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  • MortisRexMortisRex Columbia, TNPosts: 348Member Uncommon
    My favorite WoW moment was the battle that would rage between Tarren Mills and Southshore long before any battlegrounds came out. There were no honor points, no level brackets, no rewards of any kind. The only goal was to survive as long as possible. The tide of battle would switch back and forth and people of all levels would participate. Most fun I've ever had PvPing in WoW.
  • doranpedoranpe limaPosts: 1Member
    25-man Naxxramas when WotLK  in christmas  2009
  • Nightgecko7Nightgecko7 Wilsonville, ORPosts: 1Member
    My favorite moment from WoW was back during BC. It was back during BT times. I used to PvP almost constantly, and my favorite moment was the day I got 100k kills. I used to have screenshots that I can't find anymore of when I had 99999 kills, and when I got my 100kth kill. I remember creating a horde toon (cause I hated horde lol), and whispering my "rival" Zaldren at the time. I asked him to meet me at BT so we could fight for my 100kth kill. (He beat me like 6 times before I killed him for my 100kth kill). But I finally did it! And there is (possibly was) a video on youtube of the fight between us, showcasing my 100kth kill! Favorite. Moment. Ever.
  • nimyrnimyr coventry, RIPosts: 1Member
    i remember the days when   a single  battle for AV would take   days to win
  • emptieemptie SingaporePosts: 1Member
    When we got World First Heroic 10-man Yor'sahj 
  • madmanmike55madmanmike55 green lane, PAPosts: 1Member
    my fav. moment was the first time steping into outland. i played alot cense the lanuch loved lvling hated getting jump on pvp realms alittle, bt going to outland the first time was like not over before it was better then going to northrend the story line and quest chains were awesome. just wish i could play mists.
  • itsmeagainjohnitsmeagainjohn Riverside, CAPosts: 1Member
    The best memory I have playing WoW was back during TBC. I was a level 68 hunter, probably the slowest leveler to ever play WoW and was dying to get into what the rest of my guild was doing on weekends, the mysterious "raiding." One weekend during an alt toon gear run I jokingly asked if I could join the raid and much to my surprise my guildmates decided to carry me through the instance. I recall the next few hours being filled with fun and excitement - I know for a fact my DPS was horrible, I had probably been in a total of less than 10 instances prior to going to Karazhan due to being in a ghost server and for all you youngin WoW account people, way before the idea of cross realm dungeon finders was ever concieved. We wiped on the Chess boss... twice! All in all though I was awarded two epic pieces of gear, Demon Stalker Gauntlets which i still have to this day on my main Hunter and an epic mail belt drop. More importantly what I got from the raid was a place to call home in WoW - spending time with my guildmates in a way I had never before, I was still new to Ventrilio and it must have taken at least half an hour for me to figure out how to set it up. All in all I am still with the majority of the members from that guild; while some of my good friends there may have quit the game or moved servers/guilds the rest of us still have a great time whether its trolling guild chat or trying to take down the latest challenges Blizzard has put out for us. Cheers!
  • Lostkitty03Lostkitty03 Fountain City, INPosts: 1Member
    I've played since about End of Vanilla and when I started, I started as a Night Elf Warrior, and when I ran to the first town over I saw the giant Guardian Tree guy walking around, I couldn't tell if he was friendly or not, so I just started running, I ended up agroing a spider about 3 levels above me which killed me, took me a while to sneak past the tree guy before realizing he was friendly -.-
  • AthyrAthyr Houston, TXPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    Getting to level 50 on my very first toon. And being able to run through the first dungeons. I was very excited! 
  • MistwolfenMistwolfen Austell, GAPosts: 1Member
    Honestly my favorite wow moment was the first time that I launched the game. The scenery is so immersive and visually stunning.
  • VaundainVaundain Bay St Louis, MSPosts: 12Member
    My favorite moment comes from my main Hunter, at the time named Analise, fighting one of the big bosses in the Northrend PvP dungeon when the alliance had control.
    Our group lost the healer early on, the tank pally was holding his own, healing himself and me each of us throwing everything we had at it. He fell leaving 50k health left, at the time my gear was crap ... Still is, but through a few properly placed shots and kiting I managed to down it the rest the way myself. Newb luck I guess.
  • VaundainVaundain Bay St Louis, MSPosts: 12Member
    My favorite moment comes from my main Hunter, at the time named Analise, fighting one of the big bosses in the Northrend PvP dungeon when the alliance had control.
    Our group lost the healer early on, the tank pally was holding his own, healing himself and me each of us throwing everything we had at it. He fell leaving 50k health left, at the time my gear was crap ... Still is, but through a few properly placed shots and kiting I managed to down it the rest the way myself. Newb luck I guess.
  • EhlmarisEhlmaris Kennesaw, GAPosts: 1Member
    My biggest WoW moment? Let's see. I killed the Lich King about halfway between the patch's release and Cataclysm(Top DPS too! Ret Pally was so OP I even off-off-tanked some of the adds in phase 1), I soloed Ragnaros, I've saved the world from Old Gods and Algalon, the ultimate kill switch of the Titans. But no. My favorite moment... was as a level 57 Human, heading toward Blackrock Spire back in the day, and running into a 60 Tauren. We just sort of... stopped in our tracks. Nobody moved for like two minutes. By now, our respective guilds had shown up. And then - he starts dancing. Dance party ensues for ten minutes, and we all go on with our days. It was beautiful.
  • barasawabarasawa Eugene, ORPosts: 489Member Uncommon

