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Diablo 3: PvP Update Posted

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,044MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

There is both good and bad news for fans of dueling in Diablo III in the latest developer blog post on the official site. The good news is that 1v1 dueling will be added to the game in the next patch after the first of the year. The bad news is that the team is not happy with Team Deathmatch and will be reworking the system. 

But as I mentioned before, we are going back to the drawing board on a new replacement for Team Deathmatch, something that feels more appropriate for Diablo III.  And as we stated previously, regardless of when we release it, it'll be a free addition to the game. Team Deathmatch provided us with the foundation that we needed and served us well. Hell, it may even still be added in some form in the future. For now, though, we're going to first be looking at new modes that play up to the strengths of the character classes, focus on objectives beyond just defeating other players, and possibly even integrate PvE elements and rewards.

Read the full post on the Diablo III site.




  • Bruise187Bruise187 Posts: 363Member Uncommon

    Sounds like they want a dota style in it now.

    skins anyone? paid for of coarse

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  • fivorothfivoroth LondonPosts: 3,914Member Uncommon

    This is extremely disappointing. All this time we waited for PvP arenas and now we get nothing??

    Also I don't see how dueling can possibly work in D3. It sure worked great in D2 but in D3 you have so many things which make it difficult to pull off.

    A limit of 4 players per game! We need a minimum of 8 to make it interesting (similar to D2).

    No open games just some wierd quick join option. How am I going to join dueling games or make sure that people join my game for dueling?

    Crazy stats on classes. Are we going to one shot each other?

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  • TheIdealistTheIdealist ThessalonikiPosts: 14Member Uncommon
    i don't understand so big company! and 6 months now that D3 is running and nothing special for pvp?? If you take a look at other companies like a Funcom with smaller team! they make great updates to our games...
  • BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing Editor Berea, OHPosts: 3,673MMORPG.COM Staff Epic
    This makes me really sad, actually.  I was looking forward to the PVP.  Don't see why they couldn't have released the Deathmatch mode as a "tide over" until the more in-depth version.

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  • evilizedevilized columbus, OHPosts: 566Member Uncommon

    I know D3 will only last me for 1-2 weeks, but I'll buy it I said.

    I'll pay once and when they improve the game over the next few months / years I can pick it back up again I said.

    Surely with Blizzard's resources they will be able to fix bugs and implement changes on a fast, consistent basis I said.


    Silly me.



    Honestly I expect this type of lollygagging from smaller indie companies like Aventurine or En Masse, but when upstarts like Trion and battered old warships like Funcom have you beat in update speed and quality you really need to start reflecting on your priorities. Apparently D3 isn't one of Blizzard's now that they got their RMAH focus testing done and out of the way for their next MMO.

  • NightgroperNightgroper Aunt Em''s, NEPosts: 76Member
    You know, I was actually thinking of reinstalling D3, just to try out the PvP option. Though I do enjoy how it has to be made perfectly clear that we get all this fantastic new content at no charge!

    The more I'm around the forums on this site, the more bitter I become.

  • ThegoodlolThegoodlol AmadoraPosts: 64Member Common
    Blizzard should be ashamed for releasing an unfinished game. PvP should have been in the game a long time ago. I'm glad I skipped this game. 
  • evilizedevilized columbus, OHPosts: 566Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Nightgroper
    You know, I was actually thinking of reinstalling D3, just to try out the PvP option. Though I do enjoy how it has to be made perfectly clear that we get all this fantastic new content at no charge!

    No way, they are fixing their broken game and NOT CHARGING US FOR IT? Hold on, let me pick my jaw up off the floor.

  • dotdotdashdotdotdash Llandrindod WellsPosts: 436Member Uncommon

    I love how PvP developers get anal about PvP in games these days.

    Regarding class balance, here's something I'd like to throw into the mixing pot:

    Balance is important, in so much as every player should have a fair crack at kiling every other player. "Flat line" balance is not important, however. If one class has a spell that allows them to kill other players in 1 second every 20 seconds, so what? Balance should be achieved by gifting EVERY class with insane abilities that allow them - once in a while - to "pop" other players. It should be achieved by clear and definite structures that play certain classes off other classes (ie. Vanilla World of Warcraft, where the combat was about set piecing encounters (as in, if a Rogue got the jump on you... you died... but if the Rogue messed up, or you outplayed the jump, the Rogue died).


