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[Preview] Marvel Heroes: Clicking with the Beta



  • therain93therain93 Winthrop, MAPosts: 2,039Member Uncommon
    edit -- oops double post.
  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Anderson, InPosts: 2,879Member Uncommon

    The game will not make it.


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  • wildtalentwildtalent Huntsville, ALPosts: 380Member Uncommon

    If you are a fan of Marvel Comics and a fan of Action RPG's this looks like a winning combo.  But  if not...well let's just say this won't be a game for everyone.


  • RazeeksterRazeekster GlobPosts: 2,589Member Uncommon
    This game looks like poo pooed on some more piles of poo poo piled onto a bunch of poop.


  • DashiDMVDashiDMV Not Saying, QCPosts: 362Member

    Over the past couple years I have seen worse and worse games get more and more praise from

    Guess $$$ talks.

    Yeah without a character creator, this holds very little appeal personally.  I could see people playing it as a fun game in spurts but long term I think games like City of Steam will hold more appeal for the Diablo-style genre.


  • Originally posted by omidus
    Just because the dev worked on Diablo 2, doesn't mean he still know what sells. Graphical fidelity is mediocre and animation from whats out there on Youtube is horrible. If this game has a monthly fee it'll fail just like SWTOR and TSW.

    its going to be f2p with cash shop

  • troublmakertroublmaker St. George''s, NFPosts: 337Member

    This actually reminds me a lot of the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends (1 and 2).  These were both fun and exciting games to play and played even better with two players.

    I would be very weary about a cash shop being implemented into the game.  As an example will premium weapons be for sale?  Will certain upgrades only be available to those who pay?  Or will the cash shop be booster packs and content packs?

    I'd like to see exactly what they're selling before I play.  I don't mind spending $60 on a great game... but I'm not going to spend $300 over a year, forget that.

  • kaungstkaungst Gotham City, NYPosts: 28Member
    Barezz... its on ps3. And its actually the best option for a superhero mmo. Champions is horrible. COX was great, and NCSOFT made a big mistake IMO. We will see if this one fairs. If it plays like D3 I will however
  • gaeanprayergaeanprayer Somewhere Out There, PAPosts: 2,335Member Uncommon

    Game is actually a lot of fun, the improvements they've made are amazing. The original iteration was very shallow, but now there are multiple trees so that how you level your hero ends up unique to you. It feels very Diablo 2, through and through, with the exception being you're playing Storm instead of an ice Sorceress, Deadpool instead of a javelin Amazon, and so on. Honestly I never got that into D2, it was an alright game but there were a few nagging annoyances that kept me from playing it again once I finished it. The improvements here really round out the gameplay.


    What remains to be seen however, is how expensive the game is. There are a lot of heroes to start and more to come, provided they aren't overpriced, I think the game will be fine. If I can buy 3-4 heroes with what I'd spend on a sub fee, I'll be happy.

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  • lorewiselorewise Nompton, OKPosts: 17Member
    Vorthanion It's also because the guy who basically created Diablo is now working on this game.
  • saerdrylxsaerdrylx Aix-en-ProvencePosts: 4Member Common
    i hope i ll not reach the max lv in 3 weeks :(

    best regards

  • RaysheRayshe London, ONPosts: 1,278Member Uncommon
    If they keep up alot of content to plow though the game can be fun. However the obvious statement is that its not a MMO. but hey Ultimate Alliance was a fun game. But for success this game needs to be constantly releaseing content.

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  • SouldrainerSouldrainer Elmer, NJPosts: 1,857Member
    Looks way better than Diablo 3.  No $70-$100 price tag.  No RMT auctions.  Staying true to an IP from start to finish... Yeah... I predict a good game (maybe 7 or 8 /10), but at least it will be better than D3.

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  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare
    Well it is good to see a new term being used, Action MMO, this is not a MMO in the true sense of the word. It also seems to be aimed very much at the teen market, that is the demographic all MMO's seem to be catering more to.

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  • RaekonRaekon AugsburgPosts: 553Member

    Even thought I liked the Marvel UItimate Alliance 2 game in my playstation console, I think that for a mmo, something in the style of CoH/CoV would had worked the best.

    DC Online will never beat CoH/CoV in its in game systems, mission architect among many other things and a Marvel game of that style won't ever beat it either.

    I understand the background of item shopping the heroes, the heroes will sell after all alone because of two facts:

    - addictive cause everyone wants to have some and collection through the people that want to have them all

    - diversity since no one will stick to one hero

    The game looks as a mix of ultimate alliance 2 and diablo 3.

    The system behind it looks like Lost Saga (buy our new hero) with the difference that Lost Saga doesn't sell stats based stuff.

    As long as it stays PvE only though, they shouldn't have issues with the stats of the spenders being higher then the stats of the "no-spenders".

    If they involve PvP at some point , all the balance will go to hell and people will start complaining and screaming "P2W" and the like though.

  • zellmerzellmer Fakesville, WIPosts: 442Member Uncommon

    Looked interesting, but if they have started a closed beta, it does seem like they're keeping it very small.

