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where is the cheapest price in the uk

zimboy69zimboy69 chicargo, FLPosts: 388Member Uncommon

AT the moment  its in greeman gaming its £18.75p  using the code GMG25-CFGY3-4THJI


i know there is offter in atm but i cant  get that to work it appears to be usa customers only



anyone else know a  online download or highstreet shop  thats  cheaper



  • samvenicesamvenice BarcelonaPosts: 96Member Uncommon

    I'm waiting for steam xmas sale.

    TSW has been on steam for a while, and I seem to remember it was on sale at least once.

    Then, if steam lets me down, there are portals aggregating all the EU cdkey stores where you can compare (at the moment the lowest I found is about 18,8 eur, def cheaper than 18.75 pounds ;) )

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    I would wait a few days for steam Christmas sale.
  • ReizlaReizla 3,879Member Uncommon
    I bought it on (see thread here on the forums) yesterday for $16.25 (VAT included). This comes down to around €12,40. You get the key in a small .EXE file that extracts to a local .HTML page

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  • zimboy69zimboy69 chicargo, FLPosts: 388Member Uncommon
    the cheapest ive found today is  usisng code GMG30-DPLIM-DN831 to get it for  £17.50p


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