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Two things I am actually liking about this game

gordiflugordiflu BarcelonaPosts: 757Member Uncommon

So, since some guys got a bit annoyed about some thread I created about what I thought was not working in this game, and since many people are also writing lots of good stuff about the game, I decided giving it a new go.

Many of the issues that I thought the game had are still there, and my opinion has not changed about it. However this post is supposed to be about things I am enjoying about this game, so I ll get to it.


Crafting and resource management is actually quite good. It shares some stuff with old SWG, which for many is one of the best crafting systems ever, so I guess that's saying a lot. You need to take areas for the player faction in order to be able to gather materials there, materials have many different properties and qualities, and you can use them to craft whatever, with the properties of the materials affecting the stats on your crafted stuff. There's no grind involved in leveling crafting, since you just get the blueprints as you unlock new "skills" within your tech tree. Gathering the materials itself is more exciting than just clicking nodes, like you do in most MMOs. There's no player economy, but you don't actually need it. Instead, you need the other players to be able to control areas so you can gather resources and you need them too if you want to gather materials faster. So, it's resource gathering what promotes player interaction instead of having different crafting schools and an auction house or a trade channel. Fair enough, it works in this game. And, since you can build anything with any materials, you have a reasonable level of customization about your gear. I am quite happy with how crafting works in this game, and this comes from a craftoholic who spent hours upon hours crafting stuff on SWG or VG.


Community is suprisingly friendly and polite, specially if you consider this game is basically a shooter. Let's be honest, shooters tend to have horrendous communities, but I am having plenty of good experiences. Once the game gets actually released this will probably change, but I don't expect it to change it too much. The game promotes player interaction and grouping up, and this is having a good effect on players. People seem to be discovering that, oh, surprise, it's usually more fun in groups!


As I said, I still think the game has some issues, which I mentioned somewhere else, but these 2 points are actually very important for some players (crafting and community), so I thought I shoud mention them.


  • KarahandrasKarahandras Sible HedinghamPosts: 1,692Member Uncommon

    1) agree, should be interesting once I have more things to make.

    2)agree, but closed beta community may not be a true representation of what it will be like after the game goes live.

    3) i just liked turning up and shooting things for a weekend tbh.  Not sure how lnog that would last for though.

  • ElGringoUKElGringoUK MineheadPosts: 6Member

    Personally, there are a lot of good things about this game, though a lot of the things I really like are still not in the beta yet and some of them we will never know how well they work until it goes live.

    Some of the things I like :


    1) Combat and jetpack movement - I'm not usually a shooter kinda player, infact... although I do play the occasional shooter I tend to get bored of them really quite fast. But somehow this is something that feels a bit different in Firefall, and I find myself coming back to this game constantly in the 8months I've been in beta, even though for the 1st half of my time there was absolutely nothing in the game to do really apart from Thumpers. The general gameplay and combat feels really quite smooth for me, and the jetpacks feel really great both in and out of combat. 


    2) The world design - This was the main pull for me in the game, I love the world and how its designed. The world seems so natural and untouched and both the graphics and the sound for the areas really is great. The extra touches like having a full day and night cycle in the game really help make it feel alive also. Though I can fully understand how the giant rocks/cliffs in the game which make the world not so easy to get round at times can be frustrating to players, but I find it adds a real depth to the world compared to the fairly flat easy to get everywhere worlds we are used to.


    3) The Chosen dynamic attacks/invasions- This is something thats not fully in game at the moment, but the idea is brilliant IMO. As it stands in beta at the moment, the Chosen (the enemy alien race) drop down randomly around the world and slowly push to take over nearly watch towers/bases/ or just generally try to kill anyone they see, which is great as it stands, though can be very Zergy at the moment. But the idea is to have proper tactics used by the chosen to try to take over the world, kinda like an RTS battle within the game between the players and the chosen. Its nowhere near this state at the moment, as at the moment its been more random to basically test volumes of mobs in the game and how the game handles it, but I'm really looking forward to see the improvements they do to this.


    4)  Staged Contant approach - Again, something not in the game, and probably wont be seen until launch, but I think this idea is amazing and really quite original. The idea that the world will be constantly expanded by the players. Giving the players a chance to feel they are changing the world, pushing back the Melding (the electrical storm that covers the world) and expanding content as they go, instead of the standard apporach of "Here is all the content until next expansion in a year or 2". Ofc, this is something that all of us are yet to see, but if it works as they (and I) hope it will it will be quite ground breaking I feel.


    Generally, what Ilike is the idea of the world being alive and the direction the game goes is up to the players, the more they push to expand the map and open more of the map, the more they have to defend and risk losing. A world where anything that is neglected can be lost.

  • rawfoxrawfox HamburgPosts: 749Member Uncommon

    Firefall is cute.

    Cant wait when they introduce the open world pvp raise next year.


  • mayito7777mayito7777 Saint Cloud, FLPosts: 768Member Uncommon
    After GW2 fiasco I was very skeptical about any new game, I got a beta key weekend and I tried and since then my wife is mad with me because I am spending more time with the game than with her (I really need to pay more attention to her LOL)

    want 7 free days of playing? Try this

  • ElGringoUKElGringoUK MineheadPosts: 6Member
    Originally posted by mayito7777
    After GW2 fiasco I was very skeptical about any new game, I got a beta key weekend and I tried and since then my wife is mad with me because I am spending more time with the game than with her (I really need to pay more attention to her LOL)

    LoL... or you could always get her a beta invite so you could play together, problem solved  :)

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