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WildStar: Latest State of the Game Letter Published

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,955MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

WildStar Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney has updated the official site with a new State of the Game letter. In it, Gaffney discusses many of the game aspects the team has been working on for the last couple of months as they most notable are "getting pretty close to beta-ready". 

We've been doing mass PvP playtesting as well for our unannounced PvP elder games - we've had matches of up to 24v24, but that's really small scale for what's to come - this is one of those things that we'll test with our F&F crowd, but really need beta-scale numbers of players to test fully. We'll definitely be inviting some guilds in to play as well, because we want really high-end gamers in there testing out the coordinated attacks needed for both raiding and PvP. If you haven't signed up for beta and given us your guild's contact information, make sure you do so we can get some great group tests going!

Read the full letter on the WildStar site.



  • Xstatic912Xstatic912 New York, NYPosts: 365Member
    Sound cool..
  • OgreRaperOgreRaper Detroit, MIPosts: 376Member
    One of the few games I'm looking forward to. The art style is so gorgeous <3
  • AuzyAuzy Dallas, TXPosts: 611Member Uncommon
    not too big on the art style, for obivous reasons. However, the game is doing a lot of cool things...which I would have liked to see in other games...that came out this year

    Uhh... what?

  • FusionFusion VaasaPosts: 1,383Member Uncommon
    So, yet another themepark (with housing) and instanced / arena pvp... thanks, but no thanks. - now totally F2P no cash-shops or micro transactions at all.
  • Methos12Methos12 Maladis 46Posts: 1,239Member Uncommon
    Looking forward to seeing the new races, I kinda thought these were all the races we were going to get.

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    Nature without Magic is without wonder or miracle.
    Magic without Technology is fantasy.
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    Technology without Magic is repetitious and uninventive.

  • Zap-RoboZap-Robo Youngstown, OHPosts: 233Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Methos12
    Looking forward to seeing the new races, I kinda thought these were all the races we were going to get.

    We're due an entire faction reveal yet - with only the Human race overlapping. Previous interviews  also said that there'll be "equivalent races" - a bad-ass race to match the Granok, a cutesy race to match the Aurin, etc.

    Originally posted by Fusion
    So, yet another themepark (with housing) and instanced / arena pvp... thanks, but no thanks.

    Just because they say they've been working on 24 v 24 matches at the moment, doesn't mean that there won't be open world PvP - we've made our voices heard on this point. Plus, the devs have openly engaged the community about Sandbox vs. Themepark concerns.

    Now is the time to involve yourself with WildStar (via the forums here, or via fansites) to have an impact on the game!

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  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon

    I was actually gonna try this... it looks fun.

    But I refuse to invest time/ money in a game with a company that pulls the plug on profitable games for obscure 'strategic' reasons that they refuse to expand on.

    I have no confidence in NCSoft, so will give this a miss now, sadly.

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