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gonna be great

wfsurferwfsurfer memphis, TNPosts: 2Member

most fun i ever had in a mmo

caint wait for df2.0


  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 24,001Member Epic
    I think you are letting your enthusiasm get the best of you.

    On hiatus from EVE Online since Dec 2016 - Screw off-grid PVE boosting changes

    Pouring on extra "Salt" for 2017

    In my day MMORPG's were so hard we fought our way through dungeons in the snow, uphill both ways.

    Don't just play games, inhabit virtual worlds™
    "This is the most intelligent, well qualified and articulate response to a post I have ever seen on these forums. It's a shame most people here won't have the attention span to read past the second line." - Anon

  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOPosts: 2,712Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kyleran
    I think you are letting your enthusiasm get the best of you.

    Nah, that was just his first post. I predict great things for this one........

    I want a mmorpg where people have gone through misery, have gone through school stuff and actually have had sex even. -sagil

  • ZyzraZyzra Madison, WIPosts: 354Member

    I can't wait for Darkfall UW to come out, personally.  The sooner it comes out, the sooner people can start asking "Why did it flop"


    Hey anyone remember the old phrase "WAR is coming!!!"  Different game of course, but for some reason I don't hear much about that one anymore.  Guess WAR came, and went.

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