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Nemo Solus - Recruiting individuals interested in creating NEW characters

AkidoNSAkidoNS Vestal, NYPosts: 15Member

Nemo Solus is currently a very active guild seeking new members that are currently playing in the Alpha testing or are waiting for the release of A Realm Reborn. Although Nemo Solus has not yet selected a server that it will call "home", we will join one of the servers that will only accept newly created characters. Both PC and PS3 players are welcome to apply at our website:

Please read our recruitment letter below. We look forward to your application.

What is Nemo Solus?

Branching from the Latin phrase nemo solus satis sapit ,no one is sufficiently wise by themselves, Nemo Solus is a newly established linkshell striving to create a unified community that’s main focus is the human and social aspect of the game. We are not a social linkshell but rather one that actively chooses to rely on the bonds created between our members. We emphasize an organized yet tranquil progression in which rushing through content will be avoided. We may not be the first guild to down a boss or be top rated in PvP because we progress at the pace that’s most enjoyable to our members.

“It’s about the journey not the destination”

What type of members are you looking for?

First and foremost, our linkshell is unique in that we are seeking out new character creations only. The plan is to join one of the servers that will only accept newly created characters.

We will recruit mature players with similar ideals that our focused on taking advantage of all the aspects Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 has to offer. Weather your main focus is the disciplinary arts of crafting, the art of war or both alike there will be a place for you here. We will strive to discover and nurture all of our member’s idiosyncrasies. We believe that all members are intended to add to our linkshells overall experience and image.

For additional information visit at
Chat with us on our mumble servers
(Icon link at the top of the page on our website)           


  • darkrain21darkrain21 philadelphia, PAPosts: 279Member Uncommon
    Have you guys played any other games or is this your first as a guild?
  • AkidoNSAkidoNS Vestal, NYPosts: 15Member
    Individually we have played various mmorpg's but we have only just recently gotten together to form Nemo Solus for A Realm Reborn. A couple of our members met on the FFXIVCore forum a month ago and established Nemo Solus, and since then we've gradually increased our membership.
  • darkrain21darkrain21 philadelphia, PAPosts: 279Member Uncommon
    How active are you guys? Like do your members have access to alpha and are you playing other games while you wait for ARR?
  • AkidoNSAkidoNS Vestal, NYPosts: 15Member

    We are currently very active. Although we're still young (6 members, 1 month existence), 3 of our members have access to Alpha. Our webmaster is continuously upgrading our website and updating content when more details are released about ARR. Discussions are frequent on our forum and we chat a lot on various topics including  plans for the future of Nemo Solus on our website's chatroom as well as our mumble server.

    We're all very dedicated and excited for the release of ARR. Therefore, we want to be as fully prepared as possible for the game's release.

    As for other games, a few of our other members play other various MMORPGs such as GW2 and Star Wars, but ARR is the only game that we have planned for Nemo Solus. I personally am not playing any other MMORPGs at the moment, but you're more than welcome to reach out to the other members. However, I believe I can speak for all of us that we are all anticipating for the release of ARR. 

  • darkrain21darkrain21 philadelphia, PAPosts: 279Member Uncommon
    Id like to maybe help you guys get started only problem is mumble, i hate that program as it causes game crashes and comp freezeing.
  • AkidoNSAkidoNS Vestal, NYPosts: 15Member

    If Mumble is your only issue, I wouldn't let that be the sole reason for you to not join. There are plenty of potential opportunities for you to make an impact in Nemo Solus. Again, our guild is still in its infancy stage. Therefore, changes will be made if they're deemed necessary. I have heard of issues that  Mumble causes such as game crashes and lag, but it's too early for us to make a change. Hopefully, Square is aware of the issue and FFXIV: ARR will have no issue when it comes to Mumble usage. However, if this is not the case and enough people are negatively affected by Mumble, then we will explore other options.

    Again, I strongly recommend that you currently overlook the issues with Mumble and apply if you're interested. We're still small so there are plenty of areas where you can contribute. We value each member and their contributions and the same goes with you if you end up joining Nemo Solus.

