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New years eve, in your MMO of choice.

PieRadPieRad Odense MPosts: 1,108Member

Anyone here tried it?


It's gonna be me and my trusty comp this evening, I did have an invitation, but just didn't feel like going..

But it's all good, at least I don't have to dodge all the crazy drunks who, for some reason always want to fight me..

Or blow my fingers off, not that that have ever happened before, but you know. xD








  • Salio69Salio69 under a rock, FLPosts: 428Member Common
    you're better off going to the party. dont matter what mmo you are playing. go to the party. get laid if you can.
  • PieRadPieRad Odense MPosts: 1,108Member

    You're probably right, and a cute girl wouldn't be bad either, but they usually aren't that cute when you wake up though, and I'm not really desperate for company tonight.


    I'll pass, it's a day like any other.. No reason to get all sentimental about it.



    Just curious if any of you guys have done the same?





  • pierthpierth San Antonio, TXPosts: 1,494Member Uncommon

    I've only spent holidays in game when there were no other options available but they don't tend to be that much different than any other day in game. Do what you feel like doing- it really depends on your priorities/preferences.

  • ezpz77ezpz77 Beale, CAPosts: 227Member

    It's a dumb holiday. It gives adults justification to get drunk and make soon-to-be broken promises. Every year, I see them at the gym on a treadmill or eliptical... for a week, and then I never see them again lol.

    I wouldn't play an MMO all night, but I wouldn't care too much about missing out on the big party either. I usually spend the night with friends and family, eating a bunch of good food and playing a boardgame or something. When I was younger I was at the bar getting shitfaced and trying to bring a girl home. Just depends on your priorities.

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