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GW2 or Vanguard: SOH



  • AnslemAnslem Ft. Lauderdale, FLPosts: 215Member Common
    Originally posted by tort0429
    Originally posted by Vesavius
    Originally posted by Selyse
    First: I love this community.  People are helpful without being obnoxiously coddling or foolishly rude.  That's a balance hard to meet.  Anyway I got soe good suggestions a month or so ago about finding a new game and I think I've narrowed it down to two: GW2 and Vanguard: SOH. Watched countless videos of both last night.  With GW2 being B2P I have concerns that there's an online store where I can have the option to purchase things to better my toon?  I'd personaly just rather pay the monthly subscription fee rather than mess around in a game shop. Vanguard seems to have a steep learning curve, and I'm unsre of it's player base. I like a healthy blend of PvP and PvE and like to be able to solo some quests when necessary. My only requirement is no panda bears.  I'm a veteran of UO and WoW and spent a few months on other MMOs that didn't hold my attention for various reasons.  I think a huge problem is that I am constantly trying to find a game to replicate the experiences I had in UO which were amazing! Also UO had no pandas.  ;) Thanks in advance for the help.  I have two weeks off for holiday break starting Thursday and am anxious to spend some of it relaxing in front of a new MMO.  -Sel


    At this point I would say take the middle road and try EQ2.

    The breadth (in terms diversity) and depth (in terms of quantity) of it's content are hard to match and it has a robust sub model that allows you to play with no hassle and even gives you some SC each month to spend on the odd treat from the shop.

    It has a great community and caters for solo, small group, and raid play.

    I like VG, and even GW2 as a single player RPG, but neither of them are simple as much fun to me as EQ2.

    ^ Agree with this 100%.  I recently went back to EQ2 and I am reminded how much fun it is and how much other MMO's lack.  Some of it really blows my mind.   The 3 leveling systems (adventure lvlng via the usually killing creatures and completing quests) the achievement system (from discoveries and special quetss) and Tradeskill leveling (from crafting).  The game allows you to have in so many ways, I'm having a blast.  But to be honest, nothing was better then meeting up with old Guild mates and grouping/raiding again.  Fun and friendship, the two things MMO's lack these days, eq2 still has it.


    Sorry for the multiquotes.  I fail at forums.

    Replying to what I underlined and italicized - I completely get that. The first game that got me into MMOs was Ultima Online and, since then, I've been trying to find a replacement for that  with regard to guildmates and grouping.  Early WoW was good for that for awhile but the close-knit comunity aspect is long gone.

    UO had pve, pvp and a slew of crafting stuff.  I also loved how you could talk to your enemies. Yea there were no factions but you could PK someone, res them and accuse them of running a speed hack or w/ever.  Guess that just added to the fun?

    The graphics were rudimentary at best but the game was a blast!

    Played: Ultima Online - DaoC - WoW -

  • AnslemAnslem Ft. Lauderdale, FLPosts: 215Member Common


    PvP is a must so, sadly, it seems that Vanguard is out.  The graphics and lore of that game look amazing. 

    Looking into EQ2 now and it reminds me of the MMO I played the longest (WoW) with the dungeon finder but without the cartoony feeling. 

    How is the community of EQ2?  

    Like most of you the game is most fun when you're playing with awesome folk and the people that my husband and I used to game with have fallen off the radar.  

    I do not have the time to grind dailys for gear/recipes/mats in WoW or else I would likely stick with that game but the PvP seems to have turned into gear score v. gear score.  

    Basically the time that we do have to play is best doing something active and fun, not repetative dailies. 

    Ah, maybe I should just stick to Friday Night Magic nights and work on my deck. =)

    TY in advance for any insights/advice!! 

    Played: Ultima Online - DaoC - WoW -

  • SpectralHunterSpectralHunter So CalPosts: 418Member Uncommon

    I find it ironic that so many people suggest VG yet the game has a low pop.

    If PvP is critical, yeah it has to be GW2.  I'm surprised VG was even a consideration if PvP is that important.

  • SpellforgedSpellforged Belvidere, ILPosts: 458Member Uncommon
    I suggest you just try any Free to Play game you're interested in instead of thinking too much about it.  What is there to lose by trying a game for an hour or two and quitting if you don't like it?  Anyway, Guild Wars 2 doesn't have anything game breaking in the cash shop and it's not pay to win.  There's just a few cosmetics and minor convenience items available, so don't worry about that.  Think of Guild Wars 2 like purchasing an AAA Single Player game, but with all the staples of an MMORPG included.  It's a quality experience overall and you might make some friends, but it's really not a life long investment.  You will eventually beat the game and be done with it, as all things.

  • AeliousAelious OregonPosts: 3,383Member Uncommon
    Have you considered Aion? It's F2P front to back with a large focus on PvP. The flying aspect, especially in PvP, is nice. Interesting classes as well.
  • FangrimFangrim PrestonPosts: 593Member Uncommon

    Vanguard is a great game and since it went F2P there are more grouping oppertunities.There is just loads to do.

    I also agree with EQ2.I played EQ2 for nearly 7 years and for me it was the best MMORPG,although its gone too easy by far now for my taste.I still miss the shiny ? collection quests whenever I try another game,its beyond me why others don't do these.EQ2 is still better than any other theampark by far and has the most content than any other game currently on the market.

