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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria: Collector's Edition Giveaway!



  • erikk3189erikk3189 New York City, NYPosts: 306Member

    Who in their right mind would want this game?


    Oh, yes, pre-schoolers, that's who.

  • MizunekaMizuneka TokyoPosts: 1Member

    Hello! I want WoW collector too!

    Here my screenshot! 

  • borockborock Whittier, CAPosts: 42Member

    I am defiantely interested in the collectors edition.

    Favorite moment in wow is killing the lich king. My guild was made up entirely of RL friends, and when we defeated him after a few nights of trying, we all started cheering in vent, and then almost immediately became silent once we realized there was a super awesome cutscene after downing him.

    Then there is the entire instance of ulduar, which was just amazing. Thanks for the contest!

  • captloki13captloki13 ButuanPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    I haven't played WoW and I never will, I just want to enter and see if i can win the giveaway so I can rub it in the faces of these Blizzard fanboys.
  • shalhassanshalhassan Ottawa, ONPosts: 35Member Uncommon

    My favourite moment was most likely when I discovered I could make a macro to spawn a random mount every time I clicked it. I love the selection of mounts, and this is the only way I was able to use them all equally!

    Not enough games allow this.

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  • cippalippacippalippa MilanoPosts: 106Member Uncommon

    best moments i had in Vanilla

    bringing world bosses to cities

    bombing people at ah


    and though i don't find any similar relative videos i remeber i almost chocked by laughing when a friend i was in AV with was ambushed by a rogue. My friend was a  prot warr in full naxx gear (T3) back then, he reported me his combat log:

    "XXXXX's Ambush Crits you for 20 damage"

    I still would really like to see teh face which that rogue made in that very instant back in his room :D

  • KakkzookaKakkzooka Waterbury, CTPosts: 591Member

    This is an amalgamation of a few of my previous posts:


    For me, I would have to say my favorite moment in World of Warcraft was obtaining Benediction, the epic staff from the priest's storyline.


    Not only was it (arguably) the coolest looking staff in the game, it had a glowing trail of slowly fading green, phosphorous dots that followed it as you walked, ran or galloped across Azeroth. But, beyond that, there was a ton of lore and work that lead up to acquiring the staff. First, you had to obtain an Eye of Shadow, an epic drop with a cryptic message about its purpose, by farming DreadLords in the Blasted Lands (or the Dreadlord himself, Lord Kazzak), or by going to Winterspring and farming Slayers. Then you had to equip the eye of shadow, pilfered via a paltry 50% drop chance from Majordomo in Molten Core, in order to find the ghost of a priest who failed to heal the denizens of Stratholme as it was being purged by Arthas. You must succeed where she failed, and if you are successful: the branch that will complete the construction of Benediction is your reward.

    Re: SWTOR

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  • epiclaryepiclary CopenhagenPosts: 1Member
    Best moment in WoW is without a doubt when I realised I found the perfect guild.. Viri Fortuitus on EU Bladefist. Can't imagine the game without it!
  • LadyNymphieLadyNymphie Victorville, CAPosts: 1Member

    I have obtained much joy from my years playing Warcraft. I spent most of my time trying to be the best druid I could be . Even though I loved my druid above all else I still enjoyed being a paladin or a rouge,etc. It was just so much fun being different things. If I wasn't off on my own farming materials or looking for rares, I was running around with my guildmates looking for trouble. I remember tanking Zul Gurub for the first time since the patch changed it to 5 man. It went sour but the second time I went it was beyond words. I was able to hold my aggro and maintain good control over the mobs coming after my healer. I enjoyed kiting them around as the group went on to the chains to free the god and defeating Jindo. I adore that moment a long with others. Grouping up with strangers may have been rough but once we were on the same page everything just came together. Here is the screenshot <3  Go Tandrai

  • loki2580loki2580 BarwicePosts: 1Member Uncommon
    The best was entering the game for the first time in beta. I waited for that moment for a long time and was completely enchanted by wow on my dwarf hunter. World seemed so vast and deep, so many unknowns. I cannot get into games like that anymore.
  • KanetmKanetm Baia MarePosts: 54Member
    The entire Ulduar instance.

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  • GerrigGerrig KöpingPosts: 30Member
    When I first entered Duskwood (year 2005) with my gnome rogue, sneaking around the dark and dusky areas, hiding away from dangerous spiders and wolfs. Was an awesome and inspirering moment. Few areas impressed me like Duskwood. The RPG feel was maxed out then.
  • SpireaSpirea new york, NYPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    My most amazing moment was in cataclysm. I was an avid arena player, but I could never actually reach the higher ratings. Many days I dream of wielding that 2200 shiny weapon, I went through countless teams, ragequitting, and screaming overpowered. I started arena when the cap was 80 in 2v2, but the highest I could reach there was 2050. It was the same after cataclysm was released, jumping from 1800 to 2000 and back. After a while I decided to stop and give up. I was clearing old content for achievements when my old arena team decided to play a few games out of boredom, I reluctantly agreed. It was strange, we communicated like a team, and hit a 10 win streak. We all decided to keep playing, and to never look at our actual ratings. We expected us to be at the 1900 range yet again, when suddenly after another victory, we were all awarded an achievement. The 2200 achievement popped up for us all. To that day, I remember how we all felt. 
  • 0vergil00vergil0 St Felix de Valois, QCPosts: 27Member Uncommon

    oh my i got lot of WoW! good time back in time  my 1st being crossroads pvp i mean that place had nothing special to it but damn what epic all out pvp battle it had there.

