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Funcom had some Canadian go out in the cold..

LostarLostar Johnstown, PAPosts: 901Member
...and we are all excited (albeit a little jealous.

A real world drop was made in a location in Montreal that was necessary for finding the answer to the Mission 6 ARG.


  • motoratonmotoraton valenciaPosts: 41Member
    omg so much stuff i wanna do, but i so frikin noobie xD fack
  • CryseydeCryseyde LA baby!, CAPosts: 70Member
    Originally posted by motoraton
    omg so much stuff i wanna do, but i so frikin noobie xD fack

    The ARG is entirely on the website using RL resources, so your in game gear or abilities don't keep you from participating at all. There's some in-game rewards for completing the puzzles, too.

  • ChtugaChtuga OsloPosts: 116Member Uncommon
    Awesome! I have no better word for it... :)
  • motoratonmotoraton valenciaPosts: 41Member
    omg omg omg best event ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have been playing mmos for years xD and this is the best event 
  • RaysheRayshe London, ONPosts: 1,284Member

    Yeah i was there. Vismal took one for the team and froze his ass off for us.



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