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Vanishing Legacy EU (PvE/WvW) Casual, Friendly, Mature (21+)



  • Baine5Baine5 ZagrebPosts: 30Member

    Still looking for few more members, if your on Gandara and looking for a mature 21+ Guild ... you know where to find us :)

  • SilveruneSilverune West SussexPosts: 112Member
    bump still looking for a few good people
  • SilveruneSilverune West SussexPosts: 112Member
    We have re-opened recruitment for a while come and pay us a visit if your looking for a home.
  • KaraminalKaraminal BirminghamPosts: 58Member
    I may get the game soon, and i will be fairly new to the game and want to join a guild to make some friends and recieve some help. But the thing is im only 19 :S
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