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[Award] General: 2012 Players' Choice Awards



  • NomadHunter1985NomadHunter1985 Hell, MIPosts: 1Member
    I'm surprised Pirate101 is almost beating Guild Wars 2 and that Planetside 2 is that far down in voting. That game sucks!!!!
  • cheyinzacheyinza Freeport, NYPosts: 4Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by CBBMAN19999
    I was paid in-game stuff to vote for Pirate101

    That is not even true. I am a Pirate101 Fan and I was not paid any in-game stuff to vote. That's sad that you have to lie to smear a game's credibility.

    -Wizard101 Fan and Owner of StarsoftheSpiral Archive for Wizard101

  • darthjtdarthjt cape coral, FLPosts: 4Member

    GOTY, hmmm, surprised Wizard101 was not mentioned....  However, for those of you that have not tried Pirate101, you might be quite surprised at how innovative and fun this game really is.  It has been very looked forward to and then finally released in October of this year. 


    I don't mind any game being nominated for GOTY, since it should be the best MMORPG game going, but some of you should try out some of these games before you cast that vote, instead of just voting on who you think will be most likely to win.


    Pirate101 truly is the game of the year to me, it is the most innovative with new concepts, new story lines, and new fun.  Everything you could want in an MMORPG all rolled into one.

  • cheyinzacheyinza Freeport, NYPosts: 4Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by lizardbones
      Originally posted by Whitebeards
    Originally posted by mCalvert Originally posted by Whitebeards Originally posted by mCalvert Id like to know how Pirate101 even got in the poll.
    It is a MMO nominated on a website about MMOS in a poll called 2012 Players choice awards. 1+1 = 2.
    So are 100s of 'mmos'. Yet only a few are on the poll.
    The popular ones i guess? guys at the website do this for living so i am sure they have more reliable data as to what MMOS have big fan base to make it relevant for voting in nomination polls. What is the point of putting an obsecure MMO on poll which no one is going to vote for? and as seen from results Pirate 101 is quite popular.

    Wizard 101 is incredibly popular, and Pirate 101 is the Pirate version of Wizard 101.

    ** edit **
    Wizard 101 is a well put together MMO. I played it through the free content and was surprised at how well the game worked and how solid it was as an MMO. It is a kid's game, so I don't know that I'd recommend it to anyone I play with who doesn't have kids...but the game is well done.


    Actually I do not have kids, I am an adult and I love playing Wizard101 and Pirate101. It's a new way of playing games without having to be a hard core gamer. Kingsisle was very creative when they thought up this new way of playing. I call myself a soft core gamer. Game makers keep forgetting about people like me. But Kingsisle did not. :)

    -Wizard101 Fan and Owner of StarsoftheSpiral Archive for Wizard101

  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon
    What the hell is going on here? lol
  • FearumFearum Cinnaminson, NJPosts: 1,165Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Eir_S
    What the hell is going on here? lol

    Softcore and Hardcore.

  • yoshiyo1yoshiyo1 Euless, TXPosts: 2Member

    Yes, Pirate101 is fun,  but the voting here for P101 is getting way too much publicity.


    I am not lying to anyone, KI the company itself of P101 is NOT giving any in-game items to vote.


    But P101 isn't ready to win and doesn't deserve it, and that comes from me loving P101.



  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by NomadHunter1985
    I'm surprised Pirate101 is almost beating Guild Wars 2

    Why?  You spam the vote with enough dummy accounts, you can accompish anything.

  • tatflametatflame cool ranch, MEPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    WOOT. Thank you MMORPG for not forgetting us soft core and younger gamers. I love Kingsisle and what they offer families when it comes to gaming. For all you nay sayers, doubting the credibility of P101 voters, this is what happens when you tell  children that their favorite game has been nominated for a prize. Mom, please, sign me up there so I can vote for my favorite game. Bamm, you get lots of new subscribers to MMORPG, and a jolt to all the hard core gamers when they suddenly see their favorites being pushed aside by a game they know nothing about.  A majority of P101 players are children, who probably didnt even know awards were offered other than the NICK choice awards (I think thats what its called?) Its in no way wrong for a company to say we have been nominated, now show us your support and vote for us. Otherwise how would they get it to their public to vote for them lol. And how else would MMORPG get more subcribers? This is a players choice award. People just need to remember, that not everyone plays the same style of game as they do. KI has  a huge fanbase. (I wouldnt exactly call 30 MILLION small atleast)  A majority of those that play W101 have tried P101 and loved it. Just because they didnt know MMORPG existed, doesnt mean they dont have a voice.  Dont knock it, till you try it. If its not for you, dont bash it. Because it is for someone else.  Now goodluck to all the other games nominated. And raise ye glass o yum all ye pirates and say ARRR. :)
  • balanceisawesomebalanceisawesome Manhattan, NYPosts: 2Member

    Go Kingsisle's Pirate101!

