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Faction weapons in Planetside - did SOE even spend time balancing this game?



  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Careful war you'll end up getting accused of hacking or paying to win :D
  • EnerzealEnerzeal WarringtonPosts: 326Member

    I haven't bothered to read your entire thread complaining about balance, I stopped when I realized you hadn't done any actual research for your self. The part I stopped at was "Vanu have virtually no bullet drop" - it is not virtually no bullet drop, they have zero bullet drop, their bullets do less damage at advanced ranges, which balances them out nicely. The NC have terrible CoF, and recoil, but they also pack the most punch per round into their victims. Their snipers enjoy the most strength over distance. The Terran Republic enjoys faster fire rates, they also have bullet drop, and sit in a less extreme place, lots of bullets, more bullet drop than NC, weaker at range.

    Magrider, yes it is powerful because it can strafe, has incredible control, but the NC can also engage an invuln field, the TR has the weakest tank by far, it's deploy mode speeds up RoF.

    Do more research before you come on the forums complaining that the game has terrible balance, this is an uneducated post.

    Okay I read further in because I wanted more points to state were wrong.


    Vanu starting sniper rifle 10 shot semi auto - 2-3 bullets to the face, 3-5 to the body.

    TR sniper is the exact same.

    NC sniper rifle is a bolt action 1 shot to the head, 2 to the body. Regardless.

    There are plenty of videos of NC players cleaning up shop, it's not that they are incredibly talented, which they are talented, don't get me wrong. You say you are talented, the play style is just wrong obviously.


  • EnerzealEnerzeal WarringtonPosts: 326Member
    Originally posted by charlizd
    Originally posted by Rhoklaw
    Originally posted by Ikeda
    @Teala... Very rarely are you and I completely of opposite opinions but seriously... Damage: Time To Kill: Weapon Data :   P.S.  Devs have acknowledged in the forums that NC does infact suck though.  Vanu have no bullet drop.  TR have fast reloads.  NC is supposed to be slow and powerful but it kinda fails. P.P.S.  2 NC medic gold medal guns.  Woot woot!  :-)

    If that information on Weapon Data is even remotely accurate, then we sure have a lot of aimbot using TR on my server cause they sure seem to 1 shot, 1 kill me with sniper rifle where as I need 2-3 shots. Yes, I know headshots are 1 shot, but I never and I mean NEVER take more than 1 hit from TR snipers.

    Aimbots are only part of the problem.

    TR can buy a bolt action, several infact that can do the exact same thing. All of the factions can.

  • ShadinShadin StockholmPosts: 294Member Common

    I haven't really felt NC to be underpowered (playing Vanu, by the way), as I frequently get massacred by their max units, long range shooting (not snipers), snipers and run over by their tanks.

    BUT... There must be something wrong as they rarely own more than a quarter of the map. I'd say it, to me, seems fairly balanced though. Doesn't mean it's perfect however.

    That said, I think, as stated, aimbotters have been a huge problem for them. From what I've experienced on my server (Miller) there were a ton of aimbotters (not so bad now though), mainly on TR. And most of those that weren't on TR were on Vanu. This led to me, even as Vanu, feeling incredibly underpowered in the beginning - until I understood why. :P

    Not saying this is the reason, obviously something is wrong since I don't want to believe NC players just whine more than others.

    NC doesn't suck, imo, but it's obvious there is a problem of some sort - and it needs to be fixed.

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