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[Interview] Wurm Online: Rolf Jansson - The Gone Gold Interview



  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon
    Downloaded last night but didnt get chance to play, gonig to really try and get into this.. I dont expect to see Darkfall anytime soon so i need somthing good to play lol..
  • SabbathSMCSabbathSMC Katy, TXPosts: 226Member
    You just have to be prepared for it to be extremely hard when you first start out. the wiki is your best friend.

    played M59,UO,lineage,EQ,Daoc,Entropia,SWG,Horizons,Lineage2.EQ2,Vangaurd,Irth online, DarkFall,Star Trek
    and many others that did not make the cut or i just plain forgetting about.

  • HodoHodo Raeford, NCPosts: 542Member
    So they FINALLY added customizable avatars.. I may comeback... I wonder if my toon is still around.

    So much crap, so little quality.

  • keitholikeitholi biddeford, MEPosts: 140Member Uncommon

    First of all, Congratulations to Rolf and the rest of the devs and volunteers!!


    Second, I played this game for several months a while back and found it to be one of the most immersive games I have played since Ultima Online. Even though there were no animations at the time, and everyone looked the same, I was in it for the spectacular crafting and building aspects of the game.


    To rebutt some of the earlier comments. I was able to craft both a boat and a cart within my first couple of hours in game, with very little to no skills at all. I admit I relied heavily on the wiki, but all new players should! It is an invaluable source of information on the game. Within my first full day I had a shack built and a small fenced in area where I could grow a couple crops to get the hang of the game in general. By day 2 I was subscribing because I was already nearing the 20 point cap on some of my skills, so It is not too terrible of a grind IMHO (some skills are obviously harder than others).


    I stopped about the time I bought $50 worth of in game money to set up a small town. I think I built too close to someone else or offended someone in some way, because no sooner did I start working on my plot, then some obvious alt was buying plots on all 4 sides of the plot I just built, boxing me in and preventing me from expanding. I was furious and could do nothing about it. I felt as if I was being griefed and the GM's could not really do anything about it, so I washed my hands of the whole damn game because of it. None of that was in any part due to the makers of the game though, so I still tip my hat to a great game that they have developed. Just be careful who you choose for your neighbors ;)

  • LarsaLarsa NurembergPosts: 990Member

    For me, Wurm is the best MMORPG on the market, even was the best although it had few animations, no character customization and no visible armours. Now it's even better.

    I checked my time /played earlier, I'm closing in on 60 days played ...

    I maintain this List of Sandbox MMORPGs. Please post or send PM for corrections and suggestions.

  • yorkforceyorkforce DoncasterPosts: 160Member Uncommon

    I hate to play devils advocate


    Wurm is a good game, but only if you have the time to invest in it because everything takes a significant amount of time to do, skill gain is painfully slow, as in it will take you months and quite easily over a year to raise to the top of any single skill but repeating the same actions over and over.

    Expect to grind alot, to the point where your best course of action is to watch a film while you raising your skills. Wurm isnt the kind of game where you will achieve easy rewards, its takes alot of effort and to many its felt more like work, than a game.

    I personally enjoyed it all of that and all the good stuff explained above but RL got busy and suddenly I just didnt have the time to invest anymore.

    Great game but be prepared.

  • EyesgoodEyesgood Richmond, VAPosts: 49Member Uncommon

    Wurm is a world simulation in every sense of the word.  The trees, grass, and animals all grow, get old, and die.  Players dig, mine, and transform the landscape.  And now with customized avatars, visible armor, better animation, and more configurable building choices, Wurm has become the unequivocal sandbox MMO.  No other game gives players a greater sense of control and ownership of a virtual world they can mold to their liking and be proud of.  And all of this coming from a few guys with a passion for gaming.  

    If you call yourself a fan of sandbox MMO's and you haven't tried Wurm, you really haven't seen what a sandbox can offer.  Give in....  Give it a try.... You will be hooked!

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