    Everyone has there own opinion, so if they are voting for Pirate101, then its fine, its what there players think. They also try to make there games good for everyone. Just because You don't like it doesn't mean other people don't like it. Unfortunately This Poll was only for games that have came out in 2012, I wish Wizard101 was on there, I do like Pirate101, but Will always be a wizard!

  • TheNeelasTheNeelas Holmes Beach, FLPosts: 2Member Common

    Why all the Pirate101 bashing?  Obviously the players of Pirate101 like their game enough to come and vote. And this is the Players' Choice Awards. Right?

    I'm an avid P101 (and Wizard101) player. I've also had an MMORPG account for quite a long time but you won't find me on this site posting. I prefer to spend my time playing. And BTW I'm an adult. A mother of grown children and grandmother and I love both games. The very fact that KI has created games that appeal to players of all ages is the personification of innovative.

  • MiklaiMiklai Wichita Falls, TXPosts: 2Member
    Originally posted by Rayshe
    Given that everyone i have seen that supports Pirate 101 has a total of 1-10 posts in their career, im callin bull on them actually legitimately voting.

    So you are saying that those of us who spend our time by actually PLAYING our game,  P101 (and other), instead of over here at MMORPG joining in gripefests on the forums are not legitimate voters?


    Guess what? I've had my account here since December of last year (not as long some but only a day after your own) and this is my FIRST post. Which makes me legitimate and not someone who just "created an account to spam votes" Know what else? It doesn't matter. I am an avid PLAYER not COMMENTATOR.


    Good Luck to all the games that were nominated. I truly hope that their fans are as enthusiastic for their favoirtes as I am for mine.



  • blakefireblakefire AVENEL, NJPosts: 3Member
    So many people are so hurt because Pirate101 is just as big if not a bigger contender then most of the games listed here. Lol dont underestimate us.
  • balanceisawesomebalanceisawesome Manhattan, NYPosts: 2Member
    Pirate101 is winning by 5% so far!
  • VenaCavaVenaCava Minneapolis, MNPosts: 1Member

    A lot of you are right, I DID make an account just to vote for Pirate101! But why would I do that? Because I am an adult married female (no young children, BTW) who is an avid gamer and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pirate101! I've played gamed ranging from console survival horror  to WoW and after a while they all get to be same-old same-old, boring rehash/remake/spinoff off of another game. I started playing Pirate101 while it was still in beta, and I have been hooked ever since. The storylines are fresh and compelling, the gameplay is awesome, and really...flying pirate ships?! HOW COOL IS THAT? Maybe this was meant to be a kid's game, but me, my husband, and our nerdy 32-years-old best friend spend a lot of Saturdays shooting buffaloons and sky snakes. 


    OH, by the way, Kingsisle didn't give me anything in OR out of game to say this. But, yanno, if they wanted to name a character after me or something I would totally be cool with that!  CALL ME KI!  I love you! Call me! 

  • zakpatatzakpatat Potato CityPosts: 1Member
    pirate101 dafuq 0.o
  • PaigeMoonPaigeMoon LA, CAPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    I would like to send out a great big congratulations to all of the games that recieved nominations and to the winners for this awesome players choise award.
  • nikki2hip54nikki2hip54 Orlando, FLPosts: 2Member
    Heck yea PIRATE101 FTW! 
  • victorbjrvictorbjr Quezon CityPosts: 209Member Uncommon
    So Pirate101 won? Coolness!

    A writer and gamer from the Philippines. Loves his mom dearly. :)

    Can also be found on

  • eveque67eveque67 Weatherford, OKPosts: 64Member Uncommon

    Well, I really dont care what you think of me because I have a low post count.  You live in your world and I live in mine.


