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Best MMORPG you've ever played



  • RimmersmanRimmersman MonacoPosts: 885Member
    Originally posted by Rydeson
    Originally posted by rivetman13
    EQ1 If it was something my girlfriend enjoyed as much as I did, I would still be playing it. I find myself trying to get that rush I used to get from EQ1 back in the kunark era in other games and just have never been able to come close. Fondest memories, my favorite characters, most accounts haha. EQ1 wins hands down for me. There will only be 1 first love in MMOs and for me, EQ1 is it.

    I'm there with you..  EverQuest had almost everything I was looking for in a MMORPG.. 

    1. I loved the numerous races and starting points..
    2. I love the hybrid classes and class options..
    3. I love that I had to watch my weight allowance and inventory space
    4. I love that when you're in caves, you can't see shit unless you have a lightsource..
    5. I love that I had to buy food and drink and keep it in inventory..
    6. I love how the game was more focused on level and skills and less on gear (pre PoP)
    7. I love different languages.. I wish it was done a bit better tho..
    8. I love skilling up in swimming, tracking, foraging, sense heading (NO MAPS)..
    9. I loved that you actually had to find an unoccupied crafting station to use.. 
    10. I love that not every NPC vendor carried the same shit.. and loved that I could actually BUY stuff off NPC's that previous players sold to them..... 
    11. I loved corpse runs and death was actually something you wanted to avoid..
    12. I loved that you had to actually OPEN a door before entering a room or building
    13. etc etc etc.. This list could go on and on..

    Let's not forget being able to drop items on the ground and pick them up again,i used to hide items all over Norath.

  • WhitebeardsWhitebeards TokyoPosts: 778Member

    EVERQUEST 2. Best MMO iahve ever played.

    The sheer amount of content and features make it a complete MMO experince for me. Nothing has ever come close to it.

  • coretex666coretex666 PraguePosts: 2,973Member Rare

    1. Warcraft - 8 years and still playing. It is as successful as it is for a reason I believe. At this point, I take it as a good way how to relax after work...nothing serious. I am waiting for a good sandbox which would make me quit WoW.

    2. Lineage II (early chronicles) - Some people may object that the game was a terrible grind and they would not lie. However, some of the game mechanisms were really epic, for me.

    3. Knight Online - Someone stated this as the worst game they ever played. I enjoyed it a lot back then. Best AoE mob grind ever.

  • vendethvendeth Rome, NYPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    Everquest Online Adventures for ps2.. its the game that got me into MMO's.
  • GreymoorGreymoor ManchesterPosts: 802Member Uncommon

    Darkfall definately the best.

    Played WoW the longest when I was growing up.

    Darkfall Unholy Wars ??? To be seen.

  • MagnetiaMagnetia SydneyPosts: 1,012Member Uncommon
    Guild Wars 1 I think. WoW is a close second.

    Play for fun. Play to win. Play for perfection. Play with friends. Play in another world. Why do you play?

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    1 daoc
    2 eve
    3 planetside 2
  • herculeshercules lancashire,blackpoolPosts: 4,893Member Uncommon
  • TuyetTuyet Marietta, GAPosts: 135Member

    EQ1 before SOE ruined it and Ryzom, played both for 6+ years.

    edit note :: didn't actually play EQ1 for 6 years before SOE ruined it but did play EQ1 for 6 years, hehe.

  • GN-003GN-003 NA, HIPosts: 78Member
    Well, my favorite MMORPG of all time is Mabinogi.
  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Anderson, InPosts: 2,883Member Uncommon

    " EverQuest II "


    " Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Those Who  Would Threaten It "
  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen USA, GAPosts: 2,451Member Uncommon

    My favorite would have to be 3 mmo's. They were all my favorites.

