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  • robomaxrobomax Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1Member
    love this, thanks
  • mishmacmishmac new westminster, BCPosts: 6Member Uncommon

    i was fighting a shaman one morning before burning crusades came out. and i was on my paladin. and with my spec i couldnt kill him but he couldnt kill me either. so we simply parted ways after 15-20 minutes of trying to kill each other with neither of are guilds responding for aid.

    and no happen stanced person passing by.

    Darkness To Darknes
    Light To Light
    Death To Peace
    Life To War

  • Uzur9Uzur9 Rio Dell, CAPosts: 34Member Uncommon
    Ide same for me was helping my friend ('fore he past way) doing the Cata start zone quest line(s)
  • reillanreillan Tulsa, OKPosts: 241Member Uncommon
    Riding the cars in the Goblin town when starting my Goblin Warrior... and suddenly getting attacked by a dragon.
  • slidemouthslidemouth SaloPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    When our guild first time downed Razorgore the untamed
  • aslan132aslan132 Tampa, FLPosts: 474Member Uncommon
    I dont have a favorite moment, I dont play. But would love to win this for a Christmas gift for my 11 yr old nephew. Best MMO for first time gamers, then I can get him playing real MMOs
  • NazkarNazkar toledoPosts: 1Member
    Crossroads PvP  and the arenas, PVP for life.
  • MorvMorv Royal Oak, MIPosts: 331Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Nephaerius
    Vanilla WoW, Crossroads PvP /thread

    One of my favorite moments was during Vanilla WoW as well. I ran an all rogue guild 88 members strong, we would venture to crossroads in groups and attack guards and players. After a short while, a good twenty or so players bunched together at the entrance to crossroads to avoid getting picked off by the stealthing Blood Rogues moving around the crowd. Tons of fun.

    My other favorite was Aeonaxx spawning right in front of me the week of my birthday.

  • ArkastArkast Rahway, NJPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    Losing my first fight as a Death Knight vs the slave because I forgot to equip my weapon..
  • MorvMorv Royal Oak, MIPosts: 331Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by mischamd
    My favorite moment was the beta of the original which i was playing with my friends on an early own serveremu before WoW was released in germany. We just played whole weeks till launch and i thought: "wow if its so cool with only 5 people, it must be imazing with thousands more" so i bought it the first day it came out to play it a long long time!

    Ya the beta was awesome, I played a hunter to level 30, I was so excited lol!

  • MorvMorv Royal Oak, MIPosts: 331Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by d1oblo
    My favorite moments in wow, were the massive world pvp battles in silverpine forest. Show up in the location and have Alliance and Horde staring each other down in the hundreds of layers. One person moves forward and the giant battles begin!  

    That and Tarren Mill during Vanilla WoW, super awesome, battling between Southshore and Tarren Mill, lol!

  • leka213leka213 Cumberland Gap, TNPosts: 13Member
    A Illidan raid though it whiped very horridly... So we got through his many phases, and got his HP down to a good 7%... well we start running out of time for his berserk timer... we don't make it far enough to kill him, before he goes berserk and we wipe... Fun times of World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade.
  • HawthornHawthorn Asheboro, NCPosts: 43Member Uncommon

    The 1st time I walk through the Dark Partal.  I was like OH MY GOD and then seen the fight.  It was like OH CRAP.  lol


  • Knight_ShyftKnight_Shyft Acton, MAPosts: 1Member
    One of my favorite moments was the first time I successfully mage-tanked Gruuls lair..  I was surprised at the patience and guidance provided by my guildmates that died while I learned how to do it right.
  • DecrebaudDecrebaud Knoxville, TNPosts: 42Member Uncommon
    The one moment that made me said WoW! was when the game originally came out and I was saving up gold to get the Quel'Serra sword quest book by doing SM Catheral getting RIghteous Orbs to sell on the auction house. When i got enough gold and bought the book for 2000g, I went with a guild which I would later joined to kill onyxia which was my first moment i went Wow when I saw that giant dragon and got that big one-hand tanking sword. It was epic :) seeing that it was my first major raid boss fightimage
  • WahrHeitWahrHeit SantiagoPosts: 57Member Uncommon
    I had the best big pvp moments in TBC Honor Hold Fights!
  • vladakovvladakov noneofurbusinessPosts: 710Member

    In my first ever serious raid in The Burning Crusade, on my priest healer (i was still a kid,

    and this guild was incredibly hard-core with their raiding schedules and what not.

    I was drunk and i made my raid/guild whipe, i got kicked out of the guild,

    and the raidgroup. I begged for about an hour to get back, got back on trial with the guild

    and we managed to finish Gruuls lair after all. Memorable and will never forget ^^


  • ComputerJuiceComputerJuice Portland, ORPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    Here is my favorite moment... its either "Armed Rhino Delivery" or "Taurn Attack plane with special edidtion rhino bombs".... really its just a bug in early liche king where the rhino wouldnt despawn and would appear under the plane.  Just kinda reminds me of "sharks with freakin lazer beams".

    Tauren Attack Plane with Rhino Bombs

  • klackklack CrvenkaPosts: 1Member
    Killing Lich King for first time,,,,
  • BartDaCatBartDaCat Renton, WAPosts: 808Member Uncommon

    The moment my Orc Death Knight was able to go "transgender" and get a sex-change!

  • WarlyxWarlyx UnknowPosts: 2,240Member Rare
    killing ragnaros (molten core) after wiping for days !!!! the teamspeak exploded :D
  • wezfotapwezfotap Dearborn, MIPosts: 1Member

    my favorite  is a  series  of moments   #1 when i hit 55 to unlock Death Knight  which im not proud to

    say was little over year after started since only have  about 7 hour to play a week since work/school.


    #2 when i was able to gear up Death Knight  and  go on 1st raid  molten core


    #3 when i was able to successful beat molten core  for 1st time wile not hiding in the back grp not being able to do anything

    even tho i say they are my favorite moments its more like the 1st big thing i felt like i did ingame

    the reason   it makes me go wow is other pc games i played i would not  play long befor i would be

    board since not even 6months in and  not much more to beat but im going on my 3rd year of wow

    and im not even 1/4 done im not board of game it just keeps getting better so all moments of wow

    are fun its just wow!!




  • SoulriftSoulrift Toronto, ONPosts: 34Member Uncommon

    The day Alterac Valley came out and the Alliance/Horde populations were so unbalanced we had 2-3 DAY queues to get in, forget 2-3 hours...

  • tedgartedgar yucaipa, CAPosts: 52Member
    The most epic moment was when i took my  undead priest and mind controled some off the cliff since then i have been hooked. Nothing more to say. expect you know it feels good.
  • sparkhazelsparkhazel Natchitoches, LAPosts: 5Member
    My favorite WoW moments was downing Ragnaros in 40 Man Molten Core back in Vanilla, back then it really felt like you were doing something awesome and challenging.
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