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Anyone think the real reason...............

PaddyspubPaddyspub mcpherson, KSPosts: 104Member

...........that SWG got closed was because:

A> EA/BW didnt want it competing against its own SW mmo (and prob knew it would lose subs to it not to far out)?

B> Its contract with LA was due to end at the end of 2011 (not sure on this tbh)?

C> Really low sub numbers by 2011?

In my honest opinion, I think its A. And honestly I dont see why there could not be 2 SW mmos side by side. Some players might like the standard Wow-style themepark and others would like the most sandbox-style play. I think EA didnt want SWG taking any potential subs from SWTOR and "pressured" SOE to get SWG shutdown by SWTOR's launch. The fact SWG closed right on the day (or with a few days) of SWTORS EGA speaks volumes.

My 2 cents.

Tbe Repopulation will be what SWTOR shouldve been.


  • KenFisherKenFisher Northwest, INPosts: 5,035Member Uncommon

    My guess was one aspect of the decision would have been to avoid advertising confusion.  Huge money pumped into marketing by EA could have driven new players into SOE's SWG.  Obviously EA wouldn't want that since it would cut into profits.

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  • WalterWhiteWalterWhite CardiffPosts: 405Member Uncommon
    Or the fact that when many players realise that SWTOR sucks, they all migrate to SWG.


  • ReizlaReizla 3,880Member Uncommon

    George Lucas always had the final say in what happens to his Star Wars IP. My guess is that with BioWare having a commecially right MMO, SWG had to die to move their subscribers to SWTOR. With probably the SOE license about to end, this was the best oppertunity to loose SWG in favor of SWTOR.

    Much the same happened to the d20 pen-n-paper RPG that was introduced by WotC around the turn of the century. WotC had a far more superior Sci-Fi RPG (Alternity) but wanted to boost the d20 license sales by adding the SW IP to it's stable. Mr. Lucas then (probably) said that he'd grant WotC the license only if the (far more superior) Alternity system would be discontinued.

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  • PaddyspubPaddyspub mcpherson, KSPosts: 104Member
    Yea, after seeing how dissapointing SWTOR when it came out made me wish SWG was still around.

    At least there is The Repopulation to look forward (a successor of sorts, to SWG)

    Tbe Repopulation will be what SWTOR shouldve been.

  • ZyzraZyzra Madison, WIPosts: 354Member

    I didn't actually read any of what the OP wrote in his post.

    I just wanted to comment that the thread titles with a "to be continued......." bit of left off information are cropping up more often lately.

    I don't need a cliffhanger to get me interested in what a thread is about.  If you have to generate interest in people to get them to click your thread by leaving out the actual point of what your thread is about then I for one would rather not "find out next time on dragonball z"

  • IylzIylz Burgaw, NCPosts: 107Member

    SWG didn't get closed because of low numbers, SOE has games still running with less numbers than SWG. Somehow EA/LA had a hand in closing its doors.

    SWGEmu is actually getting close to releasing 1.0, it has been a long time in the works but the game is actually looking very good and I suspect within no time now there will be an actual release.

  • RaysheRayshe London, ONPosts: 1,278Member Uncommon
    If im not mistaken there was a Contract Clause that stated that there can only be one MMO that uses the starwars IP. this ment Sony needed to close SWG. I could be wrong its been a LONG time since i read that.

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  • PaddyspubPaddyspub mcpherson, KSPosts: 104Member
    Cool, will have to check out the SWGemu. Hope it works out and last a long time.

    Tbe Repopulation will be what SWTOR shouldve been.

  • SwaneaSwanea Vegas, NVPosts: 2,366Member Uncommon
    It's a combination of these reasons and others.
  • KarteliKarteli Providence, PAPosts: 2,646Member
    Originally posted by Swanea
    It's a combination of these reasons and others.

    Aye, it's a combination.


    Officially, EA / Lucas said something along the lines that they felt there would be confusion if there was more than 1 Star Wars MMO.  Citing that someone might buy the wrong game, thinking it was the latest and greatest.  When they said that though, it didn't seem like they had any confidence in the abilitiy of their fans heh.


    Rumor had it that Lucas was letting SOE slide with the license fee, and he wasn't thrilled to keep letting that go on.  Prior to SWG's closure announcement, subscriptions were lower than after the announcement... Lucas's cut was probably the standard greed fodder that put SWG out of business (SWTOR analysts say Lucas takes 35% of the profits, for example, which is insane).  There are many rumors, though.


    Then again for all anyone knows, part of SWTOR's $300 million budget was to bribe Lucas into shutting down SWG so EA could have a monopoly on the Star Wars MMO market.  What would it take ... $5 million .. $10 million?  Maybe it wasn't even money ...

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