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Looking for an mmo like Sword Art Online

ZertraxZertrax Elin PelinPosts: 8Member Uncommon
Hey guys! I've looking for an MMORPG like in the anime Sword Art Online. It could be like two of the games presented in the series. I've  wondered if there's an actual copy or a similar game to the anime, because the features look nice even though some of them seem a bit grindy. 



  • TweFojuTweFoju Saitama & Jakarta ( current )Posts: 1,089Member Uncommon
    all those F2P korean MMOS are the represent of SAO.. and no there is no real SAO MMO... there is the PSP version though coming out soon

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  • BetakodoBetakodo Poor land, FLPosts: 331Member Uncommon

    The kids are saying Wizardry Online is like sword art online. But I think they just want something like it. I haven't seen anyone else say any other games are like it.

    By the way, what's the name of the anime character in your avatar?

  • Segun777Segun777 Jade Dynasty Correspondent Lemont, PAPosts: 97Member

    Ahh Sword Art. Just watching the first few episodes is enough to make you remember why you love these games. Alas, we're still waiting for VR.


    Addendum: Ragnorok 2 looks like good simple fun plus its Free2Play, if you haven't played many MMO's. If you have maybe Tera or Guild Wars 2? They are both fairly solo friendly like the main character of the show.

  • ZertraxZertrax Elin PelinPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    Thank you very much. I've played Tera and looking to get gw2 in some time. I was just wondering if there are any like SAO, but hell we'll wait. I did play Wizardyoonline as well, and i was pretty dissapointed. The controls were prettty clunky, the visuals were not something amazing so yeah... The Character on my avatar btw is a photoshopped version of Nibutani Shinka from 

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  • voigtvoigt Austin, TXPosts: 23Member
    Wizardry Online, lol don't even bother, its beyond disappointing.  Feels like a game from 2000 with really bad cut and paste graphics and a horrible user interface.  I played it for about 30min before uninstalling.  I posted my thoughts on an SAO like game in this thread.
  • ZertraxZertrax Elin PelinPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    Thanks mate! 

  • sudosudo Tel-AvivPosts: 697Member Uncommon
    Well, even though it's very far from anime and it's more about pvp than pve (sadly...), I'd say that sandbox features + no instancing put Darkfall quite high on the SAO-wannabe list :)

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