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Grokk Concept Art and Lore

ThradokThradok St. James, MNPosts: 57Member

The brutes have eaten Yoppa. I think it might be my fault. I probably should have woken him before fleeing our camp. At least they had the decency to cook him first.

When their festivities die down, I begin my return journey to Halfrost. Until then, I dare not reveal myself. Galfrud Sevator himself commanded me to learn all I could of these beasts – my observations must reach him at all costs. Even poor Yoppa.


Get the rest of the story and the art for the burtal Grokk here.


  • LizardoneLizardone baltimore, MDPosts: 93Member
    ogres are in, at least in concept :)
  • ThradokThradok St. James, MNPosts: 57Member
    No, Grokk, totally different :P They're, uh...smarter, and have more varience as a species. Yeah. Totally not ogres or big orcs or anything!
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