    For me, the biggest wow moment I had was when I was exploring and climbing around a ridge. I goofed up and got too close to the edge.

    I fully expected to fall to my death, but I landed on a tiny tiny ledge and was at ONE HP.

    Standing there in amazement, I looked at where I was.

    I had an unbelievable vista of sky above and land below.

    Forests and ruins could just barely be made out in the distance, and nearby (though unreachable) on the cliff wall were waterfalls cascading from one pool to another.

    I had a screenshot, but a hard drive crash wiped that out. It's amazing what is in the game I don't think they expected anyone to ever see, as this was before Burning Crusade. I've looked for that teensy foothold on the cliff many times since, but still haven't found it. Maybe someday. :)

    Lost my mind, now trying to lose yours...

  • Sarge_TSarge_T NyborgPosts: 1Member

    I remember the first time I explored/discovered Caverns of Time, it was together with a very special girl + someone I don't remember (no-one important to me at least). I was actually level 60 when I first went in there to look! I was really amazed when I went in there and looked around.

    I was so lucky to have uploaded old screenshots to my abandonded x-fire account, luckily I still remember the name to it.


    Even by this day I'm still astonished at how it looks!

  • TheCrow2kTheCrow2k Adelaide, AKPosts: 953Member
    After creating my first character, watching the intro and entering Teldrassil for the first time was a magic moment I will never forget.
  • GanrokhGanrokh Aurora, MOPosts: 1Member

    My favorite "wow!" moment... I'm a little disappointed because it happened a little over a month ago; it's not from the old days... but it's when my group finally completed Challenge Conqueror: Gold.  When I first heard about Challenge modes, about how they're the toughest PvE content Blizz has ever created, I wanted to do them. I knew I did. They sounded very hard to get Gold times, and I wanted to get those times.

    Months pass, MoP hits, and at 90 I form a challenge mode group with some friends I met cross-realm. We stepped into our first Challenge Mode: Gate of the Setting Sun. Got destroyed our first time and finished in a 45 minute run. However, we kept running the place several times over the course of 2 days, improving every pull, timing CDs better, getting blessed by the RNG gods more and more each time... until we finished at 12:23 and snagged our first Gold. I was exploding happy.

    We went on to Scarlet Halls and snagged that Gold within a few hours of attempts. We smashed the Scholomance Gold time easy, and then got destroyed by the annoying rail jump before the second boss in Mogu'shan Palace. Once we finally got that Gold, we finished the rest easily... until we came to Stormstout Brewery.

