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"P2W" gold rounds available for in-game credits

ReesRacerReesRacer Wellington, NZPosts: 168Member Uncommon

i enjoy WoT. 

**(disclaimer) -- i spend real money in WoT...mostly for a premium account, which cost less than a monthly sub for many games, and i do own several premium tanks.

arguments (well-founded in theory) about World of Tanks being a "pay to win" game will take a serious blow in build 8.1, which introduces the abiltiy to purchase "gold" ammunition with earned in-game credits. in all honesty, gold ammunition is used almost exclusively for tounament play and rarely seen in normal everyday public matches.

- Added possibility to purchase premium rounds using credits in addition to the current gold variant (prices are based on 1 gold = 400 credits exchange rates)

this exchange rate is about on-par with most of the other considerations given to the players for experience points and credit-earning with respect to free vs premium accounts.

i'm not going to claim that players who never spend a dime will ever have the same advantages to advance as quickly over players who subscribe to a premium account or pay to convert experience points with real money...NOR SHOULD THEY.

however, if a player in WoT wants to devote the time to play, there is now abolutely nothing preventing them from being as competitive with anyone who spends as much money as they can afford.

and btw, i don't want to hear anyone claiming the premium tanks that can only be purchased with real money give players an edge on the battlefield...they are at best mediocre tanks (outclassed by any fully researched tank of the same level/tier). what they do confer is a credit bonus and crew trainer. 

as of 8.1, World of Tanks will be a game where no one who has a bigger wallet can claim an advantage on the field...period. 




  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon

    who cares about gold rounds o-O i bought gold rounds once for a panther in CB to test them out years ago. and havent bothered with them sence, the stock HE/AP rounds work just as well. sure golds have a higher pen or damage but honestly unles you are a really piss poor shot  anything should pen a tank and do damage.

    as for gold tanks they are only good for credit/xp farming. anyone who relys on them for a match is an moron. my marder 2 and hetzer have both popped more then enough vals and churches to flood all of russa with. 

    im waiting to see the brit credit chruch though. that might be tougher lolol


    the only thing i like with prem account/gold is the xp/credit boost or the ability to change XP on a light tractor in to free xp for something else. only real reason to buy gold or get prem in WoT. (unless you really suck at the game :/ )

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  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon

    Your right ichmen tho since the patch I have now started to carry 5-10 rounds of premium ammo just in-case i get tierd really bad :) at least then i can do some damage :)


  • apocolusterapocoluster newport news, VAPosts: 1,326Member Uncommon
      Id have to say teh Pz4/ Sherman  Heat Derp platoons are kinda annoying.  Luckily the 105s are pretty innacurate..

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  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon
    I carry about a dozen golds on all my tanks.
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