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What would be a good blu-ray movie to show at my christmas gathering?

DzoneDzone bowling green, KYPosts: 371Member Uncommon

Hi. any recomendations of a good family movie to show at our upcoming party? Ther's gona be like 30 ppl, all ages. Im thinkin maybe a Pixar movie, or some classic christmas movie. Well technically half the ppl will not watch a movie, but still... I played avatar last time, parts of it kinda scared the little ones...


Guss i need a movie to keep the little ownes entertained, they tend to run around constantly, kinda distracting heh


  • LaserwolfLaserwolf Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 2,383Member

    Thinking through my Christmas favorites I would suggest maybe Jim Carrey's version of The Grinch. It's colorful and bright like a pixar movie, goofy enough to catch the kids' attention and the humor is something adults can appreciate too.

    Scrooged is always fun too but I guess it might be too dark for the kids.


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