    Stormstout Brewery Challenge Mode is the devil. It took us around 4 days (about 6 hours or so a day of attempts) before we finally got it. Nothing made me want to flip my laptop like a table more than Stormstout. That gold time is HARD. But on one special attempt, an hour into our daily challenge mode session on a Monday night, the stars aligned and we got the gold in 11:53. I nearly lost my mind when the [Realm First! Challenge Conqueror: Gold] achievement popped up. I laid back on my bed and said "Wow...."

    That's what Challenge modes are. If you're working on a raid boss, you'll have 5-10 minutes of concentration with relaxation in between. Challenge modes were 12-21 minutes of adrenaline-pumping concentration. There was no sitting back after a boss kill or stopping to drink after each pull; you were on a timer. And that timer fueled your adrenaline. Everytime we got a Gold time, my heartbeat slowed, the adrenaline instantly left, and I simply said "Wow...." as I laid back on my bed. Challenge Modes were the most intense content Blizzard has put in; and I was glad to accept it.

  • SulizabSulizab MoscowPosts: 1Member
    My favorite moment must have been when I first killed the Lich King, the awesome moment when he finally fell to the ground.
  • EnmaRebornEnmaReborn stockholmPosts: 1Member

    My best moment... was probably the first time i was setting my gnome locks foot into the black temple together with the raid group. <3

    Its something I even today remember.

  • kuroionikuroioni six feet under my rockPosts: 26Member Uncommon

    Oh dear gods,  let me think...


    Not long after WotLK came out, I took my shammy main and decided to grind out me some nether drake :} After hours upon hours upon hours upon hours.... upon hours of searching for these damn netherwing eggs, doing the quests, failing at the chase chain quest (made if nibally and got the chie though! ^_^) I MADE IT! :D 

    Got a royal ride straight back to Shattrah, haha. 

    And finally here it is: my favourite moment: when I got droppen by the drakes and was told to choose my future mount. The second my eyes met with her - I knew it just HAD to be her and no other netherdrake! 

    As I completed her quest, learned the spell and summoned her for the very first time, there, by the rest of the drakes and took into the Outland's sky with my beloved Zoya... yes, that's most definitely the most wonderful and most my most treasured moment in WoW. Ever


    (for those who don't know - Zoya is the Veridian, or simply put, the green nether drake ;) )


  • kanezfankanezfan margate, FLPosts: 482Member Uncommon

    When the guild I was in finished Gruul's lair for the first time during BC. We had so much trouble with the guy, getting to 1% a couple times and were so frustrated, led to fights internally, almost broke up the guild in fact. When we finally killed him, everyone on vent went nuts. It was great.

  • tedgartedgar yucaipa, CAPosts: 52Member
    almost sold my body for this  they just did not trust doing thing on the internet :(
  • itgrowlsitgrowls newport news, VAPosts: 2,951Member
    The first time I healed for a raid was in Karazhan. We had a priest in the guild who always did the healing but something had happened this time to prevent us from succeeding against Terestian Illhoof and his minion. So they made her go change her spec and mine too. It was the first time I'd ever healed a raid before. I was playing a paladin for the first time because I was a long time Horde member and we had just recently received this class. It was awesome, the battle was very close and we almost didn't make it when suddenly I was able to bring the tank back with my laying on of hands, BAM we lasted the final few moments and took him out! We all laughed and a few of us cried over vent because we hadn't made it past Terestian Illhoof, this was the first time. My guildies all complimented me on a job well done. I smiled and over the microphone in my smiling voice I said "Ahh the power of plate!" :)
  • DatTrapDatTrap SkopjePosts: 1Member
    It would definitely be the first time i started playing on the original servers. It was like:" Wooow, so this is the real deal. No pirate server bugs, no nothing. Dauum ". It was amazing!
  • VendakuVendaku Halifax, NSPosts: 77Member
    My most memorable WoW moment might be when I played open beta for the first time in 2005. It was the best MMO I've ever played at the time. It just amazed me.
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