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This is NOT removed on Steam - They ran out of keys



  • tawesstawess LkpgPosts: 3,643Member Rare
    Originally posted by TheScavenger
    I think part of the problem many have is that the PR from this company is not up to standards. But I like a good game, and if I have fun...that is what counts. Most people just want a charismatic developer/pr person to tell them a game is good for them to have fun with it. Which I think this company focused more on the game, less on the PR...but much of the hate could be because of the not up to standards PR from this company.

    Or it could be that the game is a mess based on a game that is a even bigger mess. (yes i have played WarINC.. do not have anything nice to say about it)


    They do not have the capital they need to make the game in to what it need to be to meet the vision they have painted. And that falls in to the lap of the lead developer and/or game designer. Marketing is secundary in this case.


    Edit: Oh sorry Zyzra i got my wires crossed. =) Got your point now. =P

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  • ZyzraZyzra Madison, WIPosts: 354Member
    Originally posted by robgyorgy
    im not so sure why ppl call this a scam, that word is kinda harsh. w

    Think of it like this.  You are car shopping.  A car dealer tells you he has a great sports car for a low price.  He tells you it runs great, and gets good gas mileage, and is very fun to drive.

    Then when you buy it and he hands you the keys, you find out that it doesnt' have an engine, three wheels are missing, and the steering wheel is "coming soon"


    Basically, the War Z game developer posted features on the steam store page as if the game HAD those features, for the RELEASE build, when in fact it did not.  People who were buying the game read those features but were tricked by the company into thinking they were there.


  • WraithoneWraithone Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 3,677Member Uncommon

    Perhaps the reality that was revealed in this gamespy UK interview had something to do with it? Talk about someone who doesn't have a clue about their playerbase, or public relations.  This is a glaring example of why most companies have PR personnel to handle public interactions.   Steam has been fairly reliable in dealing with these types of antics in the past, lets see how they react to this one.

    Now watch for their damage control to attempt to spin this in a positive light...


    Added.  Good for Steam. Thats the type of attention to their player base I've come to expect from them over the years. 

  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon

    steam pulled the game do to complaints from the steam userbase about the storepage set for warz none of which had to do with keys. WHICH warz was not selling anyway.  they were not doing a preorder alpha/beta limited sale but a full on release sale on steam. so there are no keys associated with that, and if they were trying to pull that.. it makes it even more of a BS sale then most people state. 


    all in all this game needs another few months of solid development before id even bother touching it. all of the lets plays i have seen on this title leave me wanting to stay far away from it.  the animations are worse then warInc which i have played. ( i find it ironic a guy holding medical supplies, presses them like a C4 detonator.... zombie animations are pathetic and look retarded. much like the zombie attack animations. 

    all in all this title does not belong on steam until its ironed out alot of the really bad animations and bugs it has, as well as actually includes 50% of what its promoting as its final release content. then id be fine with it on steam.

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  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 1,528Member Uncommon

    I did more reading into this, and Sergey outright lied on the forums that they "ran out of keys". It isn't lack of keys, but even if every site said it...what is more important...


    valve came out and said they removed the game for sell. That means Sergey either was mistaken and didn't know what was going, or lied to his fans.


    That is a really big shame, because the game is a lot of fun. But, I guess PR is important and Sergey has been saying things that are making a lot of people angry with the game.

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  • ZyzraZyzra Madison, WIPosts: 354Member
    Originally posted by TheScavenger
    I did more reading into this, and Sergey outright lied on the forums that they "ran out of keys". It isn't lack of keys, but even if every site said it...what is more important...   valve came out and said they removed the game for sell. That means Sergey either was mistaken and didn't know what was going, or lied to his fans.   That is a really big shame, because the game is a lot of fun. But, I guess PR is important and Sergey has been saying things that are making a lot of people angry with the game.

    You're a good guy after all!  :)

    Well, let us both hope for a fun game not ruined by anyone then hehe

  • EverketEverket MiddenheimPosts: 244Member Uncommon

    Who am I to say what games you should like, and its not the point either. But technical the game is a mess.