    1. Ultima Online
    2. Asheron's Call
    3. Dark Age of Camelot (PRE-TOA)


    What happens when you log off your characters????.....
    Dark Age of Camelot

  • defector1968defector1968 Nar ShaddaaPosts: 428Member Uncommon


    the huge storage and decoration option and the trillion collections from easy to super hard to earn

    the deepest crafting system, the player vendors....

    i can continue for days with it.

    its negative was the little content, and that was the only 1


  • KaosLegionKaosLegion BrisPosts: 65Member Uncommon

    Have to say WoW in its prime it was very engaging and met a bunch of good people. Much like OP TBC to cata primarily.

    And regardless of all the failcom out there AoC and TSW (still sub for both). Tortage after 2 or 3 runs sucks btw i couldnt stomach the whole game being that way. These games def come down to having decent people to play with.

    But originally and before i had been awakened to a real MMO, Martial Heroes. Click to move, spam combos, spam pots swarmed by enemies .01xp per kill at half level cap..........did that for 12 months (2003-2004) 

    What would make me grin..... Dark Souls, mmo format with open world

  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Somewhere, NCPosts: 1,592Member Uncommon

    In order:

    1. City of Heroes
    2. Vanilla WoW
    3. Mines of Moria LotRO


  • MrMongoose30MrMongoose30 Eatonville, WAPosts: 10Member
    Not sure its a "MMO" but my favorite online experince was NVW1, Never before have I been as invested in my char as in neverwinter.
  • ScellowScellow Posts: 164Member Uncommon
    Conquer 2.0 the first 3 years
  • SinsaiSinsai Reno, NVPosts: 341Member Uncommon

    DAoC for me. 

    It was the only MMO where I wanted/couldn't wait to log into every single day.

    Until ToA hit, which was the ONLY reason I left(to play WoW beta).


  • HardangerHardanger Appleton, WIPosts: 226Member

    RuneScape was my first, and many aspects of it are still my ideals.  

    GW1 was the one I had the most fun with.

    WoW is good quality, if a bit shallow, and I keep coming back to it.

    LotRO is probably the over-all best, though it's starting to feel dated.


  • ThornrageThornrage Eastern North CarolinaPosts: 648Member Uncommon

    Of all the ones I have played, 4 stand out.


    4 - City of Heroes - Excellent group play and the character creation was top notch.


    3 - World of Warcraft - First MMO I raided in. Was not in a hard core raiding guild, but one that was serious yet fun. Became a main tank for the guild and just had tons of fun. WotLK killed it for me.


    2 - Age of Conan - The combat was just plain awesome and the raiding was the best I have ever been a part of. Most of that was due to the fact I was in a very fun guild.


    1 - SWG Pre-Cu - My first MMO ever. Was convinced by my friends to try it and finally I downloaded the trial and was playing eery night until the NGE killed it for me. The open world, doing quests that I wanted to do, hunting Jedi, decorating my house with the trophies I aquired. No MMO since has given me the full immersion that SWG did. I stomached CU (Combat Upgrade) but the NGE was a deal-breaker. I do believe I would have stayed a long time. I loved raiding Rebel cities and hunting Jedi.



    "I don't give a sh*t what other people say. I play what I like and I'll pay to do it too!" - SerialMMOist

  • AadienAadien Roseville, CAPosts: 220Member Uncommon
  • lqw6843128lqw6843128 burnaby, BCPosts: 39Member Uncommon
    Wurm Online.
  • HarafnirHarafnir VikingvillePosts: 1,332Member Uncommon

    Anarchy Online.

    The only game so far where you could plan for days, read different spreadsheets and sit with a calculator to put on your boots.

    "This is not a game to be tossed aside lightly.
    It should be thrown with great force"

  • slickbizzleslickbizzle Matthews, NCPosts: 464Member

    Played time: I'd have to go with Warcraft. Kept me subscribing for a lot of years.   

    Game play: DCUO

    Graphics: I loved Aion.






  • LazzaroLazzaro chicago, ILPosts: 546Member Uncommon

    1. SWG
    2. UO
    3. Vanilla WoW

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