  • ScivaSciva NonePosts: 298Member Uncommon
    Oh come on, this is just silly with the amount of time the game had been in development.
  • RednecksithRednecksith Madison heights, MIPosts: 1,238Member

    I can see where they're coming from, but I see no reason why they couldn't have implemented team deathmatch as a holdover. It's already been developed, how hard would it be to say, "We've got team deathmatch ready to go, and it will be released next patch. However, we're not entirely happy with it as is and have something even BETTER on the way which will appeal to both PvE and hardcore PvP people alike!"

    That right there would've made everybody happy, at least for a time. Instead we've now got a game 7 months out of the gate with a promised feature still not implemented (or rather only partially implemented).

    Sigh. Sometimes I just don't understand software companies.

  • SuprGamerXSuprGamerX Montreal, QCPosts: 531Member
     Forgot this game even existed and I got it laying around in the back of my closet.  *yawns* I won't be bothering myself with their sorry PvP. :)       60$ down the drain , could of gotten some sweet Corsair Vengeance or some Kingston HyperX blu memory with that! :)
  • pookirpookir KhersonPosts: 72Member Uncommon
  • zymurgeistzymurgeist Pittsville, VAPosts: 5,395Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by BillMurphy
    This makes me really sad, actually.  I was looking forward to the PVP.  Don't see why they couldn't have released the Deathmatch mode as a "tide over" until the more in-depth version.

     If history has taught us anything it's that putting features half assed into a game is worse than not putting them in at all. Once implemented  in the game people will cuss you for not doing it right then cuss for any changes you make to it. All you end up doing is stunting the population growth  then alienating what is left of  it.

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  • YamotaYamota LondonPosts: 6,593Member Uncommon
    Hm this game been out for how long and still does not have any PvP? Why do people still bother with it?
  • upbanupban RigaPosts: 8Member
    Game is i was trying to find party for hardcore 15 minutes and 1 person only found...
  • LolusLolus PeizasPosts: 19Member
    Launch was failure, updating too, it's dead and it should stay dead
  • TorqiaTorqia CopenhagenPosts: 73Member Uncommon

    I personaly think the problems with PvP are pretty obvious if you think about it:


    1: some classes have 3 sec immunity... others dont. that advantage is just silly


    2: the average player has 30-50k hp while top dps'ers do around 5-8 million dps pr. sec on Azmodan MP10. Now that should result in the most rediculous one shot games ever, even after all the dmg migtitation some have with ress and armor.


    3: Aoe will be dominant in the small spaces that are the deathmatch arenas they have shown compaired to the free pvp of D2 where you could actualy run away.. (this is an easy fix though)


    Im sure there are alot of other problems but to be honest i am having a bit of trouble seeing how to get past 1 and 2... 

    Just my 2 cents.. But yes is freaking disapointing to see it  beeing shelved after so long.

    Edit: spellingz

  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,883Member Rare

    these guys need to just release an expansion to keep the story fresh.
    and keep working on pvp in the backround.

    i cant keep doin my favorite acts over n over n over...and with its horrible ending D3  needs redemption!

    ive already moved on to othe rgames-B2c has done an amazing job, among other games.                      

  • Xstatic912Xstatic912 New York, NYPosts: 365Member
    Pvp in diablo is a bad idea.. Yes I get fans want it but you know at the end its gonna cause more drama..

    Blizzard stated it will never be balance but fans will not accept that, the competitive nature in us is gonna boil over and still ask them to balance it around my "build" not sucking and etc etc class being overpower..
    But then again there is the argument of you don't have to do it..
  • AfterlifeAfterlife Dover, DEPosts: 256Member Uncommon
    People still have this game installed?
  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,576Member Rare
  • egervariegervari windsor, ONPosts: 2Member
    Hey everyone!

    Like many of you, I wasn't impressed with the latest news about PVP in Diablo 3. Please check out Sibcoe and I's latest episode of "State of Diablo" where we share our thoughts on the subject.

    Remember, please like the video and subscribe if you enjoy the content. It helps us out a lot!

    Thanks for watching!

  • DaggerjaydoDaggerjaydo Puyallup, WAPosts: 121Member Uncommon
    Remember folks, Path of Exile starts its open beta around the end of January! (PvP is all ready there)
  • DauzqulDauzqul Detroit, MIPosts: 1,526Member Uncommon
    Blizzard today is like watching Predator 2. It's a terrible movie compared to Predator 1 (Blizzard's old team).
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