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Ragnarok - a Scandinavian guild [Illuminati]

ChtugaChtuga OsloPosts: 116Member Uncommon


Ragnarok is a scandinavian gaming community, which started as a guild in Anarchy Online march 03 2003.

In time we grew and started playing new games. Thus Ragnarok is currently represented in Anarchy Online - Atlantean, World of Warcraft - Aszune (Alliance), Age of Conan - Fury, SWtor - Bloodworthy as Empire), Tera - Essenia, Guildwars2 - Beta. We have also previously been represented in many other games ;)

Our common ground is the passion for games, our community and forum.

We strive to maintain a high standard among our members. We salute maturity, good manners and fellowship above all else; Ragnarok is a family we are all proud to represent. In order to keep the bonds tight and the standard high we maintain strict rules in our recruitment procedures. They may seem tedious, but they are important to make sure that new arrivals fit in and meet the recruirements. 

Who can join Ragnarok?

We are a Scandinavian Cabal, therefore all members must be able to speak either Norwegian, Swedish or Danish. Ragnarok is always looking for people who are enthusiastic about their character class/profession, and who are willing to dedicate their time and effort to support the guild and its members.

We are currently recruiting for The Secret World! So dont hesitate, but visit our forum and write your application! We will play Illuminati...


For better info on who we are, a nice summary is found here on Crygaia Wiki:

You are welcome to visit us at our forums

Also be sure to watch our Age of Conan recruitment video:


  • ChtugaChtuga OsloPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Remember to apply in good time before release as I expect us to be very busy after launch ;)


    Seeya on our forum!

  • ChtugaChtuga OsloPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Ragnarok has been selected as one of the few founders guilds in the Secret World.

    Apply now to one of the great gaming communities out there! :)

  • ChtugaChtuga OsloPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Ragnarok will be playing on the server Grim


    You are all welcome to join us in Fusang, enemies or allied!

    For those that seek a guild, now is the time to join us!

    Seeya ingame tomorrow if you are one of the preorders!

  • ChtugaChtuga OsloPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    We are still accepting good scandinavian players that love a good community! :)


    Come visit our forums and see if we are what you seek... 

  • ChtugaChtuga OsloPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    We are still recruiting active people to our cabal.

    And you do not need to have full epic gear and have a ton of experience. 

    We have lots of that already, so come join us even if you just started playing the game. We have lots of experience, and a ton of knowledge!

    And ofcourse, seasoned veterans are also welcome! :)

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