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[Column] General: About the Teardown Mentality



  • glacier1701glacier1701 Ajax, ONPosts: 2Member

    As pointed out with 'sayings' from some other posters this 'mentality' is not something new. I suspect its been around as long as homo sapiens have been able to communicate complicated ideas. The increasing incidences of this is due only to the fact (in my opinion) there are just so many people who now can connect to the Internet and with such large numbers even the 'rare' cases of behaviour will be seen more often. After all 1 in a 1000 means if there are 500k people going to a site you now have 500 people who share the same mind set. They will post and because their view no longer seems out of place they will be encouraged to post more often.


    I suppose what this means is that there is now going to be a lot more noise on any website (regardless of what its about). It is the price we will have to pay for so many being connected in real time and it will take work to be able to properly sort out the unhelpful posts from the helpful. Its going to come down to survival for game developers since if they group all negative posts as being just noise they risk losing a large amount of their potential consumers. Indeed there does appear to be a tendency among some developers to do just that and they have already lost all the goodwill they have built up over the past years.  

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