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Need help to find a new mmorpg to play for a long time

stened91stened91 KristiansandPosts: 6Member

As the title state`s i need help to find a mmorpg to play.


so here is my story:

i have been playing WoW sience its release and i love the game, but its become something elese that it was.. and almost everyone i play with right now is 14-16 years old. So i want to start playing something else.


I have just tried GW2, leveled to lvl 80.. took some dungeons. Its a good game, dont get me wrong.. but its not as imersive and massive as WoW. So i stoped playing gw2.


I have tried Age of conan, same as gw.. lvl max and stuff.. but there where so damn few players.


So i need help to find something else. 


This is what i like:

Good Graphics (not art style) but generaly good graphics, so the armor and weapons look good and detailed. 

Alot of players, does not have to be 12 milions.. but enough that you can still call it a MMO (massive) 

 I am a PVE guy so it have to be alot of PVE content. 

and alot of gear (weapons, armors) with diffrent style, kinda like wow. So when you see a person with kinda cool sword you think "Wow he have used alot of time and effort to get it" not like... ohh i have seen that sword before.. everyone that use 15 min in a dungeon have it. 

So if you know of a game i should try or you know of a uncut gem of a game that wil get better with time, please tell me


Thank you for you help 


  • VolkonVolkon Sterling, VAPosts: 3,788Member Uncommon
    How have you been liking Wintersday so far?

    Oderint, dum metuant.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Any from going back wow, sticking with gw2 or trying out tsw or rift.
  • TorgrimTorgrim GothenburgPosts: 2,088Member

    Check the forums more closly next time, there is a whole sub forum called LFGame

    If it's not broken, you are not innovating.

  • mindw0rkmindw0rk St-petersburgPosts: 1,352Member Uncommon

    Here are top picks:

    The Secret World. Amazing graphics, story, quests, dungeons and characters. Imho the best PvE MMORPG atm. But it wont make you busy for years, you can do everything in few months.

    EQ2 - one of the biggest MMORPGs in amount of content and things to do. Even surpasses WoW. Will take you years to see most of it.

    LoTRO - nice game even if you're not Tolkien fan. Very long main storyline, many dungeons on the way. Quite alot of things to keep you busy.

    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes  - still one of the best open world PvE MMORPGs on market with deep crafting and diplomacy systems. But it lacks population sadly

  • TheeLordTheeLord Northbrook, ILPosts: 138Member Uncommon
    Rift might be your best bet if you really want wow, but different etc... Fun game

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  • SomeOldBlokeSomeOldBloke Lancaster, UKPosts: 2,167Member Uncommon
    To echo what someone else said, Rift or TSW would be two good choices.
  • iamrtaiamrta your momsPosts: 164Member Uncommon

    Lord of the Rings Online. Yule Festival going on atm also.

    Just started TSW myself. LOVE it.

  • stened91stened91 KristiansandPosts: 6Member

    TSW does not have alot of diffrent armors and weapons. They have some weapons, but not alot. 

    Lotro looks cool and i love Lord of the rings movies, but kinda outdated graphics.

    Rift looks cool, i am downloading it now

    Everquest 2 looks HUUUUGE, but the graphics look cluncky and gliched. 


    what about Terra? anyone tryed that? 

  • OldTimeGamerOldTimeGamer ReadingPosts: 87Member

    If you want variation in appearance and plenty of PvE then have you considered Champions Online?

    You're work on appearance is mainly upfront as you work with a massive character costume/appearance editor that allows you to make a cool, unique character by good taste and design choices rather than repeating adventures for rare drops. You even start with sufficient in-game otherwise-would-pay-for currency to allow one complete re-design.

    The PvE environments are huge, so huge that exploration is possible and locations can be hidden.

    There are plenty of players and I've seen a lot of people work through the content as teams.

    It is well-written and you can take mulitiple paths through the quests and zones or just get to sufficient level and deal with just the alerts, which auto-group you into superhuman teams.


  • stened91stened91 KristiansandPosts: 6Member
    I whould try it, but its only costumes? no armor sets or waepons?
  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Tsw dies armour differently. The things that improve your stats are hidden items like rings, talismans and chakras.

