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Extra character slots

leojreimrocleojreimroc Toronto, ONPosts: 371Member Uncommon
Does anyone know when the f2p and preferred will the the extra character slots added?  4 for f2p, and 6 for preferred?


  • mikahrmikahr ZagrebPosts: 1,066Member

    Didnt they say in 1,6?

  • Sevenstar61Sevenstar61 Centreville, VAPosts: 1,674Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by mikahr
    Didnt they say in 1,6?

    I don't think so. They said that in Live Stream but they did not say specifically 1.6. It should come pretty soon though. At the same time subscribers will get unlimited number and I hope it apply to servers too not only account.

    Not sure about ETA

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  • SBE1SBE1 New York, NYPosts: 335Member

    My game still says just 2 slots.  So 1.6 didn't deliver the extra slots.

    I'd like to go back to my "original" account, but the 2 character slots for my preferred account was just silly.  I have 5 well-geared level 50 characters and I'm not going to delete them just to experience another class story.  Hence, I just created a new account and thus denied my "preferred" status, but I make do with my measly 2 quickbars.

    I must say, it was probably the biggest mistake of the F2P conversion: the limitation on characters for premium accounts.  I couldn't believe it when I was told I had to delete my other characters. I even tried to make a new character on a completely different server and still got the limitation, which really surprised me that the limit was account based, not server based. 

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