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Does EverQuest2 have any pvp focus?

Imperator101Imperator101 Toronto, ONPosts: 131Member

I have been told that EQ2 is mainly a PVE game and you don't see PVP often, is this true?


Here is the list of servers, I know Nagafen is a PVP server but what other servers are pvp? Pvp is important to me so I hope to enter a world with a lot of open world pvp and frequent attacks on enemy capital cities.



  • KnyttaKnytta Corning, NYPosts: 360Member Uncommon
    No other PvP servers and on Naggy open world PvP is more or less dead, You can still have fun there but it is not what it was.

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  • Imperator101Imperator101 Toronto, ONPosts: 131Member

    Well then that settles it, I won't be playing this game. Open World pvp is still alive and thriving on WoW on realms like Bleeding Hollow and Emerald Dream, to bad though I really liked this games graphics and the npcs/player models look way better then WoW. Still, WoW can look great if you play on max settings along with the increased graphics macro and possibly a graphics mod. Good Ridance to EQ2, Lets hope Everquest Next revives the pvp.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    You don't get good pvp in a pve orientated game. Very few games get the pve / pvp balance right, probably daoc is the only game to manage it.

    If you want good pvp play a pvp focussed game like eve, planetside or darkfall.
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