    Just a handful of previews so far without much word of mouth.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Reading RPSs hands on with the beta, it doesn't sound very promising.

    That said, early days.
  • Amphib_IanAmphib_Ian cayce, SCPosts: 170Member
    Originally posted by Kothoses
    Originally posted by Ilaya
    Looks nice. Tbh, after closing COX, having DC as "shit" (most ones said so), there is some room for this!! I could like an Diablo-with-Superheroes. IF it is NOT like D3 ofc. I am soooo looking forward to get my hands on it. Have it on my "for sure" list for a long time. Keep up good work Gazillon and let us in Beta plz :)

    DC isnt shit... also you should try it rather than going with what "Most ones said" especially on this site.

    i LOVE that he didn't even MENTION champions online LOLOLOLOLOLOL


    And yeah, DC is shit. Out of all my mmo playing chums (of which there are many and i trust them more than the forum lurkers on there exists unanimous consensus that DC failed in literally all respects to meet expectations. CoX was king, everything else bollocks, this marvel game being more akin to marvel ultimate alliance online adventures. which guarentees that it will be fun for a little while, then you realize you don't enjoy your fav heroes as much as you wanted to, that the ones you don't like as much are way better somehow, yadda yadda yadda, not an mmo.



  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Webster, MAPosts: 4,775Member Uncommon

    The game looks great, it does need some polish but overall the game looks good. With that said though I think they are making a huge mistake going the f2p route and not the buy to play route. This is one of those games that almost demands it. 

    F2P is going to drive many away from the title for no other reason than it's f2p. The bulk that will try it are those that do not intend on or simply can't afford to spend any cash on the title. Going buy to play would gain the title instant popularity, offering everything up front for a nominal fee and having simply cosmetic items on a shop would generate additional income. Gamers now days seem to have learned that old adage "You get what you pay for" so when a title is branded a f2p it usually isn't given a fair shake, unless a title really grabs me I auto pass on f2p titles myself. 


    Personally I am looking forward to the game though. 


    Edited to clarify: Just to clarify, because I feel clarification is needed, I am not interested in this title as a gamer. My interest in this title stems from my Comic Book side. 

  • NiquityNiquity Wesley chaple, FLPosts: 30Member

    Originally posted by officialfive
    Why can't some American developers get things right. This game looks bad.


    Lol you silly non-american if not for most of the american gameing development and the massive succses the american gameing develpoment team has brought to the industry you would not have games hafe as good as games like this to even play. AKA games made out side the US. american games have if you will, fast forwarded the speed at witch game advance. because of the large amount of money they have been pulling in.

  • dipesh01dipesh01 LondonPosts: 3Member

    This game is getting on my nerve, i have anticapated this game ever since the game got cancelled 9 months ago... Yes i have waited 9 months for this game and now still waiting for a beta key.

    It ticks me off though that you people are judging this game without actually trying it. I agree with the whole DC universe crap and i understand that all current super hero games have been dissapointing.

    But the fact that you have to take a survey, and wait for another 2/3 months for a beta key. I wake up every morning to check if i got a beta key in the morning. it so piss taking that there are no new games in the market. I am talking about F2P's in general...

  • Quizar1973Quizar1973 Harold, KYPosts: 83Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by NaughtyP
    How is this an MMO? Just sounds like an instanced onine action game with a non-instanced quest hub commons.

    Becuase MMO is Massive Multiplayer Online.....Multiple player's ARE playing one the same Server...The review said it was wierd to see SEVERL Wolverine and Spider-men running around...That means Multiple people on one server...And its Online...So there ya go...MMO

    ...PS....Its not as Instanced as people are saying on here... Some people need to play the game before giving there own Review about it
  • CancrizansCancrizans Newton, NJPosts: 4Member
    The superhero MMOs that have come out in the past few years have left me pretty disapointed. This is a genre with a LOT of potential, as City of Heroes proved to a fair degree. In fact the almost infinite customizations and choices a Superhero type character development can provide makes it the perfect choice for an all-out, large scale, incredibly deep MMO...if a company were willing to put their money up and stop toying around with all this half-assed crap they've been throwing at us. Champs could have been a good game...they got a lot about the combat and skill choices right, but there was never enough content and the F2P model throws the best part of the game, the free templates out the window. I haven't played DCUO all that much, but I hear it can't hold interest for long. I was REALLY hoping for the definitive Superhero MMO from the Marvel license but these tools just flushed that possibility down the toilet with this Diablo-style nonsense. Ugh, I honestly think game developers have no clue what players actually want, no matter how well they think they do.
  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare
    Originally posted by Souldrainer
    Looks way better than Diablo 3.  No $70-$100 price tag.  No RMT auctions.  Staying true to an IP from start to finish... Yeah... I predict a good game (maybe 7 or 8 /10), but at least it will be better than D3.

    Blizzard would never let the public see a game with such horrible animations.  I can't judge the rest until playing it though.

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