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Windows 8 problems

NetspookNetspook OsloPosts: 1,565Member Uncommon

First, this may not be the appropriate forum section for this, but there isn't a software forum (didn't find any at least), and other sections seems even less appropriate. Besides, there are already a couple Win8 threads here.


Ok, here it goes:

A few days ago I accepted Microsoft's discount deal, and upgraded from Win7 to Win8 Pro. My rig passed the checks and the upgrade went fine. But then I discovered the problems (further down). I then installed all the 20+ updates, checked all drivers and installed what was needed. This did not fix the problem.


The problem:

In the new start menu (the apps page), there are a lot of miniwindows, I think they're called tiles in English. Most of these seems to be working as intended here, there are weather details, sport news, travel images etc scrolling. But clicking on most of them, opens a white or colored window that may or may not have a small rotating thingy suggesting it's working with something, but nothing more happens. Nothing at all.


A few more detailed examples:

The mail tile proves I'm correctly logged into my mircrosoft/hotmail account, because parts of my new mails are scrolling there. Clicking on it opens a a window with a big mail icon, and that rotating icon i mentioned. But that's it, nothing more happens.

Clicking on internet explorer from the start menu opens a IE window with black borders, with a google bar on top and the address field at the bottom. When browsing the internet from here, most pages will not even load at all. But when I right-clicked IE from the start menu, and chose to attach it to the task bar, and then starting it from there, I got the "classic" looking IE window, and everything works perfectly from there. For example, going to my hotmail account works here, though it doesn't from the start window.

Whenever I start my pc, the "choose browser" windows appears. But it only leads to a grey page with nothing at all.


Anyone go any idea what the problem may be?

I've tried searching around for a solution, but so far no luck at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Gabby-airGabby-air surrey, BCPosts: 3,440Member Uncommon
    I had the same problem with a couple of apps in the release preview, they seem to work fine now and load much quicker. Go to the windows store and update all the apps, see if that fixes the problem. 
  • NetspookNetspook OsloPosts: 1,565Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Gabby-air
    Go to the windows store and update all the apps, see if that fixes the problem. 



    The window store tile on the start menu isn't working. I've tried logging onto their website, looking for help, but everything that may be of any help tells me to open the store via the app, which I (as said) can't do. Also, there's nothing at all about apps management on my account pages.

  • AoriAori Carbondale, ILPosts: 3,355Member Rare

    It almost sounds like it isn't activated. Goto the desktop and in the taskbar see if its been activated. It usually should have a flag saying will activate in x amount of time or this copy isn't activated.

    If that isn't the issue then it could be an upgrade problem. Usually recommended to always do a fresh install.. so many issues when upgrading.

  • RidelynnRidelynn Fresno, CAPosts: 5,540Member Rare

    Do you log into WIndows 8 with a Microsoft Live account, or with a local user account?

    It sounds like your Metro apps are trying to connect to something, and getting stuck. It could be an Activation issue, your internet being unresponsive or not set up (although if your seeing mail, it sounds like that isn't it), or Windows trying to talk to your Live account and update preferences/phone home/etc and having some kind of issue getting hooked in.

    You may be able to see something in the Event Logs
    (Control Panel - System & Security - Administrative Tools - View Event Logs)

    If you use a Live account, you can try creating another user account on your computer, and just using it locally (ie, don't tie it to your Microsoft Live account).

    Personally - I never use the tiled Metro apps, because i hate them, so it's entirely possible to work around them (and then Windows 8 works more or less identically to Windows 7). However, if you were planning on using them, yeah, I can understand the issue. I recommend the following:

  • NetspookNetspook OsloPosts: 1,565Member Uncommon

    Problem fixed.

    Yesterday I received the DVD copy I ordered when I bought Win8, and decided to do a clean install. That fixed all problems, and everything seems to be working great now.

    Thanks for trying to help, guys, really appreciate it.


    Thanks for the link, looks good. I'm no fan of the tiles, so I'll probably give that one a try.

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