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Salvation Recruiting Mature Players! (Recruitment vid)

PhaedreadPhaedread west valley, UTPosts: 27Member

Recruitment Video -

Short And Sweet Recruiting -
Come play, have fun, and enjoy the game with us! Kill, loot, have events, craft, anything and everything.
Apply at

Awesome Detailed Recruiting-

Out of chaos and darkness we came together to form a united front. We are Salvation, loyal men and women of the lands of Agon, joined together to stand against the ever growing evils plaguing our lands. We strive for power, we reach for excellence, we settle for nothing but the best. There is no challenge we fear, no battle we turn from, no foe too powerful to overcome.

Our Background and Definition
Coming together near the end of Darkfall 1.0 several members of similar mind, direction, and attitudes forged a clan with the goal of making a home where both new and veteran players could co-exist and grow stronger. House of the Dragonbound began to carve a niche for ourselves, taking holdings and gaining a degree of respect on the battlefield. Our open nature allowed us to draw upon the inherent strengths of one another, providing a successful formula we hope to carry over into Darkfall: Unholy Wars.

sal·va·tion [sal-vey-shuhn]
1. the act of saving or protecting from harm, risk, loss, destruction, etc.
2. the state of being saved or protected from harm, risk, etc.
3. a source, cause, or means of being saved or protected from harm, risk, etc.
4. deliverance from the power and penalty of sin; redemption.

The typical Salvation member is the "hard-core casual" player who is dedicated to the pursuit of success in an online game, but at the same time has a real life and real responsibilities.

The hard-core aspect of Salvation is that our ideal member is a person who is serious about gaming, but also knows the importance of real-life. If you intend to log in once a week on a Saturday night, ignore our mumble server, spam "someone plz help" into clan chat before trying things yourself - move along because we are not for you. We do not want players who beg others daily for weapons, runes, regs, or rare ores. We are not a place for whiners and lazy asses. Our members strive to be the best that they can be by going beyond the basics and pushing themselves to reach their goals - both solo and together with the clan and alliance. Our members log into mumble and the website when clan interaction requires it. Likewise, they also know when to shut up and follow the seige / PvP leader when required.

The casual aspect of Salvation means that our ideal member has real-life obligations and will not sacrifice these responsibilities for virtual ones by being chained to the computer. We will not require you to do entry duels, solo a psycho mob to prove your superiority, or craft 100 rank 50s for the clan bank. We will never judge a player by their gear, or the number of skills they have surging - all we ask is that the person behind the character has a good head on their shoulders and a desire to improve themselves. Salvation is a group of friends, only instead of watching television, going out to the club, or Facebooking one another, we gather together and play Darkfall.

Salvation Clan Goals and Member Benefits
1. Have quality players who want to be a part of a clan that has true goals, direction, and a focused leadership, but without the pressures of elitism - this is a game, not your second job!
2. Push hard into Darkfall 2.0, take a holding or two, and make a name for ourselves
3. Be a place where veteran players can mentor and train new players, and provide gear and crafting support
4. PvP dominance - solo and team dynamics
5. Provide a place filled with clan activities, including PvE, dungeon farming, and small organized PvP trips
6. Provide an open forum for player guides, tips, and tricks for all interested

Real-life age of majority (18+)
Mumble Access (mic not required, listening is required)
Website Participation

1. We expect our members to be mature individuals - this means respecting each other as well as those not in our clan. Our mumble, forums, and clan chat is mature in nature and will not be heavily censored. A little teasing, and joking around should be expected. We will however not tolerate any racial, sexual, or otherwise retarded discrimination towards one another.

2. We expect our members to be honorable and wear our clan tag with pride and respect. We will have no reservations about removing douchebags, cry babies, or those that represent us in a poor light.

3. All clan politics and concerns are to be kept internal and not publicly aired. We have great officers who can handle almost any situation that may be required.

4. If you join our clan, you should be visible - this does not mean you are required to say hi or hello everytime you log in - but it does mean that you should be logging in. . .at least more than once a week, visiting our website for up-to-date clan information and logging into mumble to let us know you're alive. We are casual HARD-CORE which means we actually do get things done.

5. We expect our members to have some initiative with their gaming - this means we expect you to have some knowledge about your character, and to be capable of using outside tools to your advantage. We will do some hand-holding - but you must be willing to do some things yourself too.............

For more information or to apply, visit our website at:


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