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Wanting to try but I need some opinions.

L0stL0st Indianapolis, INPosts: 77Member
I've never tried Tera at all, not even the beta even though I was invited. I've grown bored and want something new to try out and possibly stay with for long term. If TERA what' I'm looking for?


  • Reas43Reas43 New York, NYPosts: 297Member

    The only person who can legitimately answer your question is yourself.  They have an unlimited time free trial (if you're new to the game you can think of it almost as a F2P version till level 28 due to the chat limits) until level 28.


    Here's the link and my advise to you is to use the link below the big blue rectangle called "download the full client" instead of using the streaming downloader. And while it downlads read the FAQ's linked in that page to learn about the limits of the trial.



    When I first tried TERA free during its beta I went in talking crap about it and days later was sold.  it just hit MY spot.  Many people, particularly in this site are not that much for it.  Just try it free and see where it takes you. 

    However . . . if you THINK you might be remotely interested right at this moment there's an amazing deal you might want to take advantage of while it's out.  You get a hardcopy from for $8.99.  That includes 1 full month of the full game and two gems that can be vendored for 2,000 gold.  2k gold for someone who is brand new and destitute in the game is simply amazing to use as startup funds to get your character established and make more money.  Also, in game chronoscrolls sell for 1500-1900 gold and they extend your sub by 30 days. 

  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    the combat is fun because it's different from the norm.  the questing is very very standard for a themepark mmo.  but as the poster above me stated.  try the free trail and decide for yourself.
  • L0stL0st Indianapolis, INPosts: 77Member
    I have bought the game and I am loving it so far! :-)
  • kevjardskevjards carlislePosts: 1,452Member Uncommon
    love the combat and the BAM'S in this game..only thing wrong with it is its all kill kill kill...if you can put up with that then you will enjoy it..i just subbed again for 1 month to see if anything has thing for sure its a beautiful game.
  • robarorobaro ribeirPosts: 9Member
    Can anione tell about how the microtransactions works on TERA?
  • Reas43Reas43 New York, NYPosts: 297Member
    Originally posted by robaro
    Can anione tell about how the microtransactions works on TERA?

    If you want to change your characters, name, appearance, race or sex you pay for a voucher you redeem in game.

    If you want some costumes (kinda lameish) they go for about $10 for a pack of 3 - presently they have swimsuits leftover from the summer event, as well as shades and now they have leotards for the ladies and tracksuits for the males.  They also have gymsuits for the ladies.  For the record, any in game outfit looks 100 times better than anything in the store and items are remodelable.

    Each class has an iconic weapon set (warriors dual wield swords, priests use staves etc), the store has 3 skin costumes for each class which are pretty lame except for the lancer one which I admit to purchasing. 

    All the above can also be bought for gold if you have the gold in game by Trade Broker.

    Holiday events have chances to drop some of the itmes of the store depending on the holiday.  Currently are the tracksuits, leotards, rudolph headbands and such, from critters through the world.  I'm making some gold from selling those at the broker.


    Anything else?  I gave you a link to their website on the other thread.  You can go see it yourself.  It won't bite.  I promise.

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