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Games you've lost interest in

SlyGamer79SlyGamer79 siesta key, FLPosts: 278Member

What was the last game or games you just lost interest in playing ?


for myself i'd have to say Diablo 3 & Guild Wars 2 i login to either one look at my characters and i just don't have it in me to play as much as i did when i first got these games. most mmo's i can sink in almost endless hours atleast in the first 3 months then it just goes downhill. 




  • stygianapothstygianapoth Oakwood, GAPosts: 185Member Uncommon

    league of legends

    diablo 3

    guild wars 2

    planetside 2

    world of warcraft

    world of tanks

    any game that is still in "open beta"


    so hard to find a good game these days..

  • AconsarAconsar Narvon, PAPosts: 262Member

    The last MMO was GW2.  I was on the hypetrain with a friend whom got me to look forward to it.  Played it for three days and just never found the will to log back in...  At least D3 I find myself going back to because the core gameplay was fun.

  • FromHellFromHell NY, NYPosts: 1,311Member

    D3 and GW2 as well.

    One and a half week of playtime in total until I was bored to tears.


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  • elockeelocke Manassas, VAPosts: 4,305Member Uncommon

    Recently it's been all of them except Lotro.  Of course I'm looking forward to future releases like FF14:ARR, Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls, but otherwise, I've found myself going back to console games for awhile.  Time to catch up on the Assassin's creed series, Saint's Row 3, devil may cry, lego games, Black Ops 2 and Sleeping Dogs.  That should be enough to tide me over to the next big MMO release.

    I think I'm partly burnt out on MMOs right now but I also think, these games like Rift, GW2, TSW and so forth really need to start adding new game systems and things that pull one into a game.  Call it the addiction effect.  It's what CCG games have, it's what fantasy football has, it's what older MMOs have.  It's that certain something that can pull you in and get you lost in a game and doesn't let go until you are ready to take a break. 

  • Ramonski7Ramonski7 Aurora, ILPosts: 2,661Member Uncommon
    Guild Wars 2. Every time I tell myself I'm going to play, I find a reason not to. Sad thing is I feel the game is forcing me to stay away. If that makes any sense. It's like trying to convince a otherwise pretty cool gal it's not you it's me.

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  • SlyGamer79SlyGamer79 siesta key, FLPosts: 278Member

    I dunno maybe i've just lost all interest in MMO's as a whole from a gaming aspect i've spent the past few months playing nothing but PS3 games after i picked up Borderlands 2 and got some DLC's for ME3 and other games.

    last few games i bought Borderlands 2, Dragons Dogma, and most recently Mass Effect 1 

    i've also been wondering what games on PC are out that could hook me like Skyrim did i have 819hrs in that game.

    maybe its something about freedom & open world style and lots of Mods ! MODS MODS MODS !!!! HAHAHAHA MODS !!!....anyways !.

    it seems like when i login i look at my characters maybe play alittle but we are talking 5-10 mins before i lose interest again maybe its because i also think about starting a new character but all the damned work i sunk into my existing characters is such a pain that its just too much to redo.

    Neverwinter & Elder Scrolls online look pretty good both great RPG series but not terribly sure how they will do classes if it will be make a character pick a race and class and your stuck with that or if you can switch races and classes whenever you want.


  • squalleonahasqualleonaha miss, ONPosts: 211Member

    FF14 is the first. i bought it and : interface is a mess, i see more number and bars than character action, no jumping, fighting is a stand still facing head on with mobs and SUPER SLOW. i quit after 1 month. log in sometime when it free to play but i see no improvement.  and now after i see FF14 ARR alpha questing and combat i decided let it go for good.

    then come the Diablo 3. bought it in May and enjoy the story for 1 month. then farm for another month and....quit. the only thing left is HEAVYLY GRIND. sry, my life is short so i moved on and havent touch it since.

    after saying good bye to DB3, i though i'm lucky when got GW2 in august. pvp was fun for first month, pve also fun for second month, the third month is......back to GRIND. what? and i though dev said in beta that they dont want to make player grind. then WHY are they adding ASCENDED GEARS/ACC.

    well, so this chrismast i think i'll enjoy things with family and maybe playing some console game.

    looking foward to the elder scroll online and Titan from blizz. but i dont think elder scroll online promise much because they have to scale it down to mmorpg, things will not be as good as skyrim.

    i had the feeling that develope nowaday only want to trick you buying the game and then they moving on game and trick you into buying it again.

  • BookahBookah Bar Harbor, MEPosts: 258Member Uncommon

    Sadly GW2, D3, Aion.

    I was realy pumped for GW2 but while i love the world of Tyria turns out it doesnt have staying power to keep me hooked on the gameplay.

    Anywho I resubbed to WOW and am checking out MOP and lvling some new toons, its been fun and i actually love the new talent system, so many new combo's to play with.


  • KenrichKenrich CAPosts: 109Member Uncommon
    I'll go with everything thats been released in the past few years image

  • Skooma2Skooma2 Glenview, ILPosts: 693Member Uncommon

    This list is comprised of games I liked a one time or another, but just don't play anymore.  With that caveat,  the last games I lost interest in are:


    LotRO: Used to play.  Took a pass on RoR.


