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Best MMORPG you've ever played



  • Lovely_LalyLovely_Laly genevaPosts: 734Member

    my 1st MMO was runescape, but now it not worth to be played anymore, IMO.

    after I started to hate grind and picked up GW (all 4 games), most I liked I guess was Factions as it is very dynamic game, shame ANet never updated or upgraded GW. PvP used to be tons of fun too.
    GW2 is far to be that fun to me, seems something missing but I can't really tell what, may be need to play more.

    WoW gave me tons of fun! I really love this game, only dark side here is monthly payment,
    most because I can't even visit my account if I have just little time and will not pay for nothing. Still think it was the best game I've ever played.

    LORTO I liked but got to the point when needed to pay to unlock further features and payed WoW instate. =D

    Forsaken World gave me lot of free fun as it WoW-like game, well it not that large and polished, but it free. =D

    try before buy, even if it's a game to avoid bad surprises.
    Worst surprises for me: Aion, GW2

  • WahrHeitWahrHeit SantiagoPosts: 57Member Uncommon

    Well...back in the days i used to play a lot in pirated servers...

    It was mostly MU,L2,WoW,RO...And all of them had tons of players in my country and it was awesome and big community with IRL meetings and stuff.

    RO was over L2 and MU....But i really loved WoW from day 1...thats when i started to leave pirated servers and become legit :p.

    Sadly My WoW love ended with TBC...i dont like WOTLK CATA or Pandaria.

    Other games i loved were Shattered galaxy...a kinda MMORTS 2D and Face of Mankind beta...The game is heavy in roleplaying and i beta there WAS TONS of players...always raids and the game was a blast....i would pay a kickstarter for FoM 2 well made.

    Also Freelancer was fucking space game.

    And i think those were my fav games....In Wow and Shattered galaxy i wasted years on those lol...


    And now im really enjoying Planetside 2...but im missing the roleplaying from FoM....I think i really love MMOFPS cant wait for Defiance in 2013.



  • KillgoresKillgores Newport News, VAPosts: 2Member

    Everquest 1. 

    To this day, nothing has matched the fun that I had running that world.

  • PsychowPsychow SF Giants Territory, CAPosts: 1,784Member

    WoW is hands down the best I've played. There's a reason so many continue to's called "fun".


  • AxehandleAxehandle Florida, FLPosts: 147Member
    Originally posted by Psychow
    WoW is hands down the best I've played. There's a reason so many continue to's called "fun".  

    Fun is relative to the gamer. I admittedly had fun playing it once but it's not what I once remember and neither is the community.

  • ioooiooo Montreal, QCPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    1- Asheron's Call : BZ and Martine campaign
    2- Everquest 1 : some kind of magic in it.
    3- Everquest 2 : I loved the exploration
    I could add Anarchy Online before Shadowland

  • gipper36gipper36 santa rosa, CAPosts: 23Member
    Originally posted by dreamscaper
    In order: City of Heroes Vanilla WoW Mines of Moria LotRO

    by far,hands down city of villains,played from start til lasst day,im missing that game and the community

  • Magikman7Magikman7 Murray, UTPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    Dark Age of Camelot!
  • gipper36gipper36 santa rosa, CAPosts: 23Member
    Originally posted by cujo603
    city of heroes was my first and best mmo experience. the only mmo where i could constantly team from tutorial to max level on any server.  the best character creator + best teaming + best community.  I've never experienced any other mmo  like it

    kudos to coh/cov man did ncsoft screw themselves when they stopped this 1

  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon

    WoW up to Lich King.


  • gipper36gipper36 santa rosa, CAPosts: 23Member
    Originally posted by Sugoi-chan
    My favorite MMO was City of Heroes/Villains.  It was my first MMO, and I chose to look into it since it took place in a reality of one of my favorite hobbies, comic books.  None of the other Super-Hero style games released since then have come close to matching it.

    I stayed with the game from the last Beta test thru the recent server shutdown, and I went out on my main character, casting buffs and heals to keep my team and those nearby on their feet and battling evil til the very end.

    Details on what I liked about the game:

    1) Costuming... No one looked like any other character in the game except thru sheer coincidence, well-known character clones, or deliberate intent to copy a given outfit.

    2) Power selections:  No other game offered the sheer number of different power combos and optional powers or enhancements that existed in the game.  You could have similar Archetypes with identical Powerset selections, but fine-tuning the sets would result in entirely different performance abilities.

    3) The Players:  What can I say other than some of the best MMO players I've ever gamed with were in this game.  If a new player had a question, they could ask their teammates or broadcast, and they would usually get helpful responses within moments after their request aired.  Many total strangers' characters would offer my lowbie characters Influence to assist in getting the enhances I needed to boost my powers to a useable status.  

