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[Column] World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria: The Thunder Road

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,006MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Over this past holiday season, Blizzard gifted its World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria fans with the news that patch v5.2 would be bringing a hefty list of much-desired changes to the game. We take a look at some of the most significant ones in our latest WoW Factor. Read on!

Life on the Farm

The player run farms at Sunsong Ranch are one of my favorite features of this expansion -- a great mini game that provides useful rewards on a daily basis. Whether growing vegetables or crafting materials, it’s great that players have a plot of land in Azeroth to call their own. In 5.2, we’ll actually be able to purchase the land from Farmer Yoon which will turn the farm into a personal inn, where you can bind your hearthstone and log out instantly. Another interesting and fun change coming to Sunsong Ranch are the new work orders you will receive. Various factions in Pandaria will send work orders to your farm for you to complete which will award you with additional reputation with a given faction. Additionally, new seed bags will allow the planting of crops four at a time making things a bit easier. Also worth mentioning, wild crops will appear less often and the yield from special crops will be improved.

Read more of Reza Lackey's The WoW Factor: The Thunder Road.



  • RednecksithRednecksith Madison heights, MIPosts: 1,238Member

    Please, for the love of God, NO MORE DAILIES!! I just hit 90 and there are far, far, FAR too many daily quests. I"m already having to pick and choose which ones to do (based on faction rewards), I certainly don't need more on top of what I've got.

    Other than that, patch looks decent. Sounds like they're turning the farm into something more akin to player housing, which they continually swore up and down they wouldn't do. Not that I'm compaining.


  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon
    Eh, nothing really amazing. Farming is at least interesting though not quite sure how well it will work. Its likely not going to be something to 'awe taking' and can likely get repetative and boring though I would have to see it in game to really judge it. Almost seems like farmville coming to WoW. :) 
  • BattlerockBattlerock Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,393Member Common
    The lightning forge sparks my interest. For some reason I love crafting armor, I can't figure out why, but I love it.
  • Xstatic912Xstatic912 New York, NYPosts: 365Member
    Farming is awesome so far for me.. You can actually get rich off it if your on the right server..

    Ah crap, more troll boss.. Those guys and there vudu never give up..

    @ Rednecksith
    player housing is possible but blizz and there reluctance to throw everything out there is mind numbing.. It could go along with a new profession like woodcutting (so many trees in azeroth)..
  • strangiato2112strangiato2112 Richmond, VAPosts: 1,538Member Common
    Originally posted by Rednecksith
    I"m already having to pick and choose which ones to do   

    thats what you are intended to do.  Blizzard didnt expect or design the game for people to do 50 dailies.  You pick the faction or two you want to work on and go from there.  If you want to do them at all that is, there really isnt any real need to do them.  

    Most factions take about two weeks to get to revered for their best vendor rewards....which is about how long it takes to earn the valor to buy the gear.   theres no real reason to rush everything, you wont be able to buy it all anyway.


    Or, you could just gear from dungeons and LFR.

  • MuppetierMuppetier SouthamptonPosts: 279Member Uncommon

    Been waiting for green fire on my lock since vanilla. At last blizzard gives us a different look from fire mages. Hoping the questline brings back the feeling of the dreadsteed quest.



  • MuppetierMuppetier SouthamptonPosts: 279Member Uncommon

    Looking forward to the new open world boss mechanics. Warhammer got it right with Public Quests, Rift improved on the mechanics with their public grouping and GW2 had a go.


    Blizzard is finally catching up by putting multiplayer content in the open world without the need for organised groups. I hope they keep progressing along this path.

  • maddog15amaddog15a Independence, MOPosts: 83Member Uncommon
    Farming? a sand box mechanic in WoW!! Well its about time if you ask me.
  • VolgoreVolgore Posts: 3,826Member Epic

    Yes, the game needs more 20man raids, more gear tiers and more daylies.

    But at least Blizzard is doing something couldn't say that a while ago for a long time.

  • tauraktaurak rock cave, WVPosts: 174Member

    Blizzard already ruined the game.


    Getting rid of 25 man raids, well making them obsolete... Such a stupid move for a MMORPG to make their game all about NOT having a community. So many lame 10 man guilds in WoW, and they all seem to want the same specific classes.


    I made the mistake of buying pandaria and coming back to the game for a while... I will not make that mistake again, and I will not buy Titan.

  • cheyanecheyane EarthPosts: 4,248Member Rare
    Wait this Farmhouse can you like modify it or decorate it or is it just the land around it that is customizable and you can only plant veggies or something ?
  • zomard100zomard100 karlovacPosts: 228Member
    Blizzard rocks!  They give so much in one patch, some other companies would sell this as expansion. Good work Blizz, we stay faithful forever
  • NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon
    Is this not exactly what you would do in farmvile?

    TSW - AoC - Aion - WOW - EVE - Fallen Earth - Co - Rift - || XNA C# Java Development

  • expressoexpresso mePosts: 2,218Member Uncommon
    I hit 90 but never did work out how to get a farm.  Not helped by not playing once I hit 90 I know :p
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