    If you end up deciding to join, please send in an application on our website under "Recuitment". I will notify the others of your interest.

    Feel free to ask me any more questions if you're still unsure.

  • FezioFezio Orlando, FLPosts: 2Member

    Hey, I am interested in what Nemo Solus is trying to accomplish inside Eorza. However, I do have one or two quick questions before I commit to submitting an application. 

    How large of a community is Nemo Solus looking to become? I ask this because of my preference for a more "tight-knit" community. Where each member maintains a certain level of influence within the guild. And no one is tossed aside because his or her voice was left unheard. 

    I'm also curious as to how the heirarchy of leadership is organized? Is there one guild leader? Or is there a council of members that make guild decisions? 

  • darkrain21darkrain21 philadelphia, PAPosts: 279Member Uncommon
    Ill be willing to overlook the mumble thing its an easy work around but my biggest question is, Age limit? Ive got a bit of a foul mouth and its never to insult or anything but some guilds have a nothing over PG and i am usually always getting in trouble with those guilds. So before i commit i would like to know if im safe on that aspect.
  • Cochran1Cochran1 Eden, NCPosts: 456Member
    Just submitted my app as Vizzledrix, sounds like my kind of Linkshell. I never have been the kind to worry about heavy progression, and my job currently wouldn't allow me to even if I did. I like the idea of static groups also, it gives players a good chance to develop teamwork skills and build solid friendships.
  • AkidoNSAkidoNS Vestal, NYPosts: 15Member


    We're watching our numbers closely. Our preferences are the same as yours. We believe having a smaller, more manageable linkshell, or what is now called a free company, will be much more effective with the goals we have planned. As of right now, each of our members have a large influence in the free company and we will make sure to keep it that way as we go forward. We understand that members may be left unheard when the size of the guild gets too large, and we will make sure to avoid this from occurring.

    As for the leadership hierarchy, we use more of a horizontal structure rather than a vertical structure. Yes we have a guild leader and 2 co-founders of the free company, but that's all there is too it at the moment. We haven't established officers and have yet to bring the topic up in any of our discussions. However, we have discussed using "static" groups to promote our "tight-knit" principle, which are groups formed within our free company that will aim to stick together week in and week out for various events, such as questing, end of game content, etc. However, to my knowledge, these won't be formed until we reach our recruitment goals.

    I hope these answer your questions. If you have anymore, please feel free to ask away.

  • AkidoNSAkidoNS Vestal, NYPosts: 15Member


    One of our principles is to recruit "mature" players. However we did not set a minimum age limit for our guild. To my knowledge, the youngest members of our guild are in there mid-20's, myself included. I cannot guarantee that it will stay the same as we proceed forward and recruit more members, but with one of our principles being to have mature players in our free company, it'll be safe to say that all of our members will be of age.

  • DivinefairyDivinefairy Toronto, ONPosts: 66Member


    Honestly your guild, Nemo Solus, appears to be exactly what I would be looking for.  I love your premise and what's expected.

    Unfortunately I'm in EST time, and any events you'd have would likely keep me up past midnight, or start so early I'd only be able to participate on weekends.

    Do you run events during the week and can you accomodate an ESTerner?


  • AkidoNSAkidoNS Vestal, NYPosts: 15Member
    I personally live in EST as well as many of our current members. Therefore you won't be the only one in the EST. We will be forming static groups that'll stick together week in and week out for weekly events such as missions and dungeons, so you'll be matched with ones that have similar schedules as you. Therefore, you should not let time availability to be a barrier to your interest
  • AkidoNSAkidoNS Vestal, NYPosts: 15Member

    At this time, Nemo Solus has temporarily halted our recruiting efforts. We will open up our recruiting again when ARR launches. I will post a message here when the time comes. However, please feel free to jump on our Mumble server at anytime. If your personality and character matches that of our exisiting members, I see no reason why you would be denied entrance to Nemo Solus.

    Good luck to everyone on your endeavors and I look forward to seeing you in ARR.


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