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[Interview] The War Z: More Than Just the Zombie Factor



  • xenogiasxenogias warsaw, INPosts: 1,926Member

    I was lucky enough to see this at a friends house yesterday before I spent the money on it.  Since he got it I figured I would check it out for myself instead of taking TB at his word since he made some fairly big mistakes in the video and I figured I would ignore that the developers blamed the community for "misreading" the steam page when they flat out lied. I figured hey, if I find it fun who cares about that stuff.

    The game is junk. The screen shots they show? Yea, it looks NOTHING like it. It really is unexcusable how ugly textures are. I have seen better looking stuff come out of our local highschool to be honest. Stealth really doesnt work that well. One time I can sneak past a zombie or two, but next the zombie on the other side of the complex notices me and starts charging....really? Fell through the world 3 times when going prone. All this within a couple hours? Its complete crap when you add in all the other issues like blaming people for thier mistakes, the uncalled for bans, the cash shop. All of it adds up to the worst release in 2012 without question.


    PS. 50 person servers are NOT MMO.

  • VeNoM56kVeNoM56k WaterfordPosts: 1Member
    Get WarZ removed from Steam petition.
    Sign and spread.
  • MaelwyddMaelwydd CrawleyPosts: 1,123Member
    Originally posted by Dirty719
    I play this game daily and spent $59.99 on the legend package.  It's great to see the progress it has made since pre-alpha! great game and much more in store!

    You sir ARE a legend!

    No, we are laughing WITH you, honest....

  • Joseph_KerrJoseph_Kerr Posts: 1,075Member Uncommon
    Why is this game even on its not even close to an mmo, if this game is on here than so should battlefield 3 and two worlds 2 both of them offer more mmo features than this game does, I dont get you guys at sometimes with your strange little game choices to showcase.
  • FfearFfear Halifax, NSPosts: 8Member

    1. Full of Hackers using ESP/Aimbot/Item Display  Do not go near this game. 

    2. The game is a cashgrab.  When you die you now have to wait 4hrs to respawn or pay using ingame store coins to revive sooner.


  • GeladiusGeladius Miami, FLPosts: 26Member Uncommon
    Why do these idiot reviewers keep using those fake posed inaccurate screenshots of  this game? It looks nothing like that in game, the animations are not similar, the textures are not similar, the features are not similar.
  • JumdorJumdor Magtown, ARPosts: 62Member

     I actually scrolled down and read every response to this article. I have only a few things to say. If these companies covering this game can't see the huge amount of negativity flowing out from their community then they don't have eyes. Out of all these posts I read two positive. 

    @Wellspring - No offense meant you might not be a sales bot. I don't know I don't care. Your post comes off as some what legit. You may actually really enjoy this game and I'm happy for you. 

    @Dirty719 - If you are an actual person who uses this account regular then I am sorry, but you sound like a sales bot. It's so flat and straight about your paying a huge chunk for something that tons of people have had issues out of and now almost if not out right hate. 

    This negativity that I read toward this product is not isolated to this site. Please consider carefully how you wish to continue your relationship with something that has obviously stirred up a whirlwind of anger and rage in your community. I have no hard feelings toward this game. I have no ill will toward people who enjoy playing it. I simply made an observation that is not that hard to make among hundreds if not thousands of angry players. This game so far is bad news and carries a stink over the gaming universe that cannot easily be washed out with pretty words from some social network. 


    "Love can be innocent and can be sweet, but sometimes about as nice as rotting meat."

  • scotty899scotty899 townsvillePosts: 166Member
    the dev team seem really dodgy. i might just wait till Day Z stand alone.
  • mysticko1mysticko1 KosicePosts: 2Member
    You dont need to worry about zombies. You can avoid them easily. You have to worry about other players. They kill you no matter if you have something in your bag or not. Everyone wants to kill you and take your equipment. And you can start from begining. If they kill you like 10 times you will be angry and close this game. Also there is many hacker in this game (means one shot = dead immediately). This game has to change a bit. Content is good, but devs have to add something so players can keep at leas few weapons because it is really boring starting game from begining with nothing (with empty hands) again and again. 
  • BlessingsBlessings Merritt Island, FLPosts: 66Member
    Originally posted by NoCheats
    I wonder why write all German websites with these pictures that they have almost nothing to do with the game? I do not know where your website is located, but it is in your country not to common people to inform?  


    Because of the simple fact that this website makes money off of the reviews and things that they do here. It's probably not a literal "here's some cash do a review for me" but there are probably monetary incentives in the form of kickbacks they receive. More and more I see very biased, uninformed reviews on this site, and the only reason I do still come here is to see the user comments posted AFTER the reviews. I don't even read the reviews anymore, you can find the real reviews below the "official" review in the comments.

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