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FFXIV might have touch screen tech.

Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member Common
The Nico Nico video ( link on info thread the newest one ) shows Yoshi-P showing off touch control drag and drop by touch on his laptop on FFXIV ARR thats new and inventive im not sure do other MMOS do this ? GW2 , TERA ? Fast foward to 38 mins to see him show it off ( somewhat ) Guild Website and Recruitment link


  • Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member Common
    And at 1:36:00 ~ 1:55:00 it shows a F A T E battle ? or a NM pop ? Guild Website and Recruitment link

  • drivendawndrivendawn montgomery, ALPosts: 1,816Member Uncommon
    I haven't seen in mmo's that do but doesn't mean there isn't I supose.
  • DaezAsterDaezAster new york, NYPosts: 788Member Uncommon
    A touch screen is just a prephirel that acts like a mouse. There is no need for tech in game to serve this purpose. 
  • Sky427Sky427 aiea, HIPosts: 99Member
    Perhaps theyre gonna do some stupid bundle with razer, if you buy the fiona you get ff14 with it. Who knows. 
  • DivinefairyDivinefairy Toronto, ONPosts: 66Member

    I believe a touch screen mechanic that has excellent response times would completely offset the need for a mouse in mouse pve content.  THat is unless you`re forced to use your Razer Mamba to play effectively.

    I actually prefer the all-keyboard mechanic in FFXI and hope it is usable in FFXIV after the touch mechanic is installed.  This just makes things like equiping and doing other things that a mouse is used for more fluid when simply using the kb.


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