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Does Anyone Here Play On Emerald Dream Or Bleeding Hollow?

Imperator101Imperator101 Toronto, ONPosts: 131Member

I might come back to WoW, but I only will if  world pvp is alive again. With cross realm zones I guess world pvp is the same on all servers since each zone allocates an even number of alliance/horde between them, am I right? Still, some zones are not cross realms zones like capital cities. 

Both of these realms are the best pvp realms since they both have a high population and an almost even number of alliance/horde playing on them. The difference for both is less then 10,000.

Bleeding Hollow 

57,667 Alliance

63,736 Horde 


Emerald Dream 

64,615 Alliance 

55,210 Horde 


So for those of you who are on one of these realms, is there a lot of world pvp?



  • Imperator101Imperator101 Toronto, ONPosts: 131Member
    Comon, there has to be someone playing on one of these realms!

  • Imperator101Imperator101 Toronto, ONPosts: 131Member
    This thread must be a lost cause, but I hope for one reply.

  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon

    if the population is really that balanced i would guess yes.  5.1 put more emphasis on owpvp.  and 5.0 did as a whole.  i play on a very very very low pop server,  log in 3 days a month and can find owpvp.  a better place to ask might be either of those servers official forums.


    my characters are on Detheroc for what it's worth.  population 27k.


    Alliance Horde     ?       Total Pop.

    7,329 19,825 0.370 27,247
  • bizoux86bizoux86 Bangor, PAPosts: 85Member Uncommon
    I am levling a toon on Bleeding Hollow - at 86 now and have only seen 90's ganking in high questing areas.  Most people of the same level tend to ignore each other.  Supposedly there is WPVP at 90, but I can't say from personal experience...
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