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Any MMORPG that has good fighting?



  • JakdstripperJakdstripper British Columbia, CanadaPosts: 2,208Member Uncommon
    well Vindictus is the purest kind of Hack and Slash gameplay i have ever played. however i would have to say Tera just because i can't stand Vindictus. and besides Tera is absolutely gorgeous if you like super high bubble gum fantasy setting.
  • syntax42syntax42 USAPosts: 1,374Member Uncommon
    OP:  You need to specify what you consider "good".  Everyone here seems to think you are looking for arcade action-oriented gameplay.  Some people would rather have flashy visuals than fighting which requires quick reflexes, and others may like chess-paced fighting.  What are you looking for?
  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon
    TERA definitely has the best, especially if you play warrior, but it's an MMO, it's based on progression so the combat feels clunky and slow at first. Glyphs, skills, movement speed increases are what makes it the best...but you need to get that first.


  • mindw0rkmindw0rk St-petersburgPosts: 1,352Member Uncommon

    Best: Tera, WOW, Age of Wulin, Blade and Soul, Dragon Nest

    Worst: EQ2, darkfall

  • KyutaSyukoKyutaSyuko Irving, TXPosts: 265Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by mrbreck
    DCUO is the closest thing you will find to a Hack and Slash console type game. Tera and the like are just standard hotbar combat in disguise.

    So you're telling me that DCUO doesn't use Hotbars?  Guess you don't really play that either since every screen shot I've seen that has the UI displayed there's a hotbar down at the bottom of the screen.  So how's DCUO's combat any different from the "standard hotbar combat" that you claim TERA and the like are?

    Have you even fully played TERA?  There's nothing standard about its combat.  To be really effective you have to be able to combo your standard combo attack into your skills which then have very spicific other skills they'll combo into to maximize your damage if you're using the right Glyphs.

  • NovusodNovusod Lakewood, NJPosts: 909Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Robokapp
    isn't vindicus hack and slash ?

    Vindictus is a bit more than hack and slash. A big part of vindictus is the destructable environment. You can break things in Vindictus and pick up rocks and smash them over the head of mobs. No other game does this.

  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Talahasee, FLPosts: 2,556Member Common
    Originally posted by Robokapp
    isn't vindicus hack and slash ?

    Yes but it's not an MMO.

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