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[Sandbox MMORPG] Life is Feudal

Falke88Falke88 CologneMember Posts: 5



Hello everyone!

I want to introduce you to a new hope of sandbox mmorpg which is currently under developement but already worth it to look at!

About the Project:

Fans of Sandbox MMORPGs like Wurm Online (the first project of Notch [Minecraft] btw.), Darkfall, Mortal Online, Xsyon, Haven and Hearth and many more - know that their games lack on some things which should be redone but never will actually - or too slowly to be satisfied with. Those people just dream about some perfect Sandbox MMORPG which contains everything they suggested within the game forum but never received so far.

Think about a team of indepentend developers who actually are such gamers. Now they established a team to raise a game just like they always dreamed about.

The actual project name is "Life is Feudal"

What are the features?

  • Terraform the whole area

  • Dig mines and go into gold digging

  • Build houses, walls, forts, castles

  • Hunt down animals with medieval ranged weapons like longbows or crossbows

  • A real chance in winning a fight doesn't depend on your equipment but mostly on your personal fighting skill

  • Open PvP against any player who dares to cross your way

  • Melee combat system comparable to Mount & Blade

  • Full Loot PVP

  • What you own is actually ingame there won't be any AI banks. You just can create local banks in your house like chests and store your stuff there

  • Mounts for riding, mounted combat, and dragging carts

  • A balanced random animal source in the whole map

  • Craft almost anything

What is the difference here compared to other sandbox mmorpg games currently available?

This is the pre alpha stage of the game keep that in mind!

Well let me - as one of those gamers who kinda got disappointed of many sandbox dreams - explain what Life is Feudal currently making a lot better!

Easy to join - hard to survive !

Life is Feudal is currently developing a skill based melee system which relies more on the actual player personal skill and not on their skilltree or their worn weapons. They take the fight system of the RPG game "Mount & Blade" as reference. But surely they want achieve a good balance between equipment and personal skill.

So a new player should never feel "weak" in a mmorpg world. It won't matter if the game exists for 3 years and many players already reached the top positions in the game. It should be as real as possible ! 

A farmer actually should be able to kill the epic knight

Staying with the farmer now. Players will be introduced to a complex crafting system which should be easy to use and easy to understand. They're won't be actually a grind messup crafting screen. Everything will stay in order and is eyecandy all over.

Keeping the visuals realistic

The Dev Team has a high standart depending on the visual aspects of the game. Life is Feudal's setting lies withing the medieval age which was driven by fear and gore. Because of that the color setting will stay realistic and low on saturation. The details in the game should lure the players to craft weapons, tools, buildings and so on. The game wants to give a reason to explore the world.

If you so far like the idea please visit the forums immediatly and post your thoughts!

Also I want to inform anyone that the team can always need a helping hand!

Therefore also visit the homepage and check the "Community" tab!



  • btraillbtraill Waterdown, ONMember Posts: 97

    When will a playable client/verison be out?

  • Falke88Falke88 CologneMember Posts: 5

    Check the website for further information!

  • Excalaber2Excalaber2 Merrick, NYMember Posts: 357 Uncommon

    Great job...looks promising!  I love the direction you are going and I like some of that art style and the display.  I also noticed you have a button in the crafting window to filter down what to craft based on the materials you have.  Good stuff =)


    P.S. I'll shoot you a PM about the project.

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  • Falke88Falke88 CologneMember Posts: 5

    You actually shoot me a PM within this forum? or email what u ment?

  • astoriaastoria Silver Spring, MDMember Posts: 1,681

    Some good looking stuff there. Sliders on character creation, building above and below ground. Nice.

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  • MesfenlirMesfenlir ovMember Posts: 208

    Open pvp? Yes

    Full Loot? Never

  • DrevarDrevar College Station, TXMember Posts: 167 Uncommon

    Hate to sound like a douche, but they really need to hire someone to work on spelling and grammar and just basic English structure if they intend to target any primarily English speaking regions.  If it is just a poor localization for English, I can understand, though.

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  • Falke88Falke88 CologneMember Posts: 5

    Well if you mention the text above - thats just me - I'm german and I won't write any textes within the game ^^

  • RohnRohn Saint Peters, MOMember Posts: 3,729 Uncommon

    Some good features listed.  Should be interesting to watch as it progresses.

    Hell hath no fury like an MMORPG player scorned.

  • ZinzanZinzan NorthMember Posts: 1,351 Uncommon

    Just can't get excited about small projects like this anymore, especially ones in pre-alpha which aren't truly formed yet. Heard it all before many times, each time the outcome is average at best.

    Open world full loot pvp = niche game with small but dedicated population IF you do it well, if not, it's dead in the water because it doesn't appeal to the vast majority of mmo gamers and will be unlikely to ever see release. There is a lot of competition now for such games and there are a bunch out there already which are basically the same as this one.

    The animations aren't bad, but there are better out there already and this game, if it were to reach fruition, probably won't release for a few years by which time it'll be 5+ years behind the times.

    I hate to be pessimistic, but chances are it probably won't see release. Anyone investing in this game is crazy, tiny, highly competitive market with established competition and nothing to set it apart from every other run-of-the-mill medieval/fantasy game.

    Why can't someone take a punt and try an original setting or something that has some original thought? This game has neither, it's all been done before many times.

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  • ZadawnZadawn SMember Posts: 665 Uncommon

    "Bronze sword is a first metal sword,and it is Goooood!"

    I literally lol'd at that.

    Good luck with the game,hope it gets big!

