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Star Citizen: Chris Roberts Interview Coming - Give us your questions!



  • AC_BlackAC_Black London, ONPosts: 1Member

    Do we know what the specs are going to be for the PC.

    We got an idea on when the testing is going to start..

    Are the player roles going to be a single-player only or can we mix the players roles when we wish to.     EX.  Find a Carrier that we want to capture, I call a dew friends to see if they want in on taking it ...    if so can we all join an Instance in taking it.

    Will there be boarding combat on the larger ships we attack, or will it be space only.

  • FromHellFromHell NY, NYPosts: 1,311Member

    I have a question:


    There were some polls on the SC forum about the PvP-PvE slider and people worried about two (or possibly more) difficulty settings in ONE persistent universe due to people being able to switch their PvP/PvE settings.

    Each poll turned out, there are only 17-18% players who are strict non-PvPers, so is this slider really necessary and not bringing more troubles than advantages?


    e.g. when I´m going on a trade route, I´m turning off PvP to make the route easier, not to run into player ships to lose my cargo.

     Altough I like PvP I have a disadvantage compared to the strict Non-PvPers who are going the safe route without PvP, earning more money by only fighting easy NPC ships, not risiking to lose their ships-

    With this slider will the result be that no one with precious cargo will ever set to PvP and keep the PvE setting?


    bottom line, please don´t make this a carebear game just to cater to an 18% minority of the player base!!

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  • reanorreanor BananaPosts: 434Member
    Originally posted by scottns
    Will there be bigger fighters/ships with crews so someone can fly, some else on guns, someone else running repairs/sheilds, etc?

    Answer is Yes, its a known information.

  • reanorreanor BananaPosts: 434Member
    Originally posted by Butch808
    How many people per server are we looking at for the persistant universe? 40? 100? 200? 1000+?  

    RSI server(s) will be able to handle hundreds of thousands of players and even millions, but you wont be able to see them all. There will be some resource distribution that will limit the number of players you can see in your vicinity to promote 'lag free' gameplay.

  • reanorreanor BananaPosts: 434Member

    I guess I'll ask my own question instead of answering already answered questions :P.


    Can we get more information on private server content? What will we be getting in a "package" with private server? Say I fire up my private server, will I have my own latest version of persistent universe of Star Citizen or will it be like a "starting package" with a few sectors to mod to your liking? I am asking this because I've never seen a game developer giving their online game to players to be ran on private servers. Think of Blizzard giving players an opportunity to run WoW on player's own private server, or CCP giving players an option to run EVE Online on player's own server. Does it make sense?

  • DeelgarianDeelgarian Hillsboro, ORPosts: 7Member




    "Duel-style combat with simulated damage?"


    There will be many squadrons that will be coordinating their activities in the game, like sharpening their piloting & combat skills as a team. One way to hone your combat skills is through mock combat, however, putting your own ship in actual "real" jeopardy might be a serious downer!


    Do you have any plans for some sort of dueling system, whereas if two or more pilots (possibly a whole squadron, even) choose to engage in a mock battle in space, their weapons will go into a severely low-power mode, and our flight computers will track virtual damage?


    This way a squadron can form teams to compete against each other, as an exercise, without risk. This is what every branch of every military has always done throughout history. It would seem to make sense to have some sort of mock-combat capability right inside this game for similar reasons.


    Of course, there would also need to be a Cancel option to return your weapons & "damaged" equipment back to full power status if you’re actually preyed upon by real enemies during one of these mock battles! 


    Well, Chris, what do you think?


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  • DeelgarianDeelgarian Hillsboro, ORPosts: 7Member



    Just how does will the cargo hold in Constellation work?   (i.e. How will we be able to get to the cockpit of our P52 fighter when the cargo hold is full?  


    How do you access the sleeping area or the lavatory when you have a full cargo hold?  How do we load and off-load cargo when we have a P52 on board, does the P52 have to be jetisoned out of the bottom first in order to unload the cargo?)


    Space Marshall Deelgarian Voidwatcher, Star Citizen | RSI Forums Thread | RSI Forum Group

  • DeelgarianDeelgarian Hillsboro, ORPosts: 7Member




    What's your vision on the type of PvE content that will be offered in the open world outside of the Squadron 42 military campaign?


    You've used the word "sandbox" to describe the persistant universe quite a bit, which had me wondering about the balance between open-endedness and scripted quest content when you're in the "privateer" portion of the game beyond Squadron 42.  Will there be roughly an equal split between Squadron 42 military vs. the privateer stuff of scripted/narrative quest content?  That is, will there be a full "Freelancer" style campaign waiting for you after your'e done with Squadron 42?


    Space Marshall Deelgarian Voidwatcher, Star Citizen | RSI Forums Thread | RSI Forum Group

  • CucobrCucobr Rio de JaneiroPosts: 1Member




    May you ask him, what exacly Auto-Pilot will be?


    • A "cinematic" auto-pilot:

    The Auto-pilot will put you in your destination "instantly", by any mens. Can be a video or a real-time cut scene engine. What it really does is pick you from A and put you in B. You can think of warp-drive from EVE or Auto-Pilot from Wing Commander 3

    • A "guide" auto-pilot.

    The Auto-pilot will fly, by itself, the ship at the same speed what we would fly. The auto-pilot just will do things automatically. You can think of Auto-pilot from EVE.





    What Chris Roberts mean when he said: "You'll taken 30 min to cross a entire star system" ?


    Which concept will be for travel inside a star system:



    The First Concept

    From what I understand of this note is you can go wherever you want to go in the star system manually.


    The Second Concept

    The star system will be divided in many instances, you can go to these instances using auto-pilot or manually.
    Nothing stops you from going straight from one end to another


    The Third Concept

    The star system will be divided in many instances, you can't go to another instance without auto-pilot.
    You can auto-pilot from initial instance (where you are) to instance where is the "exit" jump gate.



    If you guys ask him this, we'll appreciate. The Forum thread about it have enough people interested and debating about it.


  • MazhurgMazhurg Trenton, ONPosts: 5Member Common
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