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If you want to try it on the 20th but do not have a beta key.............

AsheramAsheram Posts: 2,178Member Uncommon

Anyone that is interested in trying out AoW but doesnt have a beta key Snail games is letting anyone who is registered play for 10 hours the 1st day of the 2nd cb- December 20th and 1 hour every day after that.



  • RimmersmanRimmersman MonacoPosts: 885Member
    Thats a smart move by SnailGamesUSA, after 10 hours you really getting the hang of it. 

  • AshluraAshlura Orlando , FLPosts: 115Member Uncommon

    Nice! I didnt see that. Cool. This gives everyone a chance to fall in love.


    You do need more than 10 hours for the love part though.

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