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LF P2P - Tera? yea or nay

tony1420tony1420 Bronx, NYPosts: 12Member

 i haven't really gotten into an mmo in quite some time. Tera seems interesting, i just wanetd to know how do people feel about it,  is it worth playing.  There are two classes that appeal to me the most which are the slayer and lancer. I want to get into a p2p game again because f2p to me is a scam.

I say this because i do not have a problem spending money on a game but when i play f2p games i tend to spend way more then i would for a p2p game, which is also fustrating as these f2p games have alot of randomness which can leave you feeling unaacomplished.

  I had played rift during the beta granted that it is most probable that was not enough time to decide if i like it or not the game felt like there was not much difference in classes where as most classes can tank or dps ect. Besides rift and tera only other p2p game that i know of are wow, eve, and..... thats it,  i am sure i am missing some or has the wave of f2p transitions been that strong

If you have any suggestions about other p2p games that would be appreicated.


  • ForeverdreamForeverdream burkesville, KYPosts: 94Member
  • IczerIczer Jita, MIPosts: 115Member Uncommon

    Heavy questing similar to WOW style, combat is more interesting than wow ... Terra makes you run around and such. I tried it but it felt too ingrained with themepark for me.



  • btraillbtraill Waterdown, ONPosts: 97Member

    Like others have said -- whilst it does have a unique combat system the overall "theme-park" is your generic cookie cutter MMORPG.


    Definitely a Nay.


    I would give GW2 a shot if you're looking for a "AAA" title with some good elements.

  • tony1420tony1420 Bronx, NYPosts: 12Member
    i have considered gw2 but when looking at what the game offers it looks as if it is mostly for competetive pvp just like its predecessor.  Don't get me wrong i love to pvp but that would be the sole reason to play it. I have never played it so i could be wrong but if you don't have the intention of doing competetive pvp the game would get boring rather fast.
  • WonderweissMWonderweissM gvile, FLPosts: 127Member Uncommon

    There are little camps you come across alot in tera, with like a couple of tents and a fireplace. Around this fireplace are some quest givers. They did this, and pretty much copy and pasted this across the map. You do the same exact quests with different monsters. When I say this, I mean there is at least 1 quest where you have to kill a lot of small creatures, a normal amout of medium sized creatures, and like 1 boss. There are times when npcs look and talk exactly like key characters in the game ( Only example I can think of is seeing other npcs that look and talk like Thrall in WoW.) Also, The dungeons are realitivly easy. 

    The combat and guild system were pretty good though. Your game will change if you are in a clan.

  • cooleechang1cooleechang1 Fresno, CAPosts: 23Member Uncommon
    I would suggest you to play Tera.  As of now its like 30$ for the game.  The combat will be the best combat system you will ever play in MMO.  Just like everyone said, level to max and there are a number of things you can do.  I also tried GW2 and didn't like it.  Tab target was a turn off after Tera, and the end game was about the same.  Only thing GW2 has better at end game is the PVP but Tera also has battleground.  Got to level 16 in GW2 and never looked back.  I would definitly play Tera butI don't like the direction the company is heading.  
  • WhitebeardsWhitebeards TokyoPosts: 778Member


    Rift and EQ2 are only two MMOS worthy your sub fee.

  • VikingGamerVikingGamer Nowhere, TXPosts: 1,348Member Uncommon

    The questing is weak but not terrible. There are at least enough quests that you can level up easily. There is just not a lot of variety in them. But the strength of the game is in its combat. Give it a try, if you like the combat then stick with it. Get a character leveled up. Once you are at max level it only takes an evening or two to make enough cash to buy chronoscrolls to pay for your sub.

    Try the free trial. Be sure to play up to at least the low twenties and try grouping for BAMs and the Bastion of Lok instance. That will give you some good variety beyond the questing and be a good indicator if the combat is fun for you.

    All die, so die well.

  • Cstahler92Cstahler92 ormond beach, FLPosts: 93Member

    I wanted to love this game, but the combat cna really only save it so much.

    1. Questing is gawd awful

    2. Cinematics are terrible. It is like they spent no time on them. People don't consider it a problem, but when the lip sync up is worse than Kung Pow I find it as an issue.

    3. The politics in game are interesting, but it sucks when a Guild who disables everything screws you over.

    The combat is great though.

  • rraannddoorraannddoo Toronto, ONPosts: 1Member

    I had played Tera intensively when it launched. I would suggest not to get the game as it's very grindy even though it has good combat system, that's the only thing good about it.

    The leveling is very boring, as you pretty much just do many generic quest over again and again.

    The equipment customization is pretty good now, but some are ugly.

    PvP is pretty much better gear, higher level, = win. No matter how skiled, people with PvP gear will own you.

    The end-game is very poorly made, it's about roll dice on upgrading your weapon/armor, You can spend 5minute getting it upgrades or month.

    The end-game dungeons are repeative and it's very random drop and with dice rolling on items that might or might not be useful. I spent probably 1 week trying to get the chest armor, but the money I got from dungeoning, I could've bought like 20 of them. 

    I wouldn't recommand getting the game, as it's very poor designed. If the mechanic is put into a very good game design than it can simply be the best game. 

    The community isn't the best, as people are out for themselves a lot. For example, if a player is undergeared for a dungeon, people will kick you out in a heart beat, or if your new to the dungeon they don't bother explaining anything. People are pretty rude when they PvP. I won't say everybody is rude, but there are people who just stalk players or guilds 24/7. (though this can be apply to any mmo) 

    I have like 2 level 60's(max level) and a bunch of 40~50's. I played about 4 months. I probably spend 1 month trying to get my best twin sword(T13) to masterwork, which requires random chance. The amount of money I spend I can buy 3 of the same sword again.  I did not enjoy the time when I was playing, I kept thinking there was a light at the end of the tunnel: however, there was not.

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