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[Column] World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria: From BlizzCon to Landfall



  • Jafro636Jafro636 LondonPosts: 1Member


    'The latest patch to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, "Landfall", has been widely hailed as a good step forward for Blizzard Entertainment.' 

    Said nobody ever.


    Its all good saying this patch is awsome, but should be talking about the overall state of the game and not lure new people in with nonsense.


    I loved wow, but they ruined something awesome to make it appeal. They dumbed the game down so much, things are just handed out, even legendary stuff -.-. 


    PvP (bgs) is a big joke, bots, bots and more bots and blizzard do nothing about it. this has been happening for several months now. we even have bots doing dungeons and farming items.


    Arena is so broken, blizz buff a class then nerf it to high hell, they have no clue what there doing, they have dumbed arena down so much, used to be tactical and fun now it's 'spam every button' 'Use every CD' and hope the player dies.


    Realms. God were do I start lol. So many dead realms, people struggle to get guilds or raids going due to the mass amount of people leaving. some realms have a max 100 people online at peak time and blizz do nothing, this has been going on for YEARS now and they still have no solution. they just want people to pay or reroll after 7 years of playing even though most players have 4+ toons on servers.


    The community has gone to hell, people only care about themselves and no one else. Since cata I have added 0 people to my friends list because no one talk or communicates, all you get is threats, before cata I was adding people left, right and centre, building up friendships and making bonds. If your not already in a guild, I feel sorry for you.


    The game is at it's end, this patch is horrible and brings nothing new, just broken WPvP. Due to realms being unbalanced and the same with factions.

    just my 2cents


  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Niagara Falls, NYPosts: 3,694Member Uncommon
    Pet battles breathed new life into the game for me. Just the side progression I need. Can't wait to try the scenarios too. Right now I'm playing my 76 druid and working on getting my main pets to lvl 20ish so I can go back to north rend and level alongside them. Having a blast. Always end up back to wow.

    Just flying around in swift flight form is worth the sub such a beautiful world I avoid quicker travel when I can lol.

  • IshkalIshkal Schaumburg, ILPosts: 175Member Uncommon
    OMG some one pass me my boots cause the S**Tz getting thick lol
  • RaingirlRaingirl Bellingham, WAPosts: 34Member

    When the communities have disolved to the point where they had to instance world zones so low lvl players would have someone to play with while leveling, it doesn't bode well for the future. When 8 yr release vets like myself, are buying the exp pack and paying a monthly fee but NOT logging in to play the new content, that ought to be a wake up call to the development team.

    Instead they keep dumbing down content for existing players while aggressively pursuing an ever younger and more casual demographic of new players. It makes no sense to chase the free to play crowd while you're hemorrhaging long time dedicated accounts on your back end. They need to plug the holes with more depth of content to retain older accounts or eventually it's going to catch up to them. (We hear you Ghostcrawler but do we still care?)

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