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computer lags any help?

surfer88surfer88 Lansing, MIPosts: 33Member
i just recently had a computer built on a $500 budget... every other game i play doesnt really lag but in TSW i get huge lag in cities and quest hubs, also the loading times are horrible... any help? i can post specs if needed and someone tells me how lol. thanks for reading.


  • KroxMalonKroxMalon swindonPosts: 409Member

    Check your settings are om DX9 not 11. No offence but for $500 , TSW may not run great unless settings are low.

    Still looks good on low thoe.

  • surfer88surfer88 Lansing, MIPosts: 33Member
    would that be in my computer or the game? yeah i know 500 isnt much but its all i could save with a small child and a GF who can spend just as fast as i could save.
  • surfer88surfer88 Lansing, MIPosts: 33Member
    found it under the game thanks
  • KroxMalonKroxMalon swindonPosts: 409Member

    I totally get you, I meant no offence. Fairplay for NOT being a doosh bag and thinking of your family.

    Glad you found the settings, hope it improves your gameplay.

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