    P101 is a very innovative game.  The customer base range from very young kids to grandparents.  If that isnt a string case for innovation, we may have different ways of looking at things.


    I decided to post because of the false claim that the customers were being paid to post.  Thst person is a spoon just sirring the pot.  I personally play.  My daughter plays and I have a 5 year old son that likes to play.  None of which were approached or given the idea that by voting they would receive any compensation in any form.


    On a side note, I have played the debated about Guild Wars.  I have played Wizard101 and Pirate101.  I think both those games are better then Guild Wars.  Thats just my opinion for the way I like to play.  But if Im not mistaken, that's what polls are about.. opinions.


    Had it gone the other way and Guild Wars2 won, so be it.  It doesnt change my opinion or which program will be loading when I get to playing.  Its just a snapshot. of people who took the time to actually vote.

  • TheDrakeFlameTheDrakeFlame San FernandoPosts: 1Member
    Of course, Pirate101 had my vote for the Game of the Year, AND most innovative. With Wizard101 to Pirate101, Kingsisle has made a HUGE success in keeping us gamers entertained.  From graphics, to the plot, to the pure awesomess, Pirate101 is not your average MMORPG. It has ENDLESS features which are somewhat addictive, such as Ship-to-ship battling, Broadside combat, housing, the newly introduced PvP system, and many more to come.   I am a 14 year old gamer, and I have been with Kingsisle games since the age of 10.  Both Wizard101 AND Pirate101 have a unique way of capturing the interest of not only us kids, but adults  as well. These games have allowed me to meet many new friends, without whom my life would be boring. 99% of the time I spend on a computer is spent on playing Kingsisle games, and they have affected my life in many ways. I am thrilled to see Pirate101 win Game of the Year, and so are many others. Kingsisle totally deserved this! Congrats!
  • bigx00bigx00 atlanta, GAPosts: 2Member Common
    Pirate101 won GOTY, which was surprising because it was just realesed in october O.o. Im still a big KI fan :P
  • VaultarVaultar adelaidePosts: 339Member

    Wow just wow...Pirate101 won for GOTY...that is really disheartening. I wouldnt mind even seeing Planetside 2 or TSW winning but Pirate101? Sigh.. sad.

    Thank god GW2 won in innovative category though :D.

    Looking forward to EQL and EQN.

  • RedJorgeRedJorge LisbonPosts: 106Member
    Originally posted by Vaultar
    Wow just wow...Pirate101 won for GOTY...that is really disheartening. I wouldnt mind even seeing Planetside 2 or TSW winning but Pirate101? Sigh.. sad. Thank god GW2 won in innovative category though :D.

    I am playing Pirates 101.

    Please leave prejudice aside and try it before commenting.

    Leonard: Penny, you are on fire.
    Penny: Yes, so is Sheldon.
    Sheldon: Okay, that's it. I don't know how, but she is cheating. No-one can be that attractive and this skilled at a video game.
    [walks away]
    Penny: Wait, wait. Sheldon. Come back, you forgot something.
    Sheldon: What?
    Penny: This plasma grenade.
    Penny: [laughs] Look! It's raining you.
    Sheldon: You laugh now. You just wait until you need tech support. (Big Bang Theory)

  • eye_meye_m Notta Chance, ABPosts: 3,317Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by RedJorge
    Originally posted by Vaultar
    Wow just wow...Pirate101 won for GOTY...that is really disheartening. I wouldnt mind even seeing Planetside 2 or TSW winning but Pirate101? Sigh.. sad. Thank god GW2 won in innovative category though :D.

    I am playing Pirates 101.

    Please leave prejudice aside and try it before commenting.

    Whats to say he didn't try the game. Maybe he tried the game and thinks it's a peice of crap. Just because you like that kind of game doesn't mean everyone else has to.  You've shown us through your anti-GW2 campaign (yes the one that started with your very first post, and has continued with virtually ever other post you've made) that it's ok for a person to share his bias against a game, so what is the problem with Vaultar's post?

    All of my posts are either intelligent, thought provoking, funny, satirical, sarcastic or intentionally disrespectful. Take your pick.

    I get banned in the forums for games I love, so lets see if I do better in the forums for games I hate.

    I enjoy the serenity of not caring what your opinion is.

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