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Powders Pirates101 guide and review!

xpowderxxpowderx Radcliff, KYPosts: 2,063Member Uncommon
Welcome to my first review for Pirates101.

As someone who likes Pirates I never thought there would be a game that covers a niche so well. I played the other Pirate MMOs, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the Burning Sea. But both just did not have that feel after the first day or so. So enough of that, lets talk Pirate101!

Character creation:

Pirate101 starts you out making a character. At the creation screen you are given options that actual play into your own storyline later. You start out with choices as to where your parents came from, what class you want to be and your own characteristics. From the beginning this game has humor as only Kingsisle can produce.


When I started the game I chose the class of Buccaneer. I chose it for the tanky feel as I do with most other MMOs I play. These are the classes to choose from.

Buccaneer: a decent damage dealing tank pirate. Big weapons, Big armor! Big Ego!

Musketeer: a tricky ranged class. Shoots guns, muskets, as well as creating and using traps. Pretty nifty! Have not played yet.

Privateer: This is a support class. Healing, buffs, and some ability to fight. Nothing more beneficial to have a Privateer in your group while fighting! Good heals and Big Buffs!

Swashbuckler: These type of characters are fast on there feet and do very high damage. What they lack in toughness they make up in hitting power! They are famous for the sword in one hand a musket pistol in the other!

Witchdoctor: Like playing with the Hoodoo! If magic is in your veins then this class is for you. Witchdoctors are a very strong class early on. It evens out later. They also get to summon spirits..

As I played I found out starting at level 8 you get training points. These points are used to spend in other classes than your own. At level 8 I trained my Buccaneer skills then went over to the Privateer trainer and spent my training point in the Privateer class. It gave me a minor heal ability. To heal as a Buccaneer who is up close and personal , is very useful!

To be able to mix your characters abilities with different classes makes for a very unique character. One that is clearly your own. This is something I like very much in a game.


What more can one ask for in a MMO! Besides having your character, Pirate101 lets you have a accompaniment of quirky, humorous, and quite incredible companions to help you along your journey.

When I first started out I met a cow samurai who joined me as my first member of my crew. He is most helpful in battle. In battle you get to control his actions. Which makes it even more thrilling when fighting. At level 10 I now have 5 companions to choose from. As of yet the most I have seen in a engagement is 4 besides yourself. Usually its 2-3 depending on the size of the battle and the number of other players in the battle with you.

One of the coolest features of Pirate101 is your companions gain training points as you level up. You actually get to train them! They get the skill choices for the class they are set in as well as get stronger.


  • xpowderxxpowderx Radcliff, KYPosts: 2,063Member Uncommon
    Companions continued:

    Besides getting training points for your companions as you level up there are vendors you can buy training tomes from.

    Ships: Ahoy Matey!

    In Pirate101 besides having a really cool character, some really great companions you also get a ship, or more so ships! As you can have a whole fleet of them if you like!

    Initially, through quests I received my first uhh… boat…raft,….ship! If I want to call it that! Having a boat to travel with is essential in Pirate101. As most everywhere you go is through the sky. Yes you heard that right! Its all about flying! The islands you travel about to are floating in the sky! Pretty cool huh!

    Back to the skiff, raft, uhh boat.. As one can guess, your ship well, is your ship. You can outfit it with a variety of  ship items. As well as your own colors and flag. You can either get a ship item from loot or from vendors. They are all over the place! Later, you can buy or receive more Bigger, Badder  cool looking vessels.

    Well now that you have a ship, lets see that nautical prowess. Your ship is outfitted with varied slots. You have cannon slots, close range slots and sails, rudder, ect, to use.  Having a tip-top ship is always a good thing! As you fight in open skies!

    In Pirates101 besides gaining normal experience levels you also gain nautical levels. This allows you to progress into those bigger badder ships. Like skiffs, sloops, caravels, galleons ect. In reminisce this part of the game reminds me of Sid Meier’s Pirates. Pretty darn cool!

    Main Combat:

    Ever play a fast paced strategic game? Well this will be your first if you have not. In Pirates101 combat has phases. Your setup phase and your action phase.

    Set up phase: This is the phase in which you decide what you, other players, and your companions are going to do. You get a overhead view of a map. You decides where to move, where to attack, what abilities you are going to use . But you have to be quick about it! No slacking as you only have 30 seconds to decide for you and your companions. When you are finished you just click done. When everyone is done it goes into the action phase.

    In the action phase, you guessed it! All the choices you made in the previous phase play out. This is where your character and companions stats and abilities play a significant role. As your attacks or the enemies attacks may not go as planned due to a ability or tactic from statistics or skills. Everything from ripostes to blocks to vendetta attacks take place during this time. The varied cinematic in this phase are AWESOME! You will enjoy just watching them.

    The battle continues til you either complete the objectives, kill the main boss, or kill everything. Also it ends if all of your party dies.

    After defeating your adversaries you get to the really FUN part! LOOTING!!! You get only a few seconds to loot. You will see multiple chests, so open them as fast as possible. The loots comes in my favorite thing ”GOLD” as well as items you can use!

    What more can a pirate ask for! Now to the other type of combat… Ships and Cannons!

    Ship Combat:
  • xpowderxxpowderx Radcliff, KYPosts: 2,063Member Uncommon
    Ship combat continued:

    As you have a ship, what use is it if you cant take down those dastardly  pirates and bad guys that want your stuff! Or you want the stuff they possess. Well it’s a catch 22. In ship combat there are two phases. Your ship to ship combat and boarding. Boarding I really don’t have to explain as it is the same as the main combat section.

    When you are in the open skyways you can attack adversaries or enemy pirate ships. First thing you do is approach the enemy ship and use your mouse to target him. When you are within range your ship will automatically start firing. In the lower left corner of your screen you will have your abilities hotkeys. Use them as needed. Remember the part about equipment for your ship. Those abilities come from that. So try your best to outfit your ship well.

    As you continue to battle the opposing ship make sure to use the repair hotkey. While fighting you get two choices. When a enemy ship or yours goes under 50% you get a choice(Sometimes not) to continue fight or board the enemy vessel. If you continue to fight and destroy the ship you don’t receive loot but make up for it in nautical experience. If you decide to board then refer to the main combat section as  those rules apply at that point. You will be prompted if  boarding is available.  General rule, boarding gets you loot, destroying does not.


    In Pirate101 there are many, many  quests!! Questing is my favorite part of the game. As each is really fun and rewarding. I cannot go into detail as far as questing as this is not a spoiler. But I will say from the onset, questing is essential and informative. You have your main quest line then you have your side quests. I personally received a couple of my companions from doing side quests. I recommend doing them! You also get GOLD and many cool items from questing! So always do them!


    I will be playing Pirate101 for a long time. The world is captivating, beautiful and large. Pirate101 utilizes quirky humor, famous one liners, eccentric characters… dazzling effects …. Imaginative sites and towns..

    I did not expect this game to be so addictive, fun and so hard to log out of. The game play, cast of great characters, and adventuresome world is top notch for a mmorpg. The combat system is just AWESOME! The character development incredible!

    Pirate101 has some of the best EPIC battles I have seen. This game has quality all over it. From the beautiful seamless surroundings to the ever-flowing sky that makes Pirates101. I view this title as one of the best if not the best title to be released this year. As a avid mmorpg player. This game ROCKs!

    My review is: 10/10

    Hope to see you in Pirate101! Also hope you enjoyed the guide!
  • xpowderxxpowderx Radcliff, KYPosts: 2,063Member Uncommon

    Just bumping this for our new players


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