    Clothing is purely cosmetic, you start with the clothes you equip on your new character, you can buy clothes in game from stores in the cities, you can buy clothes for real cash in the cash shop, you get clothes for filling out the inner skill wheel for each weapon and finally you get clothes for filling out the skill wheel templates.

    Weapons do drop from dungeons and usually have a look that corresponds to the given dungeon, e.g. orochi group favoured weapons from polaris, demonic looking weapons from hell raised.

    But... with crafting you can take the look of one weapon and apply it to another. E.g. you have a shotgun from hell raised and you like the look,but later you earn a better shotgun from pvp, you can dismantle the hr shotgun and apply its skin to the pvp one.
  • rainmournrainmourn Posts: 38Member Uncommon

    If you have a good gaming rig, I highly recommend Rift. Graphically excellent, astonishingly detailed armor (chainmail that actually shows teensy links! =) and PVE-centric with plenty of PVP if one chooses to participate. Rift did begin as a faction based game, but now both factions can group and guild and play together. The two sides' guards haven't gotten the memo, but they're easy enough to dodge while you enjoy the company of the opposite faction.

    While there's only four archetype classes to select, each class can be played a myriad of ways. For example, my mage is a chloromancer, a healer that can do a very decent amount of damage while having high survivability. A warrior can play as ranged if they wanted, or as a pet class. A rogue can tank, a cleric can melee--from the various souls that can be combined into the three active for your character's role, the classes feel very unique and malleable to suit any playstyle.

    Recently Trion added a nifty take on player housing. There are entertaining seasonal events, a dynamic shifting of constant activity across every zone, and a too-fun-for-words collection mini-game of artifacts that sprinkle the landscape with Shinies! The Rift mobile ap (which can be played on your pc via a program called Bluestacks) also adds a fun freebie chance at loot every hour.

    As a former WoW player who loathed the direction that game veered off to with its CRZ and snide devs, finding a game like Rift doing everything better than WoW was a pleasant surprise and a reason to be excited about MMOs again. 

  • WicoaWicoa LondonPosts: 1,637Member Uncommon
    Hmm have you thought about Anarchy Online after it gets its graphics update.
  • BadSpockBadSpock Somewhere, MIPosts: 7,974Member

    Rift is probably your best option - but after you play Rift for a while you'll probably just want to go back to WoW, at least such has been my experience.

    I found a way to beat the WoW-burn out blues - reroll a new character on a new realm and choose to play differently!

    Don't quest hub grind, don't dungeon grind, don't PvP grind... just a little of each for sure. Like do a few matches of PvP till you get your daily bonus reward from a win than move on. Do each new instance you unlock once to do the quests don't farm them. Do a quest zone when you reach certain milestones - like level 40 if you get to wear a new armor type or at the expansion threshholds (58/68/78).

    But focus on crafting.

    Try and keep your 6 professions kept up to your level - Primarys (good bet to pick two complimentary like Blacksmith/Mining) and then Archaeology, Fishing, Cooking, First Aid.

    You get really good XP and $ from Archaeology, opportunity to find gathering nodes and combat at the same time.

    You also get really good XP from gathering professions now.

    Combine that with the exploration XP you'll get when finding gathering nodes and archaeology sites - it's a fun way too level.

    Sure, it's a bit slower, but it's honestly more fun. There are fishing and cooking dailies in all of the capital cities I think - another source of XP.

    Though I know in Rift you can play in the same way but not getting XP from gathering and something like Archaeolgy is a big risk as you'll rely entirely on kills and the occassional Rift.

    I'm level 60 on my new Human Warrior and focused heavily on getting the entire Imperial Plate set and some of the lvl 60 PvP weapons (2H and 1H/Shield) so with Transmog I look totally super cool lol.

  • OldTimeGamerOldTimeGamer ReadingPosts: 87Member

    If you were talking about Champions Online then yes, there are weapon sets and armour.

    The weapons and armour you can see on a character you design yourself, what you collect and use (to make you more powerful) are actually hidden except for their effects.

    This keeps with the superhuman genre, which actually suits MMOs pretty well.  You appreciate the scope of the game when you can jump through, or fly over, huge terrains only to be continually drawn in by interesting details.

    There are also excellent touches, like where the populace take the time frequently to thank you for saving their city.

    When I discovered this game I was very pleased I put aside my assault rifle of healing to play a better game.


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