    Its the buisness practice, the lies, the copying of league of legends terms of use, the cash shop and the walking dead tv series copying(warz logo). Its unethical, its illegal, and you should not under any circumstances support his kind of beavhior and buisness practice. Have a spine, be a decent human being. I cannot understand why anyone would support them after all this. They have been found out, the facts are there, its a scam, simple as that.


    Dont be a scumbag and support cheating, lying and exploitation like this.


    AND MAN UP, admit that you are been fooled to buy the game, its okay. Don't continue to dig your grave and continue to defend these developers, you have no case, the facts are there. But some people will rather try to convince themselves and other that this is great, than admit they are wrong and made a poor choice when buying this game.


    Because I refuse to believe that people are this dumb, that they will ignore the facts in front of them. You're not fooling anyone, you're not that dumb(maybe a very small number are) man up the feck up.

  • AzaqinAzaqin Willowick, OHPosts: 65Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by chelan
    Originally posted by fascism
    not sure if troll...

    no. i really think its either one of the company's employees or someone affiliated with them. i would guess that similar posts are appearing on other mmo sites right now.

    This particular company and developer is known for using forum plants and sock puppets on message boards.


    I gave the game a try, got a refund. The reasons are very simple.


    1. It's simply a bad game. The texturing is laughable, the clipping issues are epic, the fall damage paradigm is sheer lunacy, the combat mechanics are a joke, there's nothing to do, and no reason to do it.

    2. The zombies are an afterthought. This is not a zombie survival MOG; it's a PvP battleground with no leaderboards, standings, or rankings.

    3. Hacking is rampant, and not only do the devs not combat it, they are complicit in it, killing players for a laugh, handing out weapons and supplies to friends, and banning anyone who even slightly annoys them or talks smack about their game. If you are going to produce a steath/ambush-based PvP battleground game, you had damn well better police the radar, invulnerability, and ammo hackers.

    4. The company is blatantly dishonest about the game, claiming everything from multiple maps of 100-400 square kms, to skill systems, private servers, and a whole host of other features that simply are not present in the game. In reality there are no skills, and the only map available is only 25 square kms, and you only get that big of a number if you assume the character models are all 7 feet tall and walk 7 miles an hour. A more reasonable figure for the map is around 10 square kms, especially when you notice that a huge chunk of the map is actually inaccessable and unplayable.

    5. The company has stolen from numerous sources, everything from the wording of their EULA to supposed "screen shots" of gameplay to publicity images to splash screens that simple plagarize existing, recognizable sources. They are so lazy that they didn't even bother to steal from sources that no one would know about. The company is either entirely ignorant of copyright laws or doesn't care. Either way....bad sign.

    6. Pay to win, baby, pay to win. Pay for a starting weapon, because you will not find one soon after spawing in. Pay for supplies, pay for ammo, pay for starter armor, pay for respawns. And pay in real cash, no less. They spent more time coding the payment process than they did coding the zombie combat mechanics. And don't forget that when you die, probably to a hacker who is invisible, or using a rifle with unlimited range, or any of a dozen other I WIN hacks, all of the durable or cosmetic goods you bought with real money are instantly deleted. Who the hell ever heard of a game that deletes PURCHASED items as part of the standard death penalty, much less COSMETIC ones. This is not a game. It's an ATM machine for the developers.

  • eyceleycel rolling hillz, PAPosts: 1,334Member
    I wana buy it now after all thats happened just cause its funny the devs simply dont give a shit what everyone is yelling at them hahahha!


  • GishgeronGishgeron Princeton, KYPosts: 1,287Member


      Given what I've seen from the company in question...

      I'd say this is, pretty clearly, on of their team trying to do some quick PR cleanup.  While I realize that this would, in a normal company, be an obviously terribly way to do that...these guys have already proven they don't have the good sense god gave a snail when it comes to managing anything, let alone their own business and ethics.

      We here at MMORPG are very sad that your company is tanking from this debacle.  We all really would love a zombie survival MMO, and many had high hopes for you.  But there is nothing left to save.  You made bad choices, handled your players in a rude, unprofessional way, and lied about what you were selling.  And now the entire world knows, whether they even went looking for that information or not (I know I didn't, I wasn't even following your game and have heard nothing BUT this sheer stupidity for the last few days)

      You gotta know when to hold em, and know when to fold em gentlemen.  You've long past the time to walk away, its now time to run.


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