    And I had done the same to others while playing my higher level characters, passing on Influence to teammates who had excelled in assisting the team, and when they asked how they could pay me back, I'd just say "Pass it on when you have enough and run with a deserving sidekick."

    4) In-Game Difficulty selection: Want a good battle, crank it up!  Want to have some fun running missions with a solo healer?  Turn it down (if needed) to get the job done.

    5) Teaming up:  None of the other MMOs I've tried offered the simplicity of the LFT options in CoH.  It was usually very simple to quickly put a team together, and the "Holy Trinity" was not needed in most cases.  Besides, in the last few years of the game, the Devs made it possible for any level player to team up with a group any any level and become a useful part of the team thru temporary levels being raised or lowered to fit the team leader / mission's setting.
    RIP CoH, You are missed by many...  man,i never thought a person could miss a game more than i miss coh/cov just ironic how a company can doom the gameplay of a magnificent mmo,ncsoft DIE IN HELL!!!!!


  • doragon86doragon86 Boston, MAPosts: 589Member Uncommon
    Vanilla WoW and Ultima Online

    "For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,
    And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:
    And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill,
    And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"
    ~Lord George Gordon Byron

  • tollboothtollbooth grants pass, ORPosts: 298Member Common

    FFXI no contest.

    Mechanics in that game were so complex that nearly half a decade in people still didn't know everythign that was going on in their algorithms.  The game bred superstition in nearly everything that people did.  Were lunar cycles influencing drop rates?  Did cardinal directions improve macc?  God that game was amazing.

  • LordOfPitLordOfPit North Bay, ONPosts: 86Member Uncommon
    Best MMO I ever played was City of Heroes / Villains.
  • AxehandleAxehandle Florida, FLPosts: 147Member
    Originally posted by LordOfPit
    Best MMO I ever played was City of Heroes / Villains.

    I've read several posts stating the same thing. What was it about CoH that was so cool? I never played it but I've read the freedom for character creation was one of the best features I have a feeling it must have been deeper than that to get so much love.

  • aspekxaspekx Brandon, FLPosts: 2,167Member Uncommon
    Vanguard and SWG:preNGE

    "There are at least two kinds of games.
    One could be called finite, the other infinite.
    A finite game is played for the purpose of winning,
    an infinite game for the purpose of continuing play."
    Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse

  • Sp!k3Sp!k3 SzczecinPosts: 60Member
    World of warcraft hands down!
  • wizyywizyy Novi SadPosts: 629Member Uncommon
  • wizyywizyy Novi SadPosts: 629Member Uncommon
    This website is sometimes weird and slow. Double post cause of it.
  • ArclanArclan Chicago, ILPosts: 1,533Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by ezpz77
    I predict that best=first in most cases. 

    Mostly true, I'd think.

    But in my case, I tried, hard, to like UO; since I played the Ultima Series for countless hours. But their usage of TCP made the game unplayable for me. My Frame rate had to be 0.001. In 1999, I tried EQ (UDP) which was phenoemanl, fluid, and playable. Plus the first person perspective was vastly superior.

    So yes, EQ1, by far. Played it for over 5,000 hours and probably closer to 8,000. Also played Planetside 1 a lot but that's FPS not RPG.

    /edit while researching UDP just now I heard someone mention UO was UDP? Anyone know the truth of that? /boggle

    Luckily, i don't need you to like me to enjoy video games. -nariusseldon.
    In F2P I think it's more a case of the game's trying to play the player's. -laserit

  • ShanniaShannia Huntingdon, NYPosts: 2,096Member
    Very close call.... WoW and UO.

    Fear not fanbois, we are not trolls, let's take off your tin foil hat and learn what VAPORWARE is:

    "Vaporware is a term used to describe a software or hardware product that is announced by a developer well in advance of release, but which then fails to emerge after having well exceeded the period of development time that was initially claimed or would normally be expected for the development cycle of a similar product."

  • jimmytran80jimmytran80 BangkokPosts: 10Member
    My favourite MMO is Ragnarok from playpark but it died already. And now the Ragnarok II will open beta on this 27 Dec. Waiting for that day :)
  • MontaronxMontaronx SchiedamPosts: 268Member Uncommon
    Eq 1 and 2. Best lore i met in any game. The true essence of grouping to achief stuff. Loved the raids and the boss mechanics. Loved the classes. Class quest. Legacy quest in eq2 where you could get items from eq1.


  • crack_foxcrack_fox WellingtonPosts: 399Member Uncommon
    Vanguard, followed by SWG and EQ2. 
  • nirvanetnirvanet parisPosts: 95Member Uncommon

    Pfuiiiii !!!! I cannot read your pathetic mmo !


    N E O C R O N (it just came back and free)

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