EVE, Lineage 2, Tabula Rasa, Vendetta Online, and I've tried just about every pay-to-play style "free" MMO there is.

    Hi OP; you've had quite the journey.  Did you know VO is now out for Smartphones and the Oculus Rift?

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  • DesirsarDesirsar Lincoln, NEPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Like every year, it's getting to November or December and I am bored of what I've been doing, but haven't heard about anything I'd rather be doing...

    Currently playing 1-3 hours of Rocksmith 2014 a day.  I'm now better on bass than guitar and regularly smashing up people in the competitions.

    Still pretending Football Superstars isn't dying, but I play maybe one match per day on average.

    Still in my Planetside 2 outfit, but not nearly active enough compared to them.  (But it's still an option.) 

    I have an open invite back to my WoT clan, but haven't gotten around to trying to get back into it.

    Firefall has been pretty good, but it's not always as active as I'd like or as social as it could be for the size of world and repetitiveness of its content. 

    Gave up on Champions Online.  I get character ideas, but don't want to do the same *EVERYTHING* for each character up to level 15, maybe 20.  At least CoH had some options for progression. 

    I still have two EVE accounts active, and the "alt" is trained up to the point of being extremely useful, but I still don't actually do it. 

    Poked into Path of Exile...  meh, I'd rather buy Diablo 3.

    Tried SWTOR again, just couldn't stick with it.

    MWO is probably a year away from where I am willing to put time and money into it (clan mechs, Timber Wolf in particular.)

    I peeked back onto the site because of Darkfall UW, which looks stupid having played Darkfall before, and ended up looking into progression servers for EQ, which aren't interesting to me currently (and might never be.  Luclin plus LDoN skipping PoP would sell me.  Yes, locked, not actual progression.)

    So, after all of this, I'm willing to settle.  I already know my desire for procedural content is beyond the capacity of any game dev alive today, and beyond the budget of any publisher with executives willing to take risks.  All I ask is REAL flexibility in classes or skills (including the game's use of twitch), some people that actually group at low level (ideally, the game would force this), with a good number of those being people who play the game rather than glue their face to a window open to a spoiler site, and I don't care about genre or mechanics (although I will not play a game with cheesy stereotypical Asian art style.)  Does it exist and I haven't already tried it?


  • liva98989liva98989 odensePosts: 252Member Uncommon
    If toa was out then i would have said you should play that give it a look Beside that, then there aren't really any game that fullfill what you want. Maybe archeage, vindictus?


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