    2nd is back when it had pvp rank and i finaly got High Warlord rank along the whole set on my Orc Warrior Fury spec i miss those time :(

    3rd Killing Kel'Thuzad in Original Naxx i remember the yelling and the joy all over vent it was so rewarding after all the time spent in this place i remember the "party" in Orgrimmar with everyone cheering us i felt so proud.

    4rd and last Killing illidan on our 4th try warglaive drop i win i jumped everywhere in my room 2 week later the other warglaive drop i wanted it but im not greedy so i tell them i wont roll on it so som1 else can be happy and hit pass.  had a 30 sec silence/noanswer followed by the 2 other war and rogue and then the Leader (he wa a rogue) say : "yo Albel grab that thing man i tottaly want to see you dual wield those babies it wasn't even a option som1 else roll if it droped the 2nd one"

    i remember the feeling of 1st having such good friends to play with but how freakin Epix it was runnign arround with both warglaive .

    sadly i don't have all the screenies anymore since it was on my old computer and the HDD went dead :(

  • feacfeac cambridgePosts: 127Member Uncommon

    back in the day when Vaelastrasz was a guild killer 26 wipes and then it died and teamspeak went  wild  for ages the raid ended early lol.


    meryy christmas all :)

  • CisabianCisabian mesa, AZPosts: 5Member Uncommon
    my favorite moment in wow was becoming a grand marshal after months of pvp grinding. its too bad that title cant be gotten anymore.
  • brandedwolfbrandedwolf las vegas, NVPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    The first time I stepped through the portal when I got teh Burning Crusade expansion is one of my fave memories.
  • mahala71mahala71 Espanola, NMPosts: 1Member
    Looks awesome, would love to have this. 
  • bliss14bliss14 eleva, WIPosts: 572Member Uncommon

    Wow moment...I purchased vanilla WoW at the urging of co-workers who played.  I leveled to the 50's and was entering Silithus when I realized TBC was only a few days off.  So I poured some extra hours in and managed to ding 60 the night prior to the release.  Hitting 60 on my first toon was a wow moment.

    Then the very next day I was happy to have another wow moment stepping through the portal and seeing this huge battle being fought, just massive.  I started laying in some Rain of Fire and seeing the numbers popping up over these massive demons was pretty cool. 

  • PaskePaske ZagrebPosts: 135Member Uncommon

    WOW Vanilla.


    I was main tank at the time. Playing Orc warrior. Together with my brotehr and cousin, we were age 20-26. Originating from Croatia we played in a Bulgarian guild ( strange combo I know ). As time passed by we bace good friends with Bulgars, but have never met in RL. Playing 5 days a week in raids and farming pots on 6th a bond was made at that time, bond that lasts today.

    So we did what every young player would. Packed our bags, grabed some cash and traveled 780 Kms ( one way ) from Zagreb to Sofia so we can meet our friends in real life and play with them for 4 days. 

    Years have passed, but I still remeber raiding MC and BWL with mates from anotehr part of the world and my next of kin all sitting in same room, yelling, drinking, laughing. It was trully pinacle of my gaming career. 

    If for nothing else, thank you Blizz for making a game that made it possible to meet wonderfull people, in game and out, play with them and enjoy their company. 

  • BlazeyerBlazeyer Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 551Member Uncommon
    Leveling up. Just in general I've never had more fun than in WoW leveling up a character to max. The best part of this was always the instances. SFK was without a doubt my favorite. Being a noob and going through there over and over again never got old and was always something I looked forward to.
  • FiredornFiredorn Montreal, QCPosts: 93Member
    First time through the portal to the Burning Crusade - but my all time fave times were Tarren Mill/Southshore fights...every...single...time...
  • MarirranyaMarirranya Ortario, OHPosts: 154Member

    the first time i created a character and had her ding to max level.

    the first time i went inside heroic dungeons.

    my first raid.

    my first wipe.


    this game had me hooked for a good 5 years - till now.


    i love yew wow :3

    There are people who play games and then there are gamers.

  • ChaoslolChaoslol DrnjePosts: 1Member
    Most favourite moment - Killing LK on 25 hc / Completing Shadowmourne quest
  • BMusicBMusic SplitPosts: 9Member

    When I first entered Northrend - I was a level 30 undead mage or so, and WotLK just came out (I bought it immediately). I was in this great social leveling guild (we always had a blast in the chat) and I bugged this guy to take me there. I got to the vikings in the Howling Fjord (just up the lift) and I died there a few times.

    That's when I rushed to lvl 68 (I think that was the req for quests?) and got to 80 just by eating all the Northrend's beautiful landscape. A month or two later we raided Naxx (there was this druid healer Elpier or Elpierre, who just made it all much more fun) and I felt great, not because I really accomplished something but because we had such a great time there.

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