    Skyrim: After 700 hours invested, it  was either put this one away, or get sucked into the game like some old Twilght Zone episode.


    The Secret World:  Excellent skill system.  SInce I'm altaholicit got repititious.

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  • hockeyplayrhockeyplayr Middlesex, NJPosts: 604Member Uncommon
    pretty much everything.  I am very picky and if I game doesn't grab me within the first couple hours I drop it no matter how much I paid for it.  It is for this reason I own wow, gw2, war, age of wushu, sto, aoc, eq2, dcuo, rift, tera, planetside 2, firefall, aion and probably more that I can't remember.  The only games to hold me for an extended period of time were runescape for 5 years, counterstrike 1.6 for a couple years, and war for 3 weeks.  Everything else ranged froma  couple hours to a week.  Guess I am the kind of person developers love, I buy the box and move on..
  • GazthSonikaGazthSonika Toronto, ONPosts: 20Member

    Mabinogi.  Ehh, it was fun for a while, but Nexon ruined that with their vast vast incompetence.



  • PhantasmagoriaPhantasmagoria Chicago, ILPosts: 63Member

    Perfect World T_T

    it's sad but questing and new clothes and tokens and cool dragon mounts... Im starting to get bored. The only reason why i go online nowadays was to take a screenshot of my characters and chat w/ my friends. PvP is not that interesting anymore either. 

    Also, Smite... maybe i just really didn't like the game in the first place.

  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,078Member Epic
     GW2 and it only lasted 4 days. 2 days of enjoying the game and 2 days of trying to make my self enjoy the game.
  • boxsndboxsnd Kraxton, ARPosts: 438Member Uncommon
    GW2 for sure. I expected WvW to be DAoC-like but instead all I got was a wintergrasp clone.

    DAoC - Excalibur & Camlann

  • DancingQueenDancingQueen LA, CAPosts: 201Member

    Star Wars the Old Republic and I really had zero issues with that game, I just lost all interest in playing it at about level 27-28.

    Pretty wierd and it had never happend to me before.... to be so neutral about a game.

  • KarteliKarteli Providence, PAPosts: 2,646Member

    Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic and the 2 most recent games I've lost interest in.  Very disappointing final products too for both games .. by all means both games should have been huge (beyond the hype).


    There are many other games I've lost interest in, with perhaps Battlestar Galactica being the quickest game I ever picked up and put down, scoring a total playtime of about 10 minutes.


    Some games I just lost interest in because of what it became over time, such as World of Warcraft.  That used to be a really fun and challenging / social game to rival EverQuest, but now it is but a shell of it's former glory.  EverQuest is actually looking more appealing to WoW (c'mon EverQuest Next!).

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  • KenFisherKenFisher Northwest, INPosts: 5,035Member Uncommon
    A single player space shooter called Darkstar  One.  Great space combat but it was the same missions over and over.  Never finished it, just couldn't bring myself to play it any longer.

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  • OmnifishOmnifish LondonPosts: 616Member

    GW2 and TOR recently.  I tried with TOR for quite awhile and I had some good times with it but the replayability was just not what I hoped for. GW2 I didn't expect much and while I think it had some good ideas, I was done with it after about three weeks as I didn't feel any connection with the world and became just bored of the combat.


    The quickest one ever? RF Online when that first released.  I made it about 7 mins into the tutorial and realised I'd made a terrible mistake :D

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  • IczerIczer Jita, MIPosts: 115Member Uncommon

    In my search to find something while I am currently in a lull in EVE Online I have given the following games a fair try and they failed to keep me engaged.

    Totally No Interest


    Wizardry Online

    Dungesons and Dragons Online

    World of Warcraft


    The Secret  World


    Still ok but atm I dont want to play

    EVE Online




    Fallen Earth

  • ThorbrandThorbrand West Palm Beach, FLPosts: 1,198Member
    Every game since WOW that only took two weeks to max out. No content no depth no customization.
  • KuppaKuppa Boulder, COPosts: 3,292Member Uncommon
    I'd say D3 was a pretty big dissapointment for me. And even though I loved DayZ for me it's a game best played with a friend and my buddy was too busy to play.



  • apocolusterapocoluster newport news, VAPosts: 1,326Member Uncommon

    GW2 was the last MMO ive totally gone dry on.  Tor went F2P i was back in a heartbeat...TSW went B2P was on yesterday...I doubt Ill ever go back to GW2.  Im not saying its bad or it sucked or it was fail...just something was missing.  I cant even figure out what it is.  The parts of GW2 are usually things I like but put togeather as a just wasnt happening for me.

    When I go home from work, im torn between WoT or TOR or TSW..but playing GW2 is never on my mind.  It unnerves me that I cant place whats missing for me with that game.  Ususally its so obvious...

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  • SiugSiug Posts: 1,223Member Uncommon
    Recently GW2. SWTOR before that.
  • KingJigglyKingJiggly Simpsonville, SCPosts: 777Member
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