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is darkfall uw an mmoRPG or is it fantasy team fortress?



  • GravebladeGraveblade UKPosts: 439Member Uncommon

    I am not surprised considering the ignorance attached to what people believe a sandbox mmorpg "should" be. Too many people get the definition wrong, they throw in common mechanics of past sandbox games into the analogy but some of these mechanics are not actually required in a game for the analogy to be acceptable.

    I also would not be surprised if Aventurine want to get away from the argument as people will argue if one of these mechanics are different, people might even say Aventurine are giving misinformation if you see what I mean.


    I do not know much about lineage 2 but from what I gather about it, it is very similar to a sandbox and perhaps the definition could be used. I think my definition holds up to any past sandbox game and the main points raised are the main points of what makes a sandbox mmorpg a sandbox mmorpg.

  • deathshrouddeathshroud londonPosts: 1,366Member
    Originally posted by Nemesis7884
    well yea, thats the dont have classes or progression, only roles, which have a fixed amount of skills and which you can switch into at will/need.... so are there any individualization / rpg apsects of the game? some kind of story, progression etc? or is it just a combination of a moba/team fortress game if you will...?

    darkfall has some of the best pve to be found in an mmo imo, so it isnt only pvp. But pvp is always a threat, go into a dungeon and theres always the chance oyu will run into another party who will kill you.


    You cant play DF without taking part in pvp and being active with it, but pvp is not the only thing to be had.



    as far as player customisation, its very limited, there is good loot to be found but most of the best stuff is crafted by other palyers. the crafting system itself is no more indepth than your typical themepark mmo. the options on char creation at least in DF1 are minimal.


    in df uw, you do have classes, depending on the armor you wear determines the class you will be, but you can become any class provided oyu put the time in to level the skills and aquire the appropriate equipment.


    if you are after something with more defined roles but on a similar vein you could try Mortal Online which recently went free to play. But for me i will be playing DF UW because i enjoy pvp as well as the odd bit of pve.

    there are 2 types of mmo, imitators and innovaters.

  • MelkrowMelkrow St. Louis, MOPosts: 278Member
    Originally posted by Rohn
    Originally posted by corpusc
    lol.  an arena.   the launch size of Darkfall's world dwarfs pretty much every AAA MMO other than Vanguard.  completely uninstanced.


    And the sole purpose of that prefabricated world is for people to fight over it.

    And nothing else.

    There is still zero sand in the box.

    It's a clan warfare game, and nothing more.

    So much ignorance about this game, no wonder it's not mainstream.  AV really does step up their marketing and educate the ignorant masses.


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