  • JimmacJimmac TXMember Posts: 1,667 Uncommon

    I like full loot PVP, but if you drop the "full loot" part, you can still draw in all of the players you would have drawn in otherwise, plus you can pick up the players who hate full loot. 

    If gear in this game won't matter much anyway, as I'm guessing it won't, then it shouldn't make a difference. All you're doing is alienating those people who hate full loot, and (of your potential player pool) I bet there are more of those haters than non haters.

    In what way do you or your game stand to benefit from full loot PVP? 

  • IcewhiteIcewhite Elmhurst, ILMember Posts: 6,403

    Originally posted by Falke88

    Open PvP against any player who dares to cross your way

    Full Loot PVP

    All we needed to read.  Thank you, and try again.

    Self-pity imprisons us in the walls of our own self-absorption. The whole world shrinks down to the size of our problem, and the more we dwell on it, the smaller we are and the larger the problem seems to grow.

  • Falke88Falke88 CologneMember Posts: 5

    Yea it's known that open pvp and full loot is very unpopular among the players around.

    But keep in my mind that the dev team consists out of players who got disappointed by such mmorpgs aswell.


    This team isn't aiming to get commercial with the game at all. They just want to build a game they ever wanted to play. And therefore they'll surely try hard to make this Open PVP and Full Loot system actually working. And also interesting for players who don't like it. It's a huge plan - many had - but giving up the idea just because it would lower the income from players? No way. They'll do their best to make it finally work.

    Just take your time and judge the game when it's released.


    All I wanted in this thread is to get some eyes on the game and start some discussions within the Game's forum.


    greets Charlie

  • tazarconan7tazarconan7 athensMember Posts: 74

    The fact that they actually trying to make a combat system similar to mount & blade can only be good. 

    Also in their site its clearly stated that there are going to be different types of dmg piercing (daggers,arrows) ,crushing (maces morning stars, slashing(swords axes) etc which i have long time to see in any rpg many years now and is great,adds alot of depth.

    I was waiting to see an mmorpg with such a combat ,provided that they will manage to make it happen ofc which is ofc hypothetical,but from what they claim they are procceeding on that. I am always hopefull and positive for any attempt made by various proggraming groups, despice the  emptiness and shalloweness you face when u see see incomplete products like Darkfall or Mortal online, but im sure it can be done better and one day it will.

    From what ive seen about the project so far it reminds me something like Shdowbane with better building fortress /castles system and hopefully a duplication of M&B combat system.

  • tazarconan7tazarconan7 athensMember Posts: 74

    Originally posted by Icewhite

    Originally posted by Falke88

    Open PvP against any player who dares to cross your way

    Full Loot PVP

    All we needed to read.  Thank you, and try again.

    who is WE? :]

  • XexvXexv Milton KeynesMember Posts: 308

    Looks promising, not sure about the full loot but I like the PvP & the sieges.

  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAMember Posts: 10,910 Common

    Does skinning a bear aggro every bears within a 40 yard radius?

    ** edit **
    Fixed for accuracy.

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • CaldenforCaldenfor Meredith, NHMember Posts: 133

    For those not enjoying the open PVP/full loot information, what would you suggest instead?


    I can't help but want games to succeed and I die a little inside each time one fails. I hope the best for the project as it sounds like it has some good stuff coming with it.


    Niche =/= bad.


    Would the game be a niche if it was turned into an RVR/frontiers based PVP like DAoC? Would the game possess the same heart and dedication if one of the core values of the development team was changed?


    I myself just haven't found a good FFA PVP/full loot game since UO and even that had many flaws with the system, but the other parts of the game available made up for it. Trammel really ruined it.

  • finalreviewfinalreview Spring, TXMember Posts: 12
  • arcanistarcanist johannesbergMember Posts: 163

    this game seems intersting, but it is hard to stay interested with the community seeming to be dead. the last news update was in feb.

  • DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Member Posts: 961 Uncommon

    There is a ton of people who like Full loot PVP, Asheron Call 1 had it and still online UO.. MO, DFO, the lists go on, so do not let people who cry about full loot stop you, I say more sandboxs full loot PVP the better.,


    Mind you I always ran a guild that attacks gankers, which we are anti PK, not PVP, PK, so I love to see more of these games being made, alot of gamers are sick of WOW clones, I do notice alot of people on this forums seem to hate on full loot because there ego's are hurt and they get attached to pixels way to easy which makes no sense, get over it, these games are more fun and challenging if you actually played them playing against AI gets real boring for us Vet gamers...


    I wish the Devs the best, I  was in your beta, keep up the good work

  • BoneserinoBoneserino London, ONMember Posts: 1,728 Uncommon

    Looking forward to reading all the reasons why this game "failed"  from all the sandbox lovers out there.

    I already know why, but it will be interesting to hear what the sandbox fans have to say.

    Love the feature set though, except for the one large flaw.

    FFA Nonconsentual Full Loot PvP ...You know you want it!!

  • DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Member Posts: 961 Uncommon

    I'm glad you think and wish a game fails, because you will say full loot, some of you make me laugh how attached to you get full loot and like easy AI.... Get real..... Go enjoy your WOW clones and stop whining about the games we love, I don't sit there on your WOW forums and say OMG, its going to fail or the next WOW clone, like we have been seeing..


    We need new games, and there are plenty of us who enjoy these types of games, we also don't want 4 million subs because that means less whiners.. 



    Devs keep doing what you love!!! We love you for doing this/!!

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