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Games you would love to see a sequel to



  • SouldrainerSouldrainer Elmer, NJPosts: 1,857Member
    I would love to see a true sequel to Diablo 2... not the "opppsite day" version we ended up with.

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  • ZierrityZierrity tonsbergPosts: 241Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Starpower
    SWTOR 2 with more cutscenes



  • Vunak23Vunak23 In your house eatin'' your cookies, FLPosts: 631Member Uncommon


    Tabula Rasa, on todays hardware and technology

    Lineage I & II

    Proper FFXI sequel



    "In the immediate future, we have this one, and then we’ve got another one that is actually going to be – so we’re going to have, what we want to do, is in January, what we’re targeting to do, this may or may not happen, so you can’t hold me to it. But what we’re targeting to do, is have a fun anniversary to the Ilum shenanigans that happened. An alien race might invade, and they might crash into Ilum and there might be some new activities that happen on the planet." ~Gabe Amatangelo

  • LexinLexin Ellenville, NYPosts: 701Member Uncommon
    I'm going to say The Last Remnant and Shenmue.


  • TineaTinea North Olmsted, OHPosts: 84Member Uncommon

    I agree with DaoC2.   Just remove the necessity to create buff or heal bots, and most of the issues are solved... most.  I do fear how a DaoC2 would live in a F2P world.  (Let's face it, too much competition forces these companies to f2p, then you feel like you're playing a commercial if you don't subscribe.)

    I also agree with System Shock 3.  It probably won't happen because of who owns the IP (or it won't be done well), but as much as I liked Bioshock (except the stoop to a generic crap boss ending), I'd like to see more than a spiritual successor.

    I think Turbine is going to use the AC2 beta server to test ideas for AC3 or at least some sort of successor.  I can't understand why they'd bring that game back otherwise.  So those of you wanting a true sequel to AC1... I'd suggest you give Turbine your feedback on AC2 and what you'd miss from AC1.

  • mrrshann618mrrshann618 Waseca, MNPosts: 278Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Vunak23

    Tabula Rasa, on todays hardware and technology


    I so second this. The first game I ever found myself enjoying the grind, that is after I realised I was grinding.

    Play what you Like. I like SWOTR, Have a referral to get you going!
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    Several Unlocks and a few days game time to make the F2P considerably easier
  • HomituHomitu Hometown, HIPosts: 2,030Member Uncommon
    Either Final Fantasy or Zelda.  
  • LoLifeLoLife LA, CAPosts: 174Member
    Half Life 3 & Deus Ex 4
  • iamrtaiamrta your momsPosts: 164Member Uncommon
  • ViperHoundzViperHoundz glendale, AZPosts: 46Member
    JADE EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • NorseGodNorseGod My Bunker, MTPosts: 1,104Member Uncommon

    Anarchy Online

    PreCU SWG but set between Ep 3 and 4.

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  • YizleYizle Atlanta, GAPosts: 517Member
    DAOC and Shadowbane
  • StizzledStizzled Springfield, MOPosts: 1,680Member Rare
    A 3D reboot/sequel to Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, and a new entry in the Legacy of Kain series would be the two at the top of my list.
  • zonzaizonzai Moonmoth, TXPosts: 358Member
    Originally posted by OgreRaper
    No question, for me it's definitely DAOC. And if CSE's recent teaser is any indication, then DAOC 2 could be a real possibility. Even if it has to go by a different name (I'm not sure about the legal stuff and who actually owns the DAOC name)


    I agree with that.  But what is CSE?

  • itbewillyitbewilly Mason, OHPosts: 347Member Uncommon
    Everquest Online Adventures... Preferably on a pc and consoles with cross realm capability.
  • vladwwvladww La provencePosts: 416Member Uncommon



    SWG II

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  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Anderson, InPosts: 2,883Member Uncommon

    " StarFlight " updated and modern graphics


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  • BenediktBenedikt PraguePosts: 1,406Member Uncommon
    well since this is in general gaming section, i will say wizardry 8 sequel :)
  • JakeSimJakeSim Franklin, MAPosts: 755Member Uncommon

    City of Heroes

    Asheron's Call 2

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (kinda)

    Soul Calibur 5

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  • AsheramAsheram Posts: 2,178Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by dustyhayes
    Half Life 3 & Deus Ex 4

    +1 for another Deus Ex

  • steelwindsteelwind Posts: 352Member Uncommon

    Dark Age of Camelot

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  • django-djangodjango-django ElthamPosts: 115Member

    Final Fantasy VII-2

    New story, preferably post Advent Children with AMAZING graphics.

    I would throw copious amounts of money at whatever price they charged for it.

  • Ambros123Ambros123 Neverneverland, TNPosts: 877Member
    Originally posted by Stizzled
    A 3D reboot/sequel to Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, and a new entry in the Legacy of Kain series would be the two at the top of my list.

    image with Arcanum.  Hoping for another Arcanum like game and am watching Project Eternity in hopes that it will have some of the feel of Arcanum. 

  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,016Member Rare

    Games Id like to see a sequal to?:

    1. Anarchy Online...nothing even close to this one

    2. A true EQ sequel...not EQ2 crap or the tech failure like VG

    3. DAoC-yeah WAR missed the mark

    4. SWG classic...obviously no one has done this

    5. Asherons Call-I didnt actually play the first one but liked it in theory

  • IcewhiteIcewhite Elmhurst, ILPosts: 6,403Member
    I want to see an enormously popular game, just once, go without a sequel forever.

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