    Gnome Wankers two.After the events of 18/07/2015 i fucking hate anyone that has anything to do with skyforge

  • frblackfrblack Chicago, ILPosts: 21Member

    VG is one of the best :) too bad SOE let it rot for years, and missed the opportunity to pick it up until now.

    You can actually get lost in VG :) How about that!

  • pomeygit1pomeygit1 bournemouthPosts: 7Member
    ok i`m thick here, i tried to make a vanguard account but i didn`t understand the question make a station name, sorry for being dumb.
  • chryseschryses LondonPosts: 1,453Member Uncommon

    I have played both a lot.

    Vanguard is more of a true RPG MMO.  Crafting is a huge game on its own and can take up months.  Its really an old school feeling when you play Vanguard and some of my best memories in the MMO space is playing this title. 

    some Pros

    - Extensive and deep

    - Open world and numerous mount options etc

    - crafting is still the best on the market

    - Housing in open world and extensive build options

    Some cons

    - Slightly old now

    - population issues? Not sure since its FTP now

    - Not a good MMO for a fast login gaming fix



    GW2 is more like fast food of the MMO world. This is not a bad thing. I actually love the game but I play it for what it is.  A quick jump in and mess around for 1-2 hours and then I log out and play something else.  Personally I would consider both since GW2 has no sub.


    - new and fresh with a beautiful world to check out

    - instant satisfaction if you have just 30 min to spend

    - some great puzzles if you are into that sort of thing


    - Not the type of MMO you can spend countless hours playing. 

    - It really feels like a theme park albiet a great one


    For a proper MMO I would check out Vanguard, easy enough to do with FTP

  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,937Member Legendary

    The two games aren't really anything alike.

    Everquest 2

    I would recommend EQ2 over Vanguard any day.  Vanguard environments look okay, but the game bored me to no end.  EQ2 is similar in many ways and has tons more content and depth to it.  It even sports a weird TCG like VG both of which I don't like.

    I've been playing EQ2 for years and it is still fun with some great communities.  It's not too expensive if you want to unlock things.  If you learn how to work the Station Cash triple rewards deal then you can unlock a lot for $45.  The cash shop in EQ2 is more prominent and necessary to me than in GW2, but it's not a bad cash shop in my opinion.  It has useful stuff in it and if you're patient can get some nice stuff on deals (plus triple SC :p).

    EQ2 is a stat progression game where you level through questing and have better gear tiers at each level.  The tiers are labled with the best being something you must have premium status to wear or unlock via the cash shop.  For leveling purposes you don't need this gear.  At end game it's not terribly expensive to unlock a fabled set of gear and skills.  In EQ2 you get unlock skills as you level.  The game gives you the weakest version of the skill/spell and you must craft, buy, or get a lucky drop to improve them.

    Leveling is slower and done most efficiently through quests supplemented by kill xp along the way.  Crafting is fairly engaging and a worthwhile investment.  There is a robust housing system with free form item placement and resizing.  A simple free house option is provided with nicer houses available through in game gold or store purchases.

    Combat is tab targeted rng based.  Each of the 25 classes has skills that are clicky/hotkeys and fairly well defined major and minor roles.  Every class is viable solo, but some are sought out more than others for raiding.

    One of the strongest points about EQ2 is how well everything is integrated and weaves together.  There are quest chains that link to quest chains that link to other quest and language quest chains.  None of them are requied, but some are deep and interesting.  Crafting, questing, housing (items), adventuring, and slaying are all integrated together.  You can get housing items from kill quests, from crafting, and through special quest chains to display your accomplishments.  Crafters mostly don't have to adventure (at least not heavily) but there are adventure based crafting quests.  There are deities and deity quests.  There are factions and unique rewards and achievements for faction rep.

    The game has a lot to offer.

    Guild Wars 2

    So GW2... It's fun.  The combat is action-oriented with a mix of active dodging and soft tabbing.  Tabbing will keep you focused on a target but doesn't mean you will hit them.  You can dodge attacks and spells, and move out of their way.

    The classes all have some specific focuses but there is no hard aggro taunts in the game and no specific dedicated healer.  Everyone is supposed to account for their own survivability and also support the survivability of their team mates.  Combat and gruop interactions work differently than other trinity mmos.

    There is a simple gear progression to the game, but nothing like progression focused games like EQ2, rift, and WoW.  So gear plays a role, but not the major role.

    The world is open and large.  It is zoned with portals between zones much like EQ2 only the zone environments feel like they transition better in GW2 than in EQ2.  The cities in GW2 are large and feel much more vibrant than most other games I've played.

    The game features an open tapping private looting system.  You can help others and be rewarded and won't lose rewards if someone helps you.  It's a very nice system.

    The drawbacks to GW2 are that it has no housing type of feature, no mounts, and limited cosmetic options (a lot of the gear looks alike).  The community is new and not established like EQ2 and the game is young and not as robust as EQ2 with systems and content.

    My Recommendation

    Download and install EQ2.  Start playing it and find out if you like it.  If so then find out the best things to purchase and unlock as a new player on their forums.  There is a better way to go about working that system to save you money.  If you have the extra cash buy GW2.  It's a good game and it's fun if gear progression is not a must have for you.

    If you're open to something that is set in an alternate reality then The Secret World is a great game.  It's character building and questing is awesome.  It's a real deal at $30 - buy to play (no sub).

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