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[Poll] Which of these MMO would you choose to play if remade with updated graphics?



  • OnomasOnomas USAPosts: 1,130Member Uncommon

    Lot of good games out there you are missing on your poll.


  • NobleNerdNobleNerd Wolcott, NYPosts: 755Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by XAPGames
    For me that answer is easy, UO.   I don't have any issue with WoW's graphics.  It's the direction they've taken with gameplay that has me feeling alienated.

     I feel the same way. It was not the graphics that ruined it for me with WoW. It was Blizzards constant changing of the talent trees and it's carebear approach to gameplay. I also have to throw the pandas into the mix (I know this has been commented to death). I know there are cows and other creatures in the game that are playable, but for me having a bunch of pandas running around just did it for me.

    Ultima 2.0 or something would be great to see. In the old days it was a great concept and design. If they could rebuild it with modern graphics and gameplay/combat it would be a definate buy for this old time gamer.

  • PokemonTrainerRedPokemonTrainerRed BrightonPosts: 373Member Uncommon

    Tabula Rasa.

    Or if they just brought back Tabula Rasa I'd